July 10th, 2009

Sweet Deal on Premium Scoped Rifle Case

The NRA National Championships at Camp Perry commence Monday the 13th of July. To mark that event, Creedmoor Sports is offering a special “Internet Only” deal on its Deluxe Scoped Rifle Case. This is a really nice soft case — heavily padded, and constructed of 1000 Denier, waterproofed Cordura Nylon on the outside and nylon pack cloth on the inside. It has carry handles, a shoulder strap, and even backpack straps!

The case comes in Olive Drab green only. A large padded exterior pocket is great for carrying cleaning supplies and ammo. There is even a special sheath for your cleaning rod. The case is offered in 41″, 48″, or 52″ lengths. The 48″ model will hold most rifles with up to 28″ barrels. The 52″ model is good for Palma rifles and other long guns with barrels up to 32″.

Scoped rifle case

The regular price is $116.98. Right now, through July 12, 2009, the price is lowered to $85.00. This is an internet-only deal so you have to click the link below to get this low price. NOTE: This offer is for THIS WEEKEND ONLY and expires July 12, 2009 at midnight.

CLICK HERE for $85.00 Special Price on Creedmoor Scoped Rifle Case

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July 9th, 2009

"Mental Game" Explained in Shooting Sports USA Magazine

Shooting Sports USA magazineThe July, 2009 edition of Shooting Sports USA is now available online (for free). Click this link to access the current issue. This should launch a special browser that displays Shooting Sports USA in a familiar page-turning format, just like a print magazine. Of course, using the navigation buttons, you can also flip forward or back.

On pages 16-19 of the July issue, you’ll find an excellent article on the “Mental Game”. For this story, Shooting Sports’ Managing Editor Chip Lohman interviewed seven of America’s top competitive shooters, each of whom offers insights into the psychology of winning.

This “must-read” article leads off with 5-time Olympian Lones Wigger, who explains: “Many inexperienced shooters use different techniques in training than they do during matches…. Their scores are usuallly acceptable during training, but when they shoot under match conditions, they completely change their technique. In a match, they shoot much slower and labor on each shot. As a result, they tire quickly and score much lower than in training. [But] as shooters progress, they learn how to train smart and utilize their training to combat match pressure, which leads to improved performance in competition.”

Shooting Sports USA also interviewed Julie Golob, a past U.S. Army Athlete of the Year. Julie has won 9 world titles and 16 National championships in action shooting. Julie offers this advice: “Ideally, you want to eliminate the distractions that you can control. I make checklists so I don’t forget any important equipment. Good preparation helps set the stage for peak performance. I [also] try to focus on the positive aspects of what I’ve doing. It’s amazing how easy it is to dwell on a bad shot…. I find I am able to recover much more quickly by beiing proactive. I move forward and apply what I know (from my training) will correct the issue. Don’t dwell on the negative. It only increases the odds of performing poorly.”

Other top shooters interviewed for the “Mental Game” story are:

Larry Carter: Four-time National pistol champion Carter holds many records, and has won titles both individually and as a team member shooting both rimfire and centerfire pistols.

Cory Cogdell: Trap-shooter Cogdell won the Bronze Medale at both the 2008 Olympics and the 2006 World Cup.

Launi Meili: Winner of 8 gold medals in UIT/ISS air rifle and smallbore disciplines, Launi is the only American woman ever to win an Olympic gold medal in smallbore.
Jason Parker: Air rifle and 3-position shooter, Parker is a two-time U.S. Olympian who has earmed 10 medals in national and international competitions.

Brian Zins: Former USMC team member “Gunny” Zins is a nine-time National Pistol Champion who holds 26 national records in conventional pistol competition.

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July 9th, 2009

Lapua Brass Arrives at Vendors. Berger 105 VLDs at Bruno's.

Lapua Cartridge BrassLarge quantities of Lapua brass, for most of the popular cartridge types, have recently arrived at many vendors including Bruno Shooters Supply, Graf & Sons, and MidwayUSA.

Bruno’s has almost all types of Lapua brass in stock and here are some sample prices: 6mmBR brass for $63.00/100; .308 Win for $55.00/100; 220 Russian for $74.00/100; 6.5×47 for $85.00/100. Note — if you’re thinking about building a tactical rifle, the 6.5×55 brass is just $55 per hundred (same price as .308 Win, but much cheaper than 6.5×47).

