October 7th, 2009

Brownell's Videos Show Spray-On Finish Techniques

Cerakote gunsIn recent years, spray-on finishes have become a popular alternative to traditional blueing for chrome-moly barrels and receivers, plus other gun parts. Spray-on finishes provide excellent rust-proofing, some degree of abrasion resistance, and many of the finishes also provide increased lubricity for moving parts. (Be aware, however, that these finishes go on thin, and some finishes can wear through on high-abrasion areas, such as slide rails on pistols.)

Matte spray-on products work well for hunters looking for a dull, non-glossy finish that blends into the background. A bake-on polymer-type finish is a very good choice for a shotgun or rifle used in the winter or in damp environments (such as duck blinds). These polymer finishes are offered in a wide variety of color. Cerakote, a two-part bake-on product, offers a thin but abrasion-resistent surface finish that works well on handguns and tactical-style rifles.

Brownells Gun-Kote

Many Processes and Products Shown in Videos
Brownells offers eleven (11) videos that explain, step by step, how to apply a spray-on finish to gun parts. Each video describes a particular technique or how to use a particular product. For example, one video describes curing methods for Aluma Hyde and Cerakote, while two other videos explain surface prep techniques for metal and wood respectively. Brownells even offers a video that shows how to produced layered, camouflage effects.

gun painting finishing

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