August 9th, 2010

Zeiss 85mm DiaScope Named Hunting Magazine’s Editor’s Choice

The new Zeiss Victory DiaScope 85mm T* FL spotting scope from Carl Zeiss has been named Editor’s Choice by Petersen’s Hunting magazine. The 2010 Spotting Scope Review, featured in the magazine’s September issue, compared spotting scopes from many manufacturers and the new ZEISS DiaScope, with its revolutionary Dual Speed Focus (DSF) system, came out on top. Petersen’s editors wrote: “The innovative Dual Speed Focus (DSF) system is something you almost have to try to believe. It automatically transfers from macro-adjustment to fine-tuning like no other scope. This is our pick of the litter, price be damned. $2,999.00.”

Zeiss 85 diascopestraight or angled bodies both boasting a rubber-armored exterior for protection. Eyepieces are available as variable 20-60x, 20-75x, or fixed 40x. A 65mm version of the new Diascope is also available, but we feel that, if you’re going to spend this kind of money ($3000.00 for 85mm with 20-60X eyepiece), you should go with the 85mm. The 20-75X eyepiece only delivers 15-56X when used with the smaller 65mm Diascope.

Zeiss dual-focus DiascopeNew DiaScope Wins Other Awards
The new Zeiss Victory DiaScope 85 T* FL Spotting Scope has earned two other prestigious awards. First the new 85mm DiaScope won the coveted Red Dot Design Award. “All products honored with the red dot design award had to impress an international jury. These products [must] demonstrate their quality in one of the toughest design competitions in the world,” says Professor Dr. Peter Zec, speaking on behalf of Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen which issues the Red Dot Design Awards.

At the NRA Annual Meeting on May 14, the Zeiss 85mm DiaScope was named an “Editor’s Choice” by Outdoor Life Magazine. Outdoor Life’s editors praised its “optically superior [flourite] glass in a surprisingly lightweight chassis”. The ZEISS DiaScope won the low-light test, had a top resolution score and “the two-speed focus and wide-angle eyepiece sparkled”, according to the test team.

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