June 30th, 2009

Eastern Junior Highpower Clinic & Championship

We applaud programs that promote youth participation in the shooting sports, particularly programs that successfully involve both boys and girls in competitive shooting. At the recent Eastern Junior Highpower Clinic & Championship, held June 20-26 at Camp Butner, NC, dozens of boys and girls honed their shooting skills under the guidance of experienced instructors from the USMC Rifle Team.

After lecture-style teaching sessions, the junior shooters headed to the range where they received personalized instruction from the Marine Corps coaches. June 21 and 22 were dedicated to dry-fire and live-fire exercises. The 23rd began with a “Whistler Boy” format, 500-yard, two-person team match, followed by a 600-yard match. On the 24th, the juniors competed in the Bushmaster Trophy Match, an 800-yard Across-the-Course event. On Friday the 25th, a CMP Juniors EIC Match was held, followed by a cook-out and awards ceremony.

There were many female shooters at the Camp Butner event, and the young ladies did very well in competition. In fact, Amanda Elsenboss won the EIC (Excellence in Competition) match with a 484-14X score. Amanda also finished second to Tyler Rico in the Bushmaster Trophy Match. Tyler Rico won the Clinic/Championship Overall Aggregate with an impressive 1962-66x score, followed (yet again), by Amanda Elsenboss (1943-56x).

Photos courtesy ODCMP.com

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