March 7th, 2010

NRA Hires 'Tactical Coordinator' — Will Future High Power Matches Include Tactical Rifles?

It looks like the NRA is considering creating a new type of multi-distance rifle match, or at least expanding High Power competition as we know it today. The NRA has seen the growing popularity of “tactical” matches with scoped bolt-action rifles, and apparently is looking for ways to bring the tactical game under the NRA umbrella.

The NRA recently hired Trey Tuggle for the newly-created position of “Tactical Rifle Coordinator”. This position is part of the NRA Competition Division’s efforts to bring more people into the shooting sports. The focus of the Tactical Rifle Coordinator will be to promote the use of optics at existing High Power Matches as well as to move the NRA forward with a sanctioning process for Multi-Gun Action Shooting Events.

As a former U.S. Navy SEAL sniper, Trey Tuggle knows his tactical rifles. Tuggle is also an entrepreneur, having created a counterterrorism assault vehicle company called Patriot 3.

Those interested in tactical or multi-gun competition can email Tuggle via ttuggle [at]

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