December 21st, 2009

Norma Plans to Resume 6PPC Brass Production

Norma PPC brass This is potentially big news for short-range Benchresters and for varminters who shoot PPC variants. Norma has resumed production of 6PPC brass — at least on a prototype basis. NOTE: We don’t have many specifics. Norma has not firmly committed to exporting production 6PPC brass to the USA, nor has Norma announced a product release date. However, we received the following email today:

“After some work Norma has just started production of 6 PPC cases again. A new double-press has been installed which allows us to work-harden the case better. Internal tests are promising and we wonder if you would be interested to test a bunch.”

That’s it… we’ve shared all that we know for now.

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December 21st, 2009

Last-Minute Bargains at Creedmoor Sports

Based in Oceanside, California, Creedmoor Sports is one of the leading suppliers of equipment for High Power, Prone, Smallbore and Air Rifle shooters. Creedmoor’s General Manager Dennis DeMille is a former National Champion High Power Shooter. Dennis and his staff have the expertise to know what competitive shooters need.

Creedmoor has some good Holiday Specials running right now, and there is still time to order gift items for Christmas if you get your order in by midnight PST on December 21st. Creedmoor’s “affordable gift picks” for this Holiday season include instructional DVDs, Shooting Gloves, Rifle Slings, and Shooters’ T-Shirts.

Creedmoor SportsJim Owens High Power DVDs — $16.00
Master Sgt. Jim Owens (USMC retired), aka “Jarhead Top”, has created a series of instructional DVDs for High Power, Position, and Service Rifle Shooters. Owens’ DVD titles include: Reading the Wind; Positions–Prone; Positions–Sitting & Offhand; Sight Alignment & Trigger Control; Service Rifle Sling; and M1 Garand Care & Cleaning. All these cost $16.00 (that’s 20% off), except the longer Reading the Wind DVD, which is $24.00 after 20% markdown.
Creedmoor SportsFull-Finger Shooting Glove — $40.00
This glove is offered for both right- and left-handed shooters and meets all ISSF and NRA rules. It’s made of premium leather with rubber facings and ample padding. The rubber on the back of the glove is designed to eliminate sling slippage when locked into position. For the holidays, this glove is marked down to $40.00 from $44.95.
Creedmoor SportsRon Brown Service Rifle Sling — $60.00
Each sling is hand-stitched by Ron Brown in Lexington, KY. These slings are made from the highest-grade Hermann Oak leather, in saddle-tan or black. Slings are edged and creased, and holes are numbered. D-rings are oversized and parkerized. Frog hooks are made by Waterbury Buckles. All slings are treated with Neatsfoot oil guaranteeing years of use in the harshest conditions. According to Dennis, this is “the highest-quality service rifle sling money can buy”. Price is $60.00.
Creedmoor SportsT-Shirts with Shooters’ Messages — $12.95
Creedmoor offers a selection of 100% cotton t-shirts printed with rifle images or clever messages that will appeal to serious shooters. In all there are over 30 gun-related designs available, including the ever-popular “Life’s Too Short to Shoot 9s” and “Got Ammo?”.
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December 21st, 2009

United Nations & IANSA Global Gun Control Agenda Revealed

Rebecca Peters IANSAAs many of you know, there is a concerted effort in the United Nations to adopt an international Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) regulating civilian small arms. The Treaty would extend, and make binding, the restrictions of the U.N. Firearms Protocol adopted in 2004. This effort has been lead by the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA), funded by billionaire George Soros. IANSA’s director is Rebecca Peters, a radical anti-gunner from Australia. Under Peters’ leadership, anti-gun coalitions convinced Australian politicians to ban semiautomatic rifles and shotguns, as well as confiscate and destroy nearly 700,000 weapons.

The proposed international small arms treaty has been pushed by representatives of many foreign nations. Related efforts to restrict civilian arms have been supported by European countries, such as Great Britain, which donated $2,000,000 to IANSA in 2001.

United Nations Gun Control

The details of this story are revealed in the video below, produced by NRANews. The video is an advocacy piece opposing interference by the United Nations and other countries in U.S. firearms policies. Keep in mind that this NRA video is deliberately alarmist — it intends to make the situation appear more dire than it may truly be… for now. Blue-helmeted storm troopers are not going to break down your door tomorrow.