Bruno’s also has received large supplies of Berger 6mm 105gr VLD bullets. These have been out of stock for several months. Call (623) 587-7641 for pricing.

Grafs.com has Lapua 6mmBR brass for $69.59/100, 220 Russian for $79.99/100, and 6.5×47 brass for $91.99/100, but those prices include shipping. Grafs has most other varieties of Lapua brass in stock, including 222 Rem, 223 Rem, 243 Win, 6.5×55, 6.5-284, .308 Win, and 338 Lapua Mag.

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July 9th, 2009

Best Price on RCBS ChargeMaster 1500 Combo

Folks have been asking us where they can obtain the RCBS Chargemaster 1500 Combo (both scale and dispenser) at the best price. We’ve done some searching and the lowest price we found was at Natchez Shooters Supply: $289.95. The unit is listed “in stock” as of today.

RCBS Chargemaster 1500 Combo

MidwayUSA also has the ChargeMaster 1500 Combo for $319.99, and it is also in stock.

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July 8th, 2009

SoCal Tactical Match This Weekend

The 4th annual Southern California Precision Rifle Competition (SCPRC) will be held July 11-12, 2009 at the West End Gun Club, 20 minutes west of San Bernadino, CA. Match director Mark Archuleta, aka “Spaniard”, runs a great match, with a diverse and challenging course of fire. 50 shooters have already registered for the match, one of the most popular tactical comps on the West Coast. This year’s event will include night shooting, 10-12 core stages, and (new this year), a .22LR side match. For more information on the course of fire, and match rules, visit the WEGC Forum and Read this Thread for a complete run-down on the event.

Mark reports: “Surprises? we have a few of those, so be prepared. All targets will be 1 MOA or bigger. We have paper, reactive and some special targets. Some of the stages are a hybrid of the Sniper Comps you have seen on Discovery Channel. We will be shooting UKD (unknown distances) and LRF are allowed. You will be shooting from terrain (dirt) and barricade as before. There will be some angle shooting as well. The farthest shot will be about 625 yards at angle 5 – 10°, the closest roughly 75 yards.

This event draws top tactical marksmen from around the country. Mark noted: “Last year, at our third SCPRC, and we had shooters from all over the US.” You can see highlights from the 2008 event in our Shooters’ Forum, and below are some photos from the 2008 Match:

Vu Pham from Nor-Cal (above) hit both his cold bore shots on day 1 & 2 last July. There was a 3.5″ Clay pigeon set at about 325 yards, with roughly a 10° down angle. In 2006, 7 out of 22 shooters made the hit, in 2008, 12 out of 34 shooters made the hit. Some folks don’t think that the 10°-15° slope makes a difference, but it does.

Above, Phil demonstrates textbook bipod shooting: working the bolt, maintaining a solid cheek weld and keeping an eye on the next target.

Click Here for Complete 2009 SCPRC Tactical Match Information.

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July 8th, 2009

Recommended "Tactical" Trousers for Shooters

Speaking of all things tactical, if you’re looking for a great pair of cargo pants at a good price, check out the $29.99 Propper F5220 Tactical Pants. This Editor has a couple pairs of F5220s and I’ve given them hard use 2-3 days a week since the beginning of the year. I highly recommend these pants. Offered in Black, Navy, Olive and Khaki for $29.99, this is a great product for the money. In my opinion, they’re every bit as good as the 5.11-brand tactical pants which cost $49.99. (Note: 5.11 pants are 100% cotton. After many washings, they may feel softer than the poly-blend Proppers. But they also wrinkle badly and will shrink a bit — unlike the F5220s.)

“Tactical” Pants vs. Denim Jeans
I much prefer cargo pants (aka “tactical trousers”) to regular jeans for field use. Propper’s tactical pants have a double-seat and double knee. The large side pockets are big enough to hold a shooters’ logbook on one side and a digital camera (or windmeter) on the other. The front slash pockets are deep and secure so keys and miscellaneous gear won’t fall out. The small pocket on the left is perfect for a cell phone. The waistband is elasticized around the back, improving comfort when you’re kneeling or bending.

Fit-wise, the F5220s were exactly the size advertised. Made from a 65 poly/35 cotton blend, they do NOT shrink in the wash. The Propper pants are truely wrinkle-resistant, so they look good enough that you can use them for general use, and they don’t scream “commando wannabee” like camo BDUs.

