April 16th, 2009

Make Your Own Motivational Poster

Have you seen those motivational posters on the walls of corporate offices? Well here’s a free web tool that lets you make your own motivational artwork. Simply upload a photo from your computer, type in a title and message line, and the automatic poster-maker from Bighugelabs.com does the rest. You can customize borders and fonts if you wish.

CLICK HERE to make your own Motivational Poster.

Jef Fowler Benchrest Record Aggregate

The poster above features the late Jef Fowler’s remarkable world-record 0.1500″, 5-target (25-shot), 100-yard LV Aggregate. (That’s right, the official measurement was exactly 0.1500″.) Using his own custom bullets, Jef shot this Agg with a 6PPC at Roanoke, Virginia in June, 1994. These five targets established a new NBRSA 100-yard Light Varmint World Record that still stands today, 15 years later. Sadly, Jef has passed away, but Fowler Bullets are now produced by Scheider Accuracy in Beaufort, SC, (843) 522-3651.

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