Nonetheless, the video reveals many important facts which American gun owners should understand. This video includes interviews with leaders of gun rights groups in Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand. Their experiences are very telling… they have seen the effect of sweeping gun confiscations. The producers of this video believe that an international treaty could defeat Second Amendment rights in the United States. That may be an extremist view — the Constitution would still remain the law of the land. But the video is worth watching.

YouTube Preview Image
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December 20th, 2009

4th Annual Camp Perry Open Airgun Competition Jan. 15-17

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) invites air rifle and air pistol shooters to participate in the 4th Annual Camp Perry Open. This year’s match will include a 3-position air rifle competition, an international air rifle (all standing) event, a pistol course of fire, and optional clinics. The match will be held on 15-17 January 2010 at the new CMP Marksmanship Center in Camp Perry, Port Clinton, Ohio. Visit the Camp Perry Open webpage for complete information including rules, fees, event schedule, and match descriptions/courses of fire.

Camp Perry Open air rifle

The U. S. National Team coaches, Maj. David Johnson and Sergey Luzov, plan to bring some National Team members to shoot in the International event. The Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) is also sending some of their best to shoot in the International standing course of fire event as well. Members of many top NCAA rifle teams will also attend. This is a great opportunity to see some of the best shooters in the US compete.

Camp Perry Air Rifle

Special Junior Clinic
In addition to the regular matches, on Saturday, Jan. 16th, there will be a clinic for interested junior shooters from 5:30pm – 8:15 PM. The cost is just $10, which includes a pizza dinner! This Saturday clinic is limited to 60 junior shooters — all those wishing to attend should pre-register. On-the-line training will be provided by the members of the U. S. National/Development Team, and members of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Team (USAMU). The clinic will conclude with a 20-shot standing competition.

What to Bring
Shooters that use Sporter Class air rifles (Daisy M853/753/888/XSV40) should bring an air rifle for each shooter plus a sling, kneeling roll, and glove. You will not need spotting scopes. Shooting mats are provided at the range, but you may bring your own. Shooters using precision air rifles should bring them along with their shooting jackets and other equipment. Also, bring your own pellets. The CMP will have air tanks and CO2 available at the range. Please bring your own adapters.

How to Register
CLICK this LINK to Register for the Camp Perry Open. Competitors over the age of 18 must complete and sign a CMP Affidavit and Liability release prior to competing at Camp Perry. Shooters under the age of 18 must have a Parental Permission Form completed prior to competing at Camp Perry. The forms may be submitted to Katie Harrington at: CMP, P. O. Box 576, Camp Perry OH 43452. Alternatively, fax forms to 419-635-2565. Email inquiries may be addressed to kharrington [at]

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December 20th, 2009

Bargain Kowa Spotting Scopes from the CMP — $280.00

The CMP has made a special purchase of a limited number of KOWA TS-501 20X spotting scopes, specifically designed for Rimfire and Air Rifle usage. These 20-power scopes are available for $280.00 plus S&H (or $250.00 for CMP-Affiliated clubs) through the CMP online E-Store. See item 832 under the “Equipment & Accessories” tab. You can also purchase the Kowas at the CMP’s two “brick and mortar” stores.

Kowa Spotting Scope TS-501

Kowa 20×50 Spotting Scope – Item ID: 832
TS-501 Offset 45 Degree, gray body
50mm objective lens and a built-in 20X eyepiece.
Focusing Range: 19.68 to Infinity
Scope Length: 9.6 inches
Scope Weight: 14.8 oz
Specifically designed for Rimfire and Air Rifle usage.

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December 20th, 2009

Top-Rated Garmin GPS Units on Sale for $119

Portable GPS vehicle navigation systems are hot items this shopping season. It’s easy to understand why. Top-rated units that sold for nearly $300.00 a year ago, are now offered for under $125.00. The 4.3″ Garmin Nüvi 255W is now on sale again on for just $119.00 plus $6.27 shipping. The similar, but older, 4.3″ Garmin Nüvi 260W model is $119.99 with FREE SHIPPING.