Lighter-Weight Version Offered
Do I have any criticisms of the Propper Tactical Pants? Well, with the elasticized waistband, fairly heavy fabric, and serious load capacity, you’ll probably need to wear a belt — always. By contrast, with my old 501 Levis, I don’t really need a belt. Also, on hot summer days, I wouldn’t mind a lighter-weight fabric. But for those very warm conditions, Propper offers the model F5243 Lightweight Tactical Trouser. It shares all the features (and pockets) of the F5220s, but comes in a lighter 65 poly/35 cotton Ripstop fabric.

Propper is a well-established American company that provides uniforms to the U.S. Military and to many Law Enforcement Agencies. I think you’ll be more than satisfied with the overall quality of Propper’s tactical pants, in terms of both materials and workmanship. You can purchase Propper clothing from Amazon.com or BDU.com.

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July 8th, 2009

"Big Dawg" Shehane Stocks Offer Extra Stability

Long-range benchresters and varminters seeking extra stability should take a look at the “Big Dawg” MBR Tracker from Bill Shehane (D&B Supply). This features a longer, deeper, and wider fore-end for added stability and more resistance to torque with the heavy calibers. Called the MBR ‘Big Dawg’, this stock is cut 4″ longer than a standard Shehane ST-1000 Tracker. This provides a “longer wheelbase” for better balance with very long (30″+) barrels. (The ST-1000 itself is 3″ longer than most benchrest stocks.) The Big Dawg is available with a 4″-wide or 5″-wide forearm, and will handle barrels up to 40″ in length and 1.5″ in diameter. In the top photo, taken by Forum member Preacher, you see a 4″-wide Big Dawg next to a normal ST-1000 Tracker. (Both stocks are symmetrical; there is distortion caused by wide-angle lens.)

This color pattern is what Bill calls “Prairie Dog Camo”, a Rutland laminate in orange and dark gray, with olive ‘accent’ layers. The price for a ‘Big Dawg’ in Rutland laminate is $525.00. In African Obeche wood (any color choice), the price is $725.00. For more info, contact Bill Shehane at (704) 824-7511, or visit his website, www.ScopeUsOut.com.

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July 7th, 2009

Shooting USA TV features Creedmoor Black Powder Match

This week, Shooting USA television features the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association (NMLRA) Creedmoor re-enactment, hosted at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. The show, broadcast July 8th at 8:30 pm Eastern time (5:30 pm Pacific) on the Outdoor Channel, features black powder muzzle-loaders and black powder cartridge shooters recreating one of the most famous rifle competitions of the 19th Century.

Creedmoor Black Powder Match

Rifle shooting was a very popular spectator sport in the 19th Century. Thousands of spectators came to watch long-range rifle matches held on “Creed’s Moor”, a range built by the NRA with funds from the New York state legislature. The first International Creedmoor match took place in 1874, when a group of Americans responded to a “Challenge to the Riflemen of America” from the Irish rifle team, considered the world’s best. The match was shot at 800, 900 and 1000 yards and was decided on the very last shot. After an Irish cross-fire near the end of the match, American John Bodine shot a final bullseye to win the international challenge cup. The U.S. team used a combination of breech-loading Remington Rolling Blocks and Sharps rifles. The Irish team used Rigby muzzle-loading rifles.

Click Here for Creedmoor Match History | Click Here to view 12’x6′ 1874 Match Target

BPCR long range bullets BPCR long range bullets

The NMLRA’s long-range match allows both muzzle-loading rifles as well as black powder cartridge rifles. So, there on the line beside the Whitworths and Gibbs, you’ll find Remington Rolling Blocks and legendary Sharps rifles. This show airs multiple times this Wednesday, July 8, on the Outdoor Channel. Check local listings for channel(s). Shooting USA’s Wednesday broadcast schedule is:

Eastern Time 4:30 PM, 8:30 PM, 12:00 Midnight
Central Time 3:30 PM, 7:30 PM, 11:00 PM
Mountain Time 2:30 PM, 6:30 PM, 10:00 PM
Pacific Time 1:30 PM, 5:30 PM, 9:00 PM

BPCR long range bullets
BPCR bullet moulds from Old West Bullet Moulds, Fruita, Colorado.

