June 18th, 2009

Sinclair Int'l Has Sellier & Bellot Sm and Lrg Rifle Primers

Sellier Bellot rifle primersDATELINE: June 18, 10:40 am Pacific Time
Here is an important product update. Sinclair International received a shipment of Sellier & Bellot rifle primers on June 15. These are good non-corrosive boxer primers made by a respected Czech munitions-maker. As of June 18, 10:30 am Pacific time, Sinclair has the following quantities of Sellier & Bellot rifle primers in stock:

S&B Sm Rifle Primers (item 25-8000): $33.60 per 1,000-ct box — 165 boxes in stock.

6/22/09 UPDATE: Sm Rifle SOLD OUT

S&B Lg Rifle Primers (item 25-8100): $36.40 per 1,000-ct box — 455 boxes in stock.

6/22/09 UPDATE: 150 boxes Lg Rifle remaining

Sinclair tells us: “The primers are leaving fast so if you need large or small rifle primers or know someone who does we have some at the moment. Visit our website at Sinclairintl.com to check availability or call 1-800-717-8211. We have more large rifle primers than small rifle primers. Please limit yourself to 5,000 primers since many of your fellow shooters are without any primers at the present time.”

Sellier Bellot rifle primers

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