Garmin 255w GPS

The Garmin 260W was rated best in its class by Consumer Reports, and it is a “Top 10″ selling item on Amazon. The 255W has newer software, and may actually be a bit better. (Consumer Reports did not test the newer 255W model). Our Assistant Editor Jason Baney owns and uses a Garmin 255W and recommends it highly. One reviewer noted: “I own both and the 255W is the one to buy. It is faster and has some new features. The 2X0 and 7X0 model [may] soon be discontinued. The 2X5 and the 7X5 are the newest. Go with the newer model.”

LINKS for Best Prices

Garmin nüvi 255W 4.3-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator

Garmin nüvi 260W 4.3-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator

Bluetooth and Voice Navigation on Higher-Priced Garmins
Other Garmin Nüvi models to consider are the 265WT and the 855 (both 4.3″). The 265WT comes with blue-tooth connectivity so you can use it to make phone calls when you drive. The model 855 has voice-activated commands. That’s a very nice feature that lets you keep both hands on the wheel. The model 855 also has the “Lane Assist” feature. As shown below, Lane Assist zooms in to show the lane you need when exiting freeways, or navigating through large interchanges. UPDATE: The Garmin 855 is Amazon’s “Deal of the Day” for December 22 — Price dropped from $189.99 to $159.00 — that’s by far the lowest price on the web.

Garmin nüvi 855 4.3-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator with Speech Recognition

Garmin 855 Voice Navigation

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December 19th, 2009

Huge Sale on Camo and Blaze Clothing for Hunters

Camo and Blaze hunting clothingHunters take note. Right now is running a huge promotion on camo and blaze orange clothing, with with prices slashed up to 70%. For example, Cabela’s Dry-Plus® ES1 Maximum Raingear Jacket (Real-Tree Camo) is marked down to $49.99, $100.00 off the regular price. The price of a blaze orange fleece vest is now just $8.80 compared to $22.99 regularly. Quiet, packable microdenier Rain Suede camo pants are marked down to $49.88 from $139.99. And these are but a few of the many dozens of items on sale.

You probably won’t find a wider selection of deeply-discounted, name-brand camo and blaze clothing on the web. Though this sale you can get fully outfitted, from head to foot, at big savings.

CLICK HERE for Cabela’s Hunting and Outdoor Clothing Blow-Out SALE.

Camo and Blaze hunting clothing

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December 19th, 2009

Smith & Wesson Recalls Two Performance Center Revolvers

Two S&W Performance Center revolvers have been recalled by Smith & Wesson due to potentially dangerous manufacturing defects. The model 460PC is being recalled due to potential barrel failure, while the Model 329PC has been recalled due to possible frame damage during manufacturing.

Performance Center Smith Wesson recall

Performance Center Model 460 Revolver Recall
Smith & Wesson has received four (4) reports of barrel failures involving its Performance Center Model 460 revolvers. These barrels were manufactured by an outside supplier. S&W found that the quality of steel in some of these barrels was sub-standard and may have contributed to failure of the barrel. Model 460PC owners should stop using the revolvers and return them immediately to Smith & Wesson.

This recall applies to Performance Center Model 460 revolvers shipped by the Smith & Wesson Performance Center prior to September 18, 2006. This recall does NOT apply to Smith & Wesson standard production Model 460 revolvers. The affected revolvers can be identified by the following Serial Number Range: EBD0001 – EBD0524, EBF0002 – EBF0251, LHZ0000 – LHZ0511, LLL0000 – LLL0702, LRR0001 – LRR0552, MMM0001 – MMM1809, XMC0001 – XMC0109

Performance Center Model 329 Revolver Recall
Smith & Wesson has issued a recall for the limited edition model 329 revolver. This safety recall notice applies to 270 revolvers manufactured at the Performance Center bearing serial numbers ranging from BVA0004 to BVA0210 and DEW0001 to DEW0099.

S&W states: “It has been determined that damage to the frame may have occurred during assembly of the single-piece barrel. As a result, there exists the possibility that the revolver may rupture during firing, causing a failure of the firearm and creating a risk of personal injury.” NOTE: This safety recall notice does not apply to the model 329 PD. The model 329 PD is designed with a two-piece barrel.

