January 28th, 2011

MicroSight Approved by CMP for Service Rifle Competition

The CMP has now approved two commercial rear sight inserts for use in Service Rifle competitions: the SR MicroSight, and the ShootingSight. The SR MicroSight produced by Stallings Machine of Senoia, GA is now legal for use in CMP-sanctioned Service Rifle matches beginning with the 2011 shooting season. The CMP also approved a rectangular rear aperture insert produced by ShootingSight of Ohio.

Only the SR Micro-Sight employs the Phased Zone Plate technology that keeps both front sight and target in sharp focus. READ MORE about Micro-Sight.

Formalizing the CMP’s action on sight inserts, the following two rule changes will be incorporated into the 2011 CMP Competition Rules that are due for release in March. Anyone with questions should contact CMP Headquarters at Camp Perry.

6.1.1 (4) Front and rear sights: Must be of U.S. Army design (either service or match). Front sights must have square-topped posts. Any modifications to the front sight, rear sight or rear sight hood must be specifically authorized in Rule 6.1.2.

6.1.2 (3) The dimensions of the rear sight aperture (internal diameter) and the front sight post (width) may vary from standard military dimensions. The rear sight hood diameter may not be longer than 0.70″ or larger than 0.50″ in diameter. The rear sight aperture may have a fixed, non-adjustable round, square or rectangular aperture insert. A corrective lens or multi-focal lens system may be inserted in the rear sight hood.

Micro-SightMicroSight Inventory Sells Out Quickly — But More Coming
The SR MicroSight is available through Creedmoor Sports. Creedmoor has been quickly selling through its inventory. However, Creedmoor will have another 100 delivered by the supplier on February 1st. If you want a MicroSight, order soon, because they won’t be in stock long!

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Thanks to E. Kennard for this news item.

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