June 6th, 2010

19-Year-Old New Mexico Co-Ed Has Bright Future in F-Class

Increasing the number of women who are knowledgeable about firearms is vital for the future of hunting and the shooting sports. Thankfully, there are many talented women shooters who can help inspire other females to get involved in the shooting sports. One such capable young lady is Susannah Clary from New Mexico. An avid hunter and competitive shooter, Susannah has distinguished herself in long-range F-Class competition, and she hopes to shoot in the Creedmoor matches next year. Here is a profile of 19-year-old Susannah, penned by her proud father, Dr. Jim Clary.

Susanna Clary

Susannah Clary — Pride of New Mexico by Jim Clary
Susannah L. Clary, my daughter, now age 19 and beginning her junior year in college, shoots F-Class High Power. Who says female shooters can’t be good looking? She shoots a Savage Model 12 rifle custom-chambered in 6.5 x 284 Norma by Alan Warner in the US. She uses Lapua brass with a 139gr Lapua Scenar bullet with 49.4 grains of H4350 powder. It gets out there pretty good at 2,950 fps. The scope is a Nightforce 12-42x56mm NXS with NP-R2 reticle. Alan Warner and his son Dan worked over the Savage action and used their reamer on the chamber. Now the action is incredibly smooth and the rifle is very accurate. Susannah loves her Nightforce scope. CLICK HERE to read a detailed NXS Review written by Susannah. We use Gerald Perry’s Exbal/Nightforce ballistics program to generate the necessary data for shooting.

Susanna Clary

Susannah hopes to compete at the Creedmoor matches in Ireland in 2011, either for the Irish team or as an individual competitor. Her connection with Ireland is that her dad (me) is an Irish-American, and because she has never shot for any national team (a prime requirement), and has a direct and verifiable heritage to Ireland, she is eligible to shoot for the Irish team — if they wish to have her. Susannah also plans to shoot in the 2013 World Championships as an individual. She would like to shoot for the U.S. Team, but given her college responsibilities, she has no time for the team-selection prelims across the US.

Susannah has completed the NRA rifle and pistol instructor’s courses, and must now wait until she is 21 to be fully certified. In the meantime, she works part-time at a gunshop/shooting range, the Calibers Shooting Sports Center, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She does hold at least one National Record — she set a 1000-yard Junior High Power record at the 2007 US Nationals in Raton, NM (Whittington Center).

Susanna Clary

Though Susannah has said she ‘wants to be a sniper’, she is studying for a bachelors’ degree in Nursing. She is a bright, hard-working young lady. She has five published scientific papers and she even holds a patent. She managed all that before even starting college. I’m very proud of her.” — Dr. Jim Clary

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