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December 18th, 2009

Remington/Bushmaster ACR Debuts in Black Livery

What may be the very first production, civilian Bushmaster Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR) was presented to Florida shooter J. James, who was the winner of an Advanced Armament Corp. (AAC) silent auction for the rifle (with AAC silencer). AAC was recently acquired by Remington Arms Co. as a Cerberus Freedom group company, along with Bushmaster. That’s how AAC got its hands on the first civilian ACR. The upper receiver is stamped S/N GR00100 and “MODEL – BACR”. Interestingly, the rifle is also stamped “CALIBER – MULTI”. Everybody has been clamoring for photos of the actual production version of the ACR. Well, here they are.

ACR Rifle Bushmaster

James had the weapon professionally photographed, and posted the images on and

ACR Rifle Bushmaster

ACR Rifle Bushmaster

Links to other photos:
Left Side | Right Side | Grip | Stocks | Gas Block | Lower with Fixed Stock | Lower and Fire Control Group | Barrel with Piston Kit

The new ACR features a 16″ barrel with m4 profile. A 4th Generation rail system offers removable Picatinny rails. James’ gun came with two (2) stocks, both the new-style, spring-lock folder and the fixed stock. The charging handle is ambi-dextrous and can be flipped left or right, as well as up and down. James reports that the ACR exhibits good fit and function. He says the trigger is “100% better than the SCAR” and is very crisp.

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December 18th, 2009

Powder Valley has IMR 8208 XBR Right Now

We just spoke to Bryan at Powder Valley. He confirmed that right now (0800 PST, Friday, Dec. 18th), Powder Valley has some IMR 8208 XBR on the shelves. All the 8-lb jugs are sold out, but Powder Valley still has roughly 100 1-lb bottles of IMR 8208 XBR. The price is $19.00 per pound, PLUS haz-mat and shipping.

Those interested in trying this promising new powder should contact Powder Valley immediately. Log on to or call (800) 227-4299.

If you want this powder, then act quickly. It may sell out within a few hours.

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December 17th, 2009

Jackie Schmidt Tests New IMR 8208 XBR Powder — Results are Very Impressive

IMR 8208 XBR is a new powder to be released by Hodgdon in January, 2010. The powder is said to be extremely accurate, and Hodgdon believes it will set new standards for stability across a wide temperature range. We spoke to Chris Hodgdon last week and he confirmed that “the 8208 XBR is packaged and ready to go. We plan to start shipping in quantity starting January 4th”.

Schmidt Tests IMR 8208 XBR with 6 PPC Railgun
Is the new powder as good as early reports have suggested? Ace Benchrest shooter Jackie Schmidt recently tested IMR 8208 XBR with his 6PPC rail gun. The results were very impressive. (Test observer 333 Smitty said: “This was the best testing session I have ever witnessed — It looks like the new 8208 is a huge success!”)

IMR 8208 XBR test Schmidt

Shooting five, 5-shot groups, Jackie put together an .0976 Agg. His last two groups, both using weighed 8208 XBR loads, were in the zeros. (See target photo.) Jackie was shooting his Unlimited Rail with 65gr “Bartail” bullets, Fed 205 primers. The barrel was a 23.5″ straight-contour Kreiger with a 1:13.5″ twist. Conditions were “were really nice, just a gentle ebb and flow” with temps in the 50s and about 60% humidity.

Here is Jackie’s report, originally posted in the Benchrest Central Forum:

“I first started out with my ’08 Vihtavuori N133, just to see if the Rail was on its game. After a few 3-shot groups to find the window, I settled in on 30.4 grains with a 65gr Barts Boattail. I then nailed a nice 5-shot ‘zero’ that you can see on the far left, second row up. Average velocity was 3470 fps.

I then switched over to the 8208 XBR. I started with a load that Tom Libby recommended, 31.3 grains. While it did not nail a ‘zero’, you can see it shot pretty well. The average velocity for the five record shots was 3430 fps.

I then decided to drop the load down into another window, a flat 30.0 grains. The average velocity was 3320, and as you can see, the group opened up. I felt like I hit the condition just right on each shot. Maybe a little cool for this light of a load.

IMR 8208 XBR test Schmidt

We then decided to up the charge until it matched the velocity of the N133. This took 31.8 grains. With a slow trickle this was just about half-way up into the neck. The group was really nice, so I decided to try the load again, only weighing each charge. The results were the group you see on the far right. That is really probably about a .040″, pretty darned small. The average velocity on both groups was about 3470 fps.

