August 18th, 2009

Windtronic 2 on Sale For $59.90 (Group Buy Not Needed)

Windtronic 2 wind meter saleA few days ago we showcased the omni-directional Windtronic 2 Wind Meter in our Daily Bulletin. We proposed a group buy (at $85.00) if there was enough interest. Well readers were interested, but we’ve called off the group buy.

Windtronic 2 at $59.90 Beats Group Buy Deal
Don’t be disappointed — the group buy was nixed because Forum Member FClassRon found a source that is selling the Windtronic 2 for a lot less money. Ron searched the web and found that is selling Windtronic 2 units for just $59.90 plus shipping. That’s lower than our wholesale price… by a lot.

CLICK HERE to order Windtronic 2 for $59.90.

Click the above link to get your Windtronic 2 for just $59.90, or visit and search for product #KE421. That’s an awesome deal — this unit sells for $99.00 almost everywhere else.

We don’t know how many units has available at this price, so don’t delay. We’re sorry there won’t be a group buy, but this deal gets you a Windtronic 2 for nearly $40.00 off retail. Can’t argue with that!

8/20 UPDATE: The link to the page with the Windtronic Deal isn’t working anymore, but you can still search for product #KE421 and put it in your shopping cart. We assume Hobby-Lobby has run out, but it appears you can back-order by searching for #KE421 on the web site, and then clicking the “Buy Now” button.

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