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July 7th, 2009

Submit Your Gun Stories and Tech Articles

Lapua BrassIn order to provide more content for our site visitors, we are soliciting reader submissions for Gun of the Week (GOTW) articles and technical articles. Even if you’ve never had a story published before, if you have a good idea, we can work with you to put your article online. We can provide an outline and photo/video advice.

Thanks to Nammo Lapua, if you supply a story that we publish, you’ll receive two (2) 100-ct boxes of Lapua brass. In addition, you’ll get an AccurateShooter.com staff T-shirt, two (2) 100-ct boxes of match bullets (your choice of brand), plus other “goodies”.

For a GOTW story, we like to focus on a rifle that: 1) has performed well in competition; OR, 2) displays interesting technical features or components; OR, 3) exhibits outstanding design or craftsmanship. The subject gun can be a match rifle, or it can be a hunting, tactical, or sporting rifle that has some exceptional qualities (such as exhibition-grade wood), or newsworthy technical features (such as a carbon-wrapped barrel). We are also interested in stories about innovative loads or cartridges. For a technical article we are looking for gear reviews, or a story that describes an important reloading process, or important aspect of gunsmithing. For example, we have done technical articles on brass prep, on pillar bedding, and on stock painting.

Lapua Brass and Special Benefits for Writers
If you submit an article that we publish online, you will receive two (2) boxes of Lapua cartridge brass (retail value up to $170.00 — choice subject to availability), an exclusive AccurateShooter.com staff T-shirt, two (2) boxes of match bullets (your choice, .204 to .30 calibers), plus additional benefits to be named later.

For a Gun of the Week story we need a minimum of 1500 words, and we will generally run 8-12 photos, plus one or two short videos (1-2 minutes per video). Good digital photos are essential — we won’t run any story unless sharp, quality digital photos are available.

To submit an idea for a Gun of the Week article, please supply a 100-word summary, and two sharp digital photos, 800×600 pixels or larger. Send your story ideas and digital photos to: mailbox@6mmBR.com. Please put the words “STORY SUBMISSION” in the subject line of your email. Note: if you submit an article, but we determine not to publish it, you won’t get the brass, bullets, or T-shirt. Also, we reserve the right to limit this program to regular reader/contributors (as opposed to manufacturers and professional gun-builders).

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July 6th, 2009

Williamsport 1000-Yard BR School Hits the Mark

The Second Williamsport 1000-Yard Benchrest School wrapped up on June 7, 2009 after two days of great weather. The weather cooperated just long enough to complete the school and send everyone on their way. Then it proceeded to rain for a few more days! According to student feedback, it seems this one-of-a-kind, long-range Benchrest Clinic at the Original Pennsylvania 1000-Yard Benchrest Club was a success.

Williamsport 1000-yard benchrest
Photo by Sebastian Reist, www.sreistphotography.com.

A full class of 36 “students”, ranging in age from 20s to late 70s, came from all over the USA (from as far as Oregon, Georgia, and Missouri), to attend the second-ever Williamsport 1000-Yard Benchrest School. With the help of more than a dozen Williamsport regulars and record-holders, along with generous support from vendors such as Berger Bullets and Forster Products, the school finished up with nary a hitch.

Williamsport 1000-yard benchrest

Students were taught brass prep, reloading methods, bench setup, gun handling and cleaning, along with other finer aspects of the 1K benchrest game. Saturday after the lectures and a good meal from the grill, students tried their luck on some 1040-yard clay birds on the back bank (as well as some shots on paper), and basically familiarized themselves with gun-handling and sandbag tracking. Sunday was the day for them to try all their newly-acquired skills and knowledge by shooting a mock 1000-yard competition under real match conditions. The students obviously caught on quickly because there some very small groups (6″ and less) were shot by folks new to the long-range game.

Williamsport 1000-yard benchrestIn addition to the classroom sessions and practice on the firing line, the clinic’s “curriculum” included pulling “pit-duty”. While working the pits, students got a look at Williamsport’s brand new, state-of-the-art pits, complete with an extended concrete ceiling! Williamsport’s targets are no longer at 1022 yards like they always have been, but are now at 1003 yards. The new pits now meet or exceed the NRA guidelines for pit construction. These will surely be as safe as or safer than any pits in the country. There will be more photos and details to follow on this once the construction is totally finished.