I then decided to go back to the 31.3 grain charge, but weighing each charge this time. The results were another nice “zero”. The velocity was the same as before, but the total spread on this group was only 12 fps.”

IMR 8208 Also Shoots Well in Sporter Rifle
Jackie reports: “I then pulled out my Sporter, and put the 31.8 grain XBR load in. I shot a couple of 3-shot groups that were about .110, then shot a 5-shot group that was a ‘zero’ for the first four. But I missed the last condition, and opened it up to about a .180, straight to the right.”

IMR 8208 XBR test Schmidt

Observations and Conclusions
Jackie writes: “So, what did I find out? First, this stuff is more dense than N133. I can barely get the 30.4 grain N133 load in the case, but there is no problem at all getting the XBR in at darned near 32.0 grains. This shows that, by weight, XBR is slower than the ’08 N133.

The 8208 XBR also burned just as clean as N133. I could not tell the difference in the patches that came out after shooting N133 and the XBR. Also, this stuff meters VERY WELL. Much more consistant than N133. While I started weighing charges, I could count on the XBR out of my Hensler Measure to be within ± 0.1 grain. I simply cannot do this with N133.

An added note, the Rail Gun has a 23 1/2 inch barrel, the Sporter a 21 1/2. With the same load, I saw an average 70 to 80 fps slower velocity out of the shorter barrel. These two barrels are just about identical in the land and groove diameter, both .237 4-groove Kriegers[.] I guess this shows that some of the powder is still burning at 21 1/2 inches.

I showed that yes, at 52 degrees overcast and dreary, I made the stuff shoot pretty darned good. But, I do not have a clue what will happen when the weather changes. Only time will tell.

That about covers it. This new powder will shoot, and velocity is certainly not a problem. I had zero problems with any pressure signs, the handle on the Diamondback on the Rail and the Bat action on the Sporter lifted really easy on all loads, and the primers looked nice, with a generous radius still on the outside edge.”

General Comments — Can 8208 XBR Live Up to Expectations?

Jackie offered these general thoughts about IMR 8208 XBR and how it stacks up versus Vihtavuori N133:

“I have been shooting Benchrest since the mid ’90s, and I can’t think of a single product causing this much excitement, or generating this much hype. Just what are everyone’s expectations? Being able to arrive at a competitive tune, and have it stay there all day? Being able to shoot in the upper window without wrecking the brass? Being able to concentrate on the actual ‘shooting’ rather than worrying about the rifle going ‘vertical’ at any moment?

As of now, a few shooters have been able to test this new powder and found it to be capable of producing good velocity, and great groups. But, the realities of the ‘Competitive Arena’ can be very harsh. Nothing is more aggravating than trying to keep up with the pack when your rifle is locked into a .300 tune, and try as you do, nothing seems to work. We have all been there.

My expectations are that the new powder will be more stable in the perameters that govern that all important ‘Agging Capability’. By that I mean that if the rifle does get a little ragged, just a little tweek one way or another will get it back. Or even better, that the rifle will stay reasonably competitive over a day’s worth of aggregates without fear of getting so ragged that your entire day is ruined by two bullet holes worth of vertical.

This is a tough sell. But then, this is a tough game. I, for one, really hope that this new powder is more ‘user friendly’, so Benchrest can get back to being more about shooting, rather than chasing loads all day long.

N133 is probably the most used powder in 100-200 yard Benchrest today. It is also, at the same time, the biggest source of aggravation. If it is right, nothing can beat it. But, as we all know, if it isn’t quite right, the fun can go away real quick. One of the Holy Grails of Benchrest has always been how to make N133 shoot over an entire Aggregate.”

Photos Courtesy G.A. Villarreal, used with permission.

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December 17th, 2009

10% Off Coupon for Through Dec. 18

If you’re looking for “all things tactical”, including boots, cargo pants, packs, gloves, headwear, optics, rangefinders, and Pelican cases, U.S. Cavalry is a reliable source, with good prices. For the next two days, you can save even more on U.S. Cavalry gear. Enter Coupon CODE CJ10 during check-out to save 10% on orders of $99.00 or more. This deal expires at 11:59 pm on December 18th (Friday night).

