July 7th, 2009

Submit Your Gun Stories and Tech Articles

Lapua BrassIn order to provide more content for our site visitors, we are soliciting reader submissions for Gun of the Week (GOTW) articles and technical articles. Even if you’ve never had a story published before, if you have a good idea, we can work with you to put your article online. We can provide an outline and photo/video advice.

Thanks to Nammo Lapua, if you supply a story that we publish, you’ll receive two (2) 100-ct boxes of Lapua brass. In addition, you’ll get an AccurateShooter.com staff T-shirt, two (2) 100-ct boxes of match bullets (your choice of brand), plus other “goodies”.

For a GOTW story, we like to focus on a rifle that: 1) has performed well in competition; OR, 2) displays interesting technical features or components; OR, 3) exhibits outstanding design or craftsmanship. The subject gun can be a match rifle, or it can be a hunting, tactical, or sporting rifle that has some exceptional qualities (such as exhibition-grade wood), or newsworthy technical features (such as a carbon-wrapped barrel). We are also interested in stories about innovative loads or cartridges. For a technical article we are looking for gear reviews, or a story that describes an important reloading process, or important aspect of gunsmithing. For example, we have done technical articles on brass prep, on pillar bedding, and on stock painting.

Lapua Brass and Special Benefits for Writers
If you submit an article that we publish online, you will receive two (2) boxes of Lapua cartridge brass (retail value up to $170.00 — choice subject to availability), an exclusive AccurateShooter.com staff T-shirt, two (2) boxes of match bullets (your choice, .204 to .30 calibers), plus additional benefits to be named later.

For a Gun of the Week story we need a minimum of 1500 words, and we will generally run 8-12 photos, plus one or two short videos (1-2 minutes per video). Good digital photos are essential — we won’t run any story unless sharp, quality digital photos are available.

To submit an idea for a Gun of the Week article, please supply a 100-word summary, and two sharp digital photos, 800×600 pixels or larger. Send your story ideas and digital photos to: mailbox@6mmBR.com. Please put the words “STORY SUBMISSION” in the subject line of your email. Note: if you submit an article, but we determine not to publish it, you won’t get the brass, bullets, or T-shirt. Also, we reserve the right to limit this program to regular reader/contributors (as opposed to manufacturers and professional gun-builders).

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