August 24th, 2010

Three Sisters Shoot with Top Pennsylvania Junior Squad

Horomanski Sisters PAThe Steel Eagles Junior Rifle Team from Pennsylvania is one of the nation’s top junior squads. The Steel Eagles two-person junior team of John Yates, 18, and Brian Deyoung, 15, took top honors in the At-Large category of the National Trophy Junior Team Match.

The Steel Eagles’ Gold six-person team placed second in the National Trophy Rifle Team Match behind the California Grizzlies Team Seeley. Firing members for the Steel Eagles 6-person team were: Nathan Evagash, 16; Joseph Hendricks, Jr., 14; Elyse Horomanski, 19; Garrett Miller, 19; Jacob Perryman, 17; and Thomas Trent, 16. Read MORE…

Trio of Sisters Compete Together
The Steel Eagles may be the only Junior team in the country with three sisters shooting together. The three Horomonski girls, Elyse (age 19), Jenna (age 16), and Marie (age 14) all compete with the Steel Eagles. Elyse shot her personal best at Camp Perry this year. Father Curt Horomanski, of Monroeville, PA, says he’s happy to provide shooters for the Steel Eagles junior rifle team. His oldest daughter Chessa, 22, recently graduated from the junior ranks but he still has three daughters shooting with the Steel Eagles team, affiliated with the PA Rifle and Pistol Association. The Horomanski sisters, Elyse, Jenna, and Marie, have each been shooting High Power since the age of 12. They follow the sibling shooting tradition set by eldest sister Chessa, a tradition they hope will continue on with their eight-year-old brother.

Horomanski Sisters PA

Sisters Started Shooting ARs at Age 12
The girls didn’t take the traditional route of shooting air rifle or .22 caliber smallbore rifle prior to jumping into High Power. All of the Horomanski girls fired nothing but AR-15 rifles from the start,. “They all started at [age] 12,” Curt said. “We started in club shooting and they went to the firing line standing and didn’t hit the target very much -– sometimes they were on paper, but not in the scoring area. Of course the tears would roll down, but they got better and better.”

Over the years the Horomanski family has traveled to matches in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, and most recently, North Carolina, improving at each event. The girls attended the Eastern Junior Highpower Clinic & Championship at Camp Butner, NC, and did very well. “They went down [to Butner] and didn’t want to leave,” Curt said. “They made a lot of friendships at Butner.” Marie, the youngest, added: “I enjoy going to shooting events because I like making friends from all across the country.”

Story courtesy CMP Online Magazine; top photo from Steel Eagles’ Facebook page.

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