U.S. Calvary store

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December 16th, 2009

Attention Shoppers — Get Your Primers Now…

Here’s a nice early Christmas present for precision shooters. Quantities of CCI small and large rifle primers (including BR2 and BR4) have arrived at many of the more popular vendors. Wolf primers are in decent supply and we’re starting to see Remington primers on the shelves. Federal primers are still very hard to find. Shown below are some available rifle primer inventories as of December 16, 2009.

NOTE: Product availability and pricing subject to immediate change. If you need primers, act quickly — this stuff may all be gone in a couple days.

Powder Valley
CCI BR4 SMALL RIFLE BENCHREST primers — IN STOCK at $37.00 per 1000 primers
CCI 400 SMALL RIFLE primers — IN STOCK at $24.00 per 1000 primers
CCI 450 SMALL RIFLE primers — IN STOCK at $24.00 per 1000 primers
CCI BR2 LRG RIFLE BENCHREST primers — IN STOCK at $37.00 per 1000 primers
WOLF SMALL RIFLE MAGNUM primers — IN STOCK at $25.50 per 1000 primers
WOLF LARGE RIFLE PRIMERS — IN STOCK at $25.50 per 1000 primers
CCI BR2 LRG RIFLE BENCHREST primers — IN STOCK at $202.00 per 5000 primers

Bruno Shooters Supply
CCI BR4 SMALL RIFLE BENCHREST primers — IN STOCK at $59.95 per 1000 primers
CCI 400 SMALL RIFLE primers — IN STOCK at $44.95 per 1000 primers
CCI 5.56 SMALL RIFLE primers — IN STOCK at $44.95 per 10000 primers
REM 9.5 LARGE RIFLE primers — IN STOCK at $44.96 per 1000 primers.
WOLF SMALL RIFLE MAGNUM primers — IN STOCK at $26.95 per 1000 primers
WOLF LARGE RIFLE PRIMERS are IN STOCK at $26.95 per 1000 primers

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December 15th, 2009

New Brass Restoration Service Launched — Combined Ultrasonic Case Cleaning and Annealing

Darrell Jones, a talented benchrest shooter from Tennessee, has launched a new business that will provide a much-needed service for precision shooters. Darrell’s company, DJ’s Brass Restoration Service, will take your old, many-times-fired brass, and help bring them back to life. Darrell first cleans the cases inside and out using an ultrasonic bath. Then Darrell carefully anneals each case, employing temp indicators to insure the correct amount of heat is applied for the proper duration.

DJ's Brass Restoration

Combined Ultrasonic Cleaning and Case Annealing
The Basic Service starts at $20.00 per hundred cases — and that includes ultrasonic cleaning AND annealing. (Flat rate USPS shipping is extra.) Note: very large cases (such as the .338 Lapua) or damaged, dented cases may cost more. In addition to the Basic Service, Darrell offers a 4-Step Full Service starting at $25.00 per hundred cases (plus shipping). Full Service brass restoration includes:

• Uniform primer pockets
• Chamfer case mouths
• Ultrasonic cleaning and polishing
• Anneal case necks

DJ's Brass Restoration

Ultrasonic Muzzle Brake Cleaning
In addition to cleaning and annealing cartridge brass, Darrell offers Ultrasonic Cleaning for muzzle brakes. This removes carbon buildup to restore critical bullet clearance requirements. The price is $15.00 per brake (plus shipping).

Restoring Your Brass Can Save Time and Money
Your match-quality brass represents a significant investment of money and prep/sorting time. With 100 pieces of new premium brass costing as much as $100.00, we think Darrell’s service is a great deal for shooters who want to extend the life of their brass. We expect his cleaning/annealing service will soon be in high demand. (In addition, on a custom-order basis, for an additional fee, Darrell can trim cases to a specified OAL.) Also, if you have spent many hours turning necks or forming wildcat cartridges, DJ’s Brass Restoration can save you the hassle of trimming, sorting, turning and prepping new cases. You have a lot of time invested in those turned necks and fire-formed cases… you don’t want to toss the brass after a few firings.

