May 3rd, 2009

NRA Offers Shooting Clinics for Women

Many shooting instructors will tell you that women are better “natural learners” than men when it comes to shooting. We certainly know that ladies can compete at the highest level with men, when given the opportunity. To promote female participation in the shooting sports, the NRA offers a series of Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinics. These introductory classes demonstrate safe firearms handling, teach basic shooting skills, and introduce lady shooters to a variety of shooting disciplines — from trap shooting to bullseye pistol.

NRA Womens' Shooting Program

In 2009, the NRA will conduct Women On Target® Clinics throughout the nation. CLICK HERE to find a clinic near your location. Below is a list of clinics scheduled for the next two weeks:

5/6/09 Anchorage, AK
5/9/09 Washington, MI
5/9/09 Randolph, KS
5/9/09 Chino, CA
5/9/09 Milton Freewater, OR
5/9/09 Coplay, PA
5/9/09 Valdez, AK
5/9/09 Williston, FL
5/14/09 Phoenix, AZ
5/16/09 Logan, MT
5/16/09 Columbus, NC
5/16/09 Keene, NH
5/16/09 Pelham, NH
5/16/09 Hiawassee, GA
5/16/09 Greensburg, PA
5/16/09 Salem, WV
5/16/09 Richmond, CA
5/16/09 Midvale, OH
5/17/09 Charleston, SC
5/17/09 Jackson, WI

For more information, visit the NRA’s Women On Target webpage or contact Beth Hellmann in the NRA Women’s Programs Department at (703) 267-1398 or

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