June 20th, 2009

"On the Mark" Newsletter for Junior Marksmen

The latest (May 2009) issue of the On the Mark newsletter from the CMP provides valuable information for junior shooters and their coaches/team managers. You’ll find a detailed, 4-page summary of major matches, shooting clinics, and summer camps for juniors. This covers activities starting this weekend through the end of the summer. If your son, daughter or young relative is interested in a shooting camp, consider the following:

CMP Three-Position Summer Camps (Multiple Locations).

NRA Summer Shooting Camps (Includes Camp Perrry Smallbore Camp).

USAMU Junior Smallbore Camp (Starts June 22).

In addition, the current On the Mark features an excellent article by Gary Anderson, Director of Civilian Marksmanship (DCM). Anderson provides a step-by-step syllabus for “Teaching with the Supported Position”. Supports are used with new shooters to help them develop the correct positions and gun handling before advancing them to regular, held positions. Helpful photos complement Anderson’s text.

CMP ON the Mark newsletter

Anderson concludes his article with these thoughts: “Experience has shown that new and beginning shooters readily master the supported position and that formal instruction in this position can be kept very brief. If your new shooters have had their preliminary instruction, they will be ready to start shooting groups just as soon as their positions are built. Remember that the supported position is a teaching position and that when new shooters are firing satisfactory
shot groups with sights adjusted so their groups are in the middle of the target, they should be ready for instruction and shooting in the regular firing positions.”