For more information, visit, or call Darrell at (901) 826-1503. As a special benefit for members, Darrell is now offering free return shipping on any order over 500 pieces (limited time offer). IMPORTANT: Contact Darrell for shipping instructions BEFORE sending any brass for processing. ALL BRASS MUST BE DE-PRIMED before you send it.

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December 15th, 2009

Review of Accuracy International AE MKII

Accuracy International AE MK IIOn the (Shooting Illustrated) website, you’ll find a well-written, in-depth review of the updated Accuracy International AE MKII rifle in .308 Winchester. (The MKII title means the rifle has a threaded barrel with brake.) The reviewer, Steve Adelmann, is a former Army sniper, so he certainly knows his tactical rifles. Adelmann praised the rifle’s ergonomics and folding stock. He also said the detachable mag system is one of the best available: “AI’s rifles also allow the magazine to be pushed straight into and dropped from the magazine well[.] The feeding and function of the five- and 10-round magazines were flawless during my evaluation, totaling 230 rounds.”

We often hear claims about tactical rifles delivering “benchrest-quality accuracy” when shot from bipod with factory ammo. We always take such reports with a grain of salt. For this article, at 100 yards, Adelmann tested two types of factory ammo, and three sets of handloaded ammo. The average accuracy of ALL the ammunition, based on five, 5-shot groups for each type, was right around one MOA (see chart).

Accuracy International AE MK II

We’re pleased Adelmann published honest results with five groups per load. Some testers will only shoot one or two 3-shot groups, which can give a false impression of the rifle’s true accuracy. Adelman writes: “The rifle still managed sub-MOA performance with the best factory ammo and handloads averaged together for all distances.”

CLICK HERE for full Accuracy Int’l AE MK II Review

Photos and Charts © 2009 National Rifle Association

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December 14th, 2009

MOBALL Deployable Ballistics Computer from Bryan Litz

There are a variety of ballistics programs that can be used with handheld PDAs, and even Apple iPhones. But Bryan Litz, author of the new Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting book, has come up with something bigger and better. Employing the powerful Texas Instruments (TI) Voyage 200 graphing calculator, Bryan has created a Mobile Ballistics Solution (MOBALL) that is more sophisticated (and accurate) than typical PDA-based programs.

Litz Moball Ballistics Calculator
MOBALL includes TI graphing calculator and ballistics software. Kestrel windmeter NOT included.

Bryan tells us: “The Mobile Ballistics Computer (MOBALL) was created for one purpose: to provide shooters with the most accurate and complete ballistic firing solution possible for application in the field.” MOBALL runs on a TI graphing calculator — a sturdy, stand-alone, non-network device. That means you don’t need long-term cell phone contracts, expensive data plans, or weekly OS “updates” and patches. The TI also delivers long run-time on ordinary AAA batteries. That’s a big advantage over most laptop computers, which run out of “juice” after only 4-5 hours in the field.

According to Bryan, what sets MOBALL apart from other “deployable” ballistics calculators is that: “MOBALL provides a complete ballistic solution, with the ability to account for every major and minor variable affecting a bullets trajectory. In addition to the standard variables like atmospherics, uphill/downhill angles and wind, MOBALL also has the ability to account for more subtle ballistic effects like spin drift, Coriolis effect, and multiple winds in up to 3 zones.”

Importantly, Bryan’s MOBALL device can employ Ballistic Coefficients (BCs) referenced to the G7 standard. Compared to the older G1 BC model, the G7 BC standard better matches the characterics of the long, boat-tail bullets actually used by long-range shooters. Trajectories calculated using the G7 BC are more accurate for long-range bullets because the G7 BC doesn’t vary with velocity like the conventional G1 BC.


The difference between G1 and G7 BCs is explained online in the Berger Blog article A Better Ballistic Coefficient. The subject is also discussed in detail in Chapter 2 of Bryan’s Applied Ballistics book.

Litz Moball Ballistics CalculatorAt $290.00, MOBALL isn’t the least expensive option for a mobile ballistics device, but that price includes the TI Voyage 200 graphing calculator, worth $180.00 by itself. Bryan adds: “As already mentioned, the feature set is extensive, and the software is much more sophisticated than most ballistics programs designed for PDAs. The solution is VERY accurate (CLICK to download MOBALL Accuracy Report). Also, the TI Voyage 200 is an impressive device itself, capable of solving advanced engineering and math problems. If you’re a high school/college student, engineer, etc, the TI Voyage 200 can be used for many school and work tasks unrelated to ballistics.”

