February 28th, 2010

Special Lapua 30-06 and .423 Dakota Cases at Grafs.com

A few years ago, as a custom OEM order, Lapua produced a variety of cartridge cases for Dakota Arms. You may have seen the Dakota 20 Practical brass made by Lapua. Dakota ran out of money, so some of this brass was retained by Lapua. For quite some time, Lapua has been warehousing quantities of .423 Dakota cases and .30-06 Springfield cases, but now the left-over inventories are for sale at Grafs.com. All of Lapua’s remaining 30-06 and .423 Dakota brass (produced originally for Dakota Arms) are being offered for sale at www.grafs.com. Once they’re gone, they are GONE!

Lapua 30-06 Brass

Lapua 30-06 100 Years Brass
The .30-06 cases are regular Lapua cases with a unique, 30-06 100 Years head stamp commemorating the 100 years of this cartridge. This special run 30-06 brass is Graf’s item DU4HH7067, prices at $16.57 per 20 cases.

Lapua 30-06 Brass

.423 Dakota Brass
While there are few .423 Dakota rifle in circulation, there has been good interest from wildcatters and other. Grafs comments: “This is perfect brass for adventurous wildcatters looking for a large case to play with. They’re a rimless design, having a .585″ head and are 2.475″ in length. After that, they can be anything you want with a little Imperial and some elbow grease.” The .423 Dakota brass, Graf’s item DU4HH4230, costs $19.99 for 20 cases.

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