April 5th, 2009

Sinclair Int'l Blog Offers Valuable Tech Tips

Sinclair International recently launched its enhanced and upgraded website. The revamped site is faster to navigate, and you’ll find it much easier to find new products and bargain specials. Congrats to Bill Gravatt and the folks at Sinclair Int’l for a job well done.

sorting cartridge cases

One great feature newly integrated into Sinclair’s website is The Reloading Press, a regularly-updated Blog with product info and authoritative technical articles on reloading and precision shooting. Here are some of the valuable “how-to” articles you’ll find on Sinclair’s Blog:

Determining Bullet Seating Depth

Setting Up a Full-Length Sizing Die

Shooting Non-Benchrest Rifles from the Bench

Basics of Reloading for the AR15

Methods and Benefits of Sorting Cases by Weight

sorting cartridge cases

The Reloading Press is a valuable addition to the online resources available to precision shooters. We commend Sinclair for investing the time and effort to provide this material at no cost to Sinclair’s customers. Click one of the links above and check it out yourself.

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