September 1st, 2009

Shooting Sports USA Magazine is FREE online

Shooting Sports USAThe latest digital edition of Shooting Sports USA is now available FREE online. This September 2009 edition covers many regional shooting events, plus you’ll find a four-page in-depth report on the 2009 National Pistol Matches at Camp Perry. Over 700 handgunners competed in that event.

The September issue also features an excellent technical report on eyewear lens color and vision. Iron sights shooters should read this article. The author explains how choosing the correct lens color can help improve your ability to see your sights (and the target) more clearly. The article discusses the factors to consider when selecting lens colors for various disciplines and/or weather conditions.

This latest edition provides news briefs and short gear reviews. In addition, you’ll find a comprehensive calendar of upcoming shooting events. All NRA shooting disciplines are covered — from Air Pistols to F-Class rifles. The calendar is organized by discipline, within which events are listed state-by-state.

Shooting Sports USA

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