Below is a slideshow/video created by Sebastian Reist, a “student” at the 2009 Williamsport 1000-yard BR school. A talented professional photographer, Sebastian did a superb job capturing the highlights of his Williamsport 1K training weekend. In the video you’ll see a “shooter’s eye view” of the targets and a view from the pits as a 10-shot group actually forms up on the target.

Hey guys–watch this video! Sebastian did a great job and this is probably the best multi-media video we’ve ever run on this site.

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this VideoPress video.

Photos and Video © 2009 Sebastian Reist, used with permission.

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July 6th, 2009

Bernosky Switches to 6.5 Creedmoor TubeGun for Perry

Carl BernoskyCarl Bernosky, 8-time winner of the Camp Perry National High Power Championships, will be switching back to a bolt gun for the 2009 competition. Last year, Carl shot an AR15-based spacegun built on Smith & Wesson M&P15 components. With that rifle, Carl became the first competitor to win the Camp Perry High Power Championship shooting an AR15-type semi-auto.

But this year Carl will be shooting a 6.5 Creedmoor CSR-1 TubeGun from Creedmoor Sports. Based on a TubeGun Chassis and buttstock by Gary Eliseo (of Competition Shooting Stuff), the CSR-1 features a Pierce Precision Rem 700-clone receiver, and a 28″ Broughton barrel.

Carl Bernosky Creedmoor Rifle

Both the buttstock and the handguard are adjustable to suit the shooter. The handguard/float tube can rotate 15 degrees from center in either direction, allowing the shooter to adjust his desired rifle cant. The 4-way buttstock adjusts for length-of-pull, cant, buttpad height and offset. There is an adjustable cheekpiece and even two 4.8-ounce removeable weights to allow precise balancing of the rig.

The CSR-1 is offered in five (5) chamberings: 308 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5×47 Lapua, 6XC, and .223 Rem. At Camp Perry, Carl Bernosky will be shooting a 6.5 Creedmoor version of the rifle, using Hornady components.

Carl Bernosky Creedmoor Rifle

CLICK HERE to learn more about specs and features of CSR-1 ($3750.00 complete).

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July 5th, 2009

Mark Your Calendar for the VHA Varmint Jamboree

The Varmint Hunters Association Jamboree is set for later this month, July 27 – 31, in Pierre, South Dakota. This 5-day event features a 2-Day Shootout, 3-Man Team Competition, and 3-Gun Match with prizes valued at over $4900. Classes for the Shootout are: Stock, Modified, Limited Open, and Unlimited Open. CLICK HERE for complete Shootout Rules.

Varmint Hunters Association

This is a family event with fun shoots Monday through Friday. There will be live and silent auctions, symposiums, special Ladies’ Events, regularly nightly speakers or entertainment, and a big Jamboree Banquet at the Ramkota Lounge on Friday. For more information, visit www.Varminthunter.org/jamboree.html, or call VHA members services, 1-800-528-4868.

Pre-registration costs $30.00, while registration during Jamboree cost $40.00. A Shootout ticket alone is $25.00, while a Banquet ticket costs $25.00. You must be a member of the V.H.A. and registered for the Jamboree in order to compete in the Shootout.

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July 5th, 2009

Better Viewing for Balance-Beam Scales

When he chooses to measure his loads or sort bullets by weight, Forum Member Boyd Allen likes to use his trusty RCBS 10-10 scale. He finds that it works predictably, time after time, and it doesn’t suffer from the drift and calibration issues that plague some of the less expensive electronic scales on the market.

RCBS 10-10 Scale

To make it easier to see the balance point, Boyd has adapted a magnifying glass with a mirror. This makes the end of his balance beam easier to view from his normal position on the bench. Boyd explains: “This set-up uses a cheap magnifier with positioning arms that was probably designed to hold and magnify small objects while soldering them. I think that it came from Harbor Freight many years ago. The mirror lets you look at the scale as if is was at eye level, and of course the magnifier makes the image easier to see.”

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July 5th, 2009

Custom-Calibrated Windage & Elevation Knobs from Kenton

Kenton Calibrated Windage KnobHere’s something that can save you lots of time and aggravation on a varminting trip. This little $90 gizmo is great for varmint hunters and any one who needs to make a quick shot in shifty wind conditions. Instead of the traditional 1/4-MOA hash marks, the Kenton windage turret features markers corresponding to the wind drift your rifle will encounter at various distances.

