August 9th, 2010

Weekend Match Results — High Power Event Starts Tomorrow

Here are quick results from the Sunday matches at Camp Perry, Ohio. Today (Monday) at the 2010 National Matches, competitors will shoot one of three team matches. The actual High Power Rifle Championship commences Tuesday, August 10th.

Springfield M1A Match: Jack Pardy shot 483-12X to win the 4th Annual NRA Springfield M1A match, shooting 483-12X. Nick Till finished in second place, two points behind, with 481-23X. Shawn McKenna finished third with a 480-14X.

Whistler Boy Team Match: The “Gold” team of the North Carolina Rifle & Pistol Association took top honors with Robin Frazier and William McCraw shooting a combined 960-21X.

Second Amendment Match: Normal Houle and David Tubb of team Sierra Gold cleaned up the NRA 2nd Amendment match with a combined score of 997-51x.

Photos by NRA Media Relations courtesy the NRA Blog.

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