May 15th, 2009

New, Highly Effective Bore Cleaner from Barrett

Barrett Heavy Bore CleanerBarrett Rifles, of 50 BMG fame has released a new, high-strength non-ammonia bore cleaner that really works. We know what you’re saying… that the last thing we need is yet another “miracle” bore cleaner. However, we’ve received reliable reports from fellow shooters that Barrett’s new Heavy Bore Cleaner does an amazing job on copper. One shooter told us he had cleaned his barrel with Sweets and then followed with Barrett’s new product and a lot more fouling and copper came out. Another told us that he had to switch to a nickel-plated jag because the Barrett solvent was so effective on copper.

We don’t know the Barrett chemistry, but it does NOT contain petroleum distillates or ammonia. It IS biodegradable and non-flammable. Barrett claims: “In a two-step process, our bore cleaner first dissolves copper, then chemically binds it to the solution to remove it from the bore. It also works to remove carbon and residue and even neutralizes corrosive salts.”

We’re always skeptical when we hear about new cleaning compounds. But the reports on this product, so far, have been uniformly excellent. If you have a rifle that copper-fouls badly, you may want to check out the new Barrett Heavy Bore Cleaner. Currently it is available only in a large 16-ounce bottle that costs $24.95. Purchase from the Barrett Store or other online vendors.

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