Custom-Calibrated Windage Knobs
Kenton Industries’ Tuned Windage Compensator (TWC) has built-in windage marks for 10 mph cross-winds at 100-1000 yards. How do they do that? Well the knobs are calibrated either for specific calibers/loads, or they can make custom knobs using your observed field data. The knobs can compensate for various wind speeds (2-20 mph) and angles (15°- 90°), by applying some simple conversion ratios. As a general rule, with a “full-value”, i.e. 90°, crosswind, the wind drift will go up or down in direct proportion to the change in windspeed. That means, for example, a 10 mph crosswind will push the bullet twice as much sideways as a 5 mph crosswind.

Two versions of Kenton’s TWC knobs are offered. The $89.95 TWC #1 features calculated ballistics for standardized factory ammo for the caliber and barrel length you specify. The $89.95 TWC #2 feature customized windage settings based on bullet BC, environmental conditions, elevation, and ballistic information you provide.

Custom Elevation Knobs
Kenton also makes an $79.95 elevation-compensating TTC knob, that can be customized to your rifle. With this elevation turret, yardages are marked in 50-yard increments, and you can literally just “dial in your distance”. However, to work effectively the TTC knob must be tailored to a particular load (velocity and bullet). Moreover, actual bullet drop will differ with changes in altitude, temperature, and shooting angle — so it’s not as simple as it sounds, and you may need multiple knobs if you shoot a variety of loads. Kenton offers it TTC #1 model calibrated for standardized factory ammo. The TTC #2 is calibrated out to the maximum effective range of your cartridge based on bullet type, muzzle velocity, altitude, and temperature. Select the type of yardage format to be used. The #2 is recommended for wildcatters or for those who want to adjust to specific conditions. Lastly, a TTC #3 elevation knob is offered that relies on the purchaser’s actual recorded drop data from the field. The TTC #3 elevation knob will be calibrated based on the click-value or MOA you provide for each 50-yard increment.

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July 4th, 2009

July 4th — Celebrate the Birth of a Nation

American USA FlagToday, July 4th, we are celebrating a special birthday — the launching of a new nation that would become the world’s greatest exemplar of freedom and democracy. With our current concerns about the troubled economy, it is easy to lose sight of the challenges that faced our fore-fathers, and the continuing burdens we all share, as Americans, to maintain freedom at home and stand as an example to other peoples engaged in the struggle for democracy overseas.

In the Beginning — Overcoming Great Odds
In a July 4th speech, Navy Lt. Ellen Connors wrote: “Our nation declared its independence in order for our families to live free –- not just for one generation but for future generations. And what odds [the founding fathers] faced. It must have seemed impossible. Our forefathers went up against the world’s most colossal empire since ancient Rome. No colony had ever successfully left a mother country to set up a self-governing state. Not only were the historical odds set against them, they were set to fight against the world’s most powerful Navy — over 300 ships and 32,000 men.”

Lady Liberty Fireworks 4th July

The Price of Freedom… The Pride of A Nation
Here is a selection from Daniel Webster’s July 4th, 1851 Oration. His words ring true a century and a half later:

“On the 4th of July, 1776, the assembled Representatives of the United States of America in Congress declared that these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, FREE and INDEPENDENT States. This Declaration, made by most patriotic and resolute men, trusting in the justice of their cause and the protection of Heaven, and yet made not without deep solicitude and anxeity, has now stood for seventy-five years, and still stands. It was sealed in blood. It has met dangers, and overcome them; it has had enemies, and conquered them; it has had detractors, and abashed them all….

This anniversary animates, and gladdens, and unites all American hearts. On other days of the year we may be party men, indulging in controversies… and we may maintain our political differences… sometimes with angry feelings. But today, we are Americans all; and all nothing but Americans.

Every mans’ heart swells within him… as he remembers that seventy-five years have rolled away, and that the great inheritance of liberty is still his — his, undiminished and unimpaired, his in all its original glory; his to enjoy; his to protect; and his to transmit to future generations.”

Patriotic Computer Wallpapers
You can download a high-resolution version of the above image and other Fireworks Computer Wallpapers from Fireworks.com.

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July 4th, 2009

Remember Those Who Defend Our Freedoms

On this Independence Day, as we enjoy the picnics, the gatherings of friends and family, and the fireworks displays, it is important to remember that there would be no nation, no American Republic, but for the sacrifices of citizen soldiers over the past 233 years.