Save $20 on MOBALL and Ballistics Book Combo
As a special Holiday Offer valid through December 31, 2009, you can save money when purchasing MOBALL and Bryan’s Applied Ballistics book together. The book and MOBALL unit are being offered as a Holiday Combo Set for $309.95. That’s a $20 savings over the $329.95 cost of purchasing both book and MOBALL unit separately.

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December 13th, 2009

Midsouth Has RCBS ChargeMaster for $279.99

If a digital powder dispenser is near the top of your Christmas wishlist, you’ll want to visit the Midsouth Shooter’s Supply webstore. Right now, Midsouth has the RCBS ChargeMaster scale and dispenser combo for just $279.99 (item 044-98923).

RCBS Chargemaster dispenser

Tell Santa to grab one at that price! Most vendors have priced the popular RCBS ChargeMaster at well over $300.00. Cabela’s is charging $324.99 and MidwayUSA is selling the ChargeMaster for $319.99.

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December 13th, 2009

Job Watch: USPSA Seeks Steel Challenge Coordinator

Looking for a position that lets you work from home and be involved with many of the leading organizations in the gun industry, such as Ruger, Smith & Wesson, and the USAMU? The U.S. Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) is seeking a coordinator for its annual Steel Challenge competition, held each summer in Southern California.

Steel Challenge USPSA

The Steel Challenge Coordinator will assist in producing the Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships. The successful candidate must be good with details, able to meet deadlines, have a good working knowledge of Excel spreadsheets, and have some event experience. The position also requires some Shooting Sports Industry experience and working with sponsors. The Coordinator will work from home but must be able to travel to the SHOT Show and the World Speed Shooting Championships. To apply for the job, send email to Scott Moore, SSC Director,, or call (602) 687-9675.

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December 12th, 2009

Krieger 6mm Gain Twists on Sale at Bruno Shooters Supply

Krieger barrelsBruno Shooters Supply is running a holiday sale on Krieger 6mm Gain Twist (GT) barrels. Short-range GT barrels cost $249.95 while long-range GT barrels are $269.00. Gain twist barrels have performed very well in recent short-range benchrest matches and long-range shooters have started to experiment with them in faster twists for the longer bullets.

Many Gain-Twist Options Offered
For short-range benchrest rigs, Heavy Varmint, Light Varmint, or Medium contour 6mm slow-twist GT barrels are offered in 15-14.2 twist, 14.6-13.8 twist, or 14.2-13.4 twist, all with a 27″ length, and a $249.95 price. For tactical, 600-yard, or long-range, Krieger 6mm GT barrels are offered in 8.75-8.3 twist rate for $269.00. Available contours are: #14, 15, 16 Palma; Heavy Varmint (1.250″ x .900″); and 1.250″ straight. Length is 31″ on the fast-twist 6mm barrels. Bruno’s also offers 29″-long, 1.450″ straight-diameter gain twist Krieger barrels for rail guns. These cost $315.00. For more info, visit or call Bruno’s at (623) 587-7641.

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December 12th, 2009

23 NRR Folding Earmuffs for Just $3.99 at Midsouth

AOSafety PeltorMidsouth Shooters Supply has a great deal right now on AOSafety (Peltor) 23NRR shooting earmuffs. Now through the end of 2009, you can purchase these comfortable folding muffs for just $3.99! That’s so cheap you can purchase 3 or 4 as extras to have on hand when you go shooting with friends. A club or range can afford to purchase a couple dozen for “loaner” use or rentals. These AOSafety Muffs (made by Peltor) conveniently fold up for storage. They have a 23dB noise reduction rating (NRR) — as good as many muffs costing much more.

AOSafety Peltor

Midsouth’s $3.99 price is a STEAL. Northern Tool & Equipment sells these very same muffs for $14.99. If you run a club, place quantity orders before the price goes back up. Note: If Midsouth sells out, CDNN Investments offers these 23NRR muffs (item Pel #90559) for $4.99 — part of a “liquidation sale” in CDNN’s latest 2009-5 catalog (p.121).

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