March 31st, 2009

New Handbook for High Power Shooters

NRA High Power bookletJohn Parker of the NRA’s Competitive Shooting Division has authored a new brochure on the topic of High Power Rifle competition. It is available from the NRA online store for just $0.50, item CT17000. The booklet covers all the key components needed for High Power shooting. It also includes a special “Getting Started” section.

In the new booklet, Parker covers the following topics: Course of Fire, Rifle, Sling, Spotting Scope, Shooting Coat, Shooting Glove, Eye and Ear Protection, Sight Blackener, Scorebook, and Ammunition. Parker also explains the NRA Classification System and provides basic summaries of popular High Power disciplines: Long Range, Mid Range Prone, F-Class, and High Power Sporting Rifle.

You can order this booklet online at the NRA Program Materials Center, or call 800-336-7402 to place your order over the phone. Visit NRA’s High Power Rifle Competition webpage for more information.

This report comes courtesy of the NRA Blog.

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