This nation earned its independence through a lengthy, often desperate struggle against a powerful empire. We have survived as a free country, through our willingness, as a people, to fight for those freedoms when they have been threatened.

We owe a debt of gratitude to all those who have served in the military. Today, we urge all our readers to honor the men and women of our armed services — those who serve today, and those who have served in the past. Remember there are men and women standing watch every night and every day … so that all of the rest of us may enjoy our freedoms.

YouTube Preview Image
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July 3rd, 2009

HOT NEWS: Bruno's has Federal 205M Small Rifle Primers

Dateline: July 3, 2009, 2:00 pm Pacific Time

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Bruno Shooters Supply has just received a substantial shipment of one-thousand-count boxes of Federal 205M Small Rifle Match primers. These are available for immediate delivery. Price is $49.95 per 1000 primers. There is a limit of 10,000 primers (10 boxes) per customer. The price does NOT include shipping and hazmat fee. To order these primers, call Amy Bruno at 1-800-455-0350, or (623) 587-7641, or log on to www.Brunoshooters.com.

Federal 205 match small rifle primers

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July 3rd, 2009

High-Tech Game Cams Aid Hunters

A remote game camera lets you monitor the presence of deer and other game on your favorite hunting grounds. The camera is like a silent sentry, activating only when game animals trigger the heat-in-motion sensor. Here’s a shot recorded by Forum Member Preacher’s camera:

Cuddeback Deer Cam

Cuddeback NoFlash Deer CamCuddeback No-Flash Deer Cam on Sale
The Cuddeback cameras are very sophisticated. The premium Cuddeback units trigger in 0.75 seconds. Cuddeback’s No-Flash IR unit works ’round-the-clock, using invisible infrared illumination at night so the game is not spooked. In daytime you record full-color 3.0 megapixel photos, and you can even set the unit to shoot short videos. The good news is that Cabelas.com has the Cuddeback® No-Flash Infrared Scouting Camera on sale right now for $299.88, marked down from $449.00. The cheapest price we’ve found elsewhere on the web is $319.99 at Amazon.com for the Cuddeback NoFlash Deercam.

Bushnell Releases New IR Trophy Cam
For 2009, Bushnell has introduced an impressive new Trophy Cam. Priced at about $199.00 for the basic model, the new Bushnell IR Trophy Cam offers most of the features of the more expensive Cuddeback IR No-Flash model, but at a much more affordable price. With impressive battery life of up to 6 months, video capability, and an IR flash range up to 45 feet, the new Bushnell has already become very popular with hunters. Independent tests show the Trophy Cam triggers in 1.21 seconds, with a recovery time of 7-11 seconds (depending on picture resolution). The compact (6″x4″) Bushnell is easy to program (no remote required) and the Trophy Cam offers a choice of 3 mp or 5 mp photos. With the deluxe “viewer” version ($249.00 at Digital Photo) you can preview your photos via the camera’s built-in color viewscreen (a feature not offered on the Cuddeback).

Bushnell Trophy Cam

CLICK HERE to Read Bushnell Trophy Cam Review.

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July 2nd, 2009

National Junior Air Gun Championship at Camp Perry

The 2009 National Junior Air Gun Championship, held at the CMP’s high-tech Camp Perry indoor Marksmanship Training Center, has been a huge success. The 3-day event has drawn nearly 290 competitors from 27 states to Camp Perry, Ohio. Shooters have traveled from as far as Hawaii and Alaska to shoot against other top juniors in the country. Winners will be honored at an awards banquet, scheduled for July 3 at 7:00 p.m.

Shooters may enter either the Sporter or Precision class based on the type of rifle and equipment they use, and are then grouped into categories according to age: Sub-Junior (Age 14 and under); Junior (age 18-20); and Intermediate Junior (Age 15-17). There is no age minimum to compete at NJAGC, and this year there are competitors as young as 12 years old. The rules for this year’s championship break with years past. For the 2009 competition, there are no entry requirements; every junior shooter is welcome to compete.

The National Junior Air Gun Championship (NJAGC) isn’t just about competing for this year’s title — it’s also about learning to improve and advance in the shooting sports. A training summit is held each year in conjunction with the NJAGC to help competitors, coaches, and parents learn how to train properly, as well as to introduce young shooters to future opportunities.

Report from NRABlog.com. Photos courtesy ODCMP.com.

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July 2nd, 2009

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