January 3rd, 2011

Site Fund-Raising Gets Off to Good Start — Thanks Guys!

As you know, on AccurateShooter.com, we provide 100% FREE content — including our FREE Classifieds. On January 1st, we made a pitch for donations to help the site. Readers have responded positively and we’ve raised over $1000 in just three days. Thanks to all who have donated so far. Hopefully more readers will answer the call.

It does cost a lot of money to test products and to provide new content every day. We’re going to SHOT Show soon. Covering that big event with daily updates will cost over $1500 (for three people), when all is said and done.

There have even been some recent $100 donations! Special thanks go to our latest “Century Club” contributors: Terry B. (WI), TR Butler (Australia), Richard C. (CO), Mark LaF. (CA), Herman H. (VA), Carl P. (TX), Scott O. (MN), Ben W. (TX), Gene Z. (TX). We really appreciate their generosity! But remember, all donations, large and small, are appreciated. For regular site readers, we suggest “a buck a month” or $12 per year.

How to Contribute

Making a donation to the site is simple and easy. Just click on the PayPal “Donate” button at right. If you have a credit card, you don’t need a Paypal account to contribute. All donations — large or small — are welcome.

Help Support this Site by Making a Secure Donation.

If you don’t like Paypal, you can send a check. Make the check payable to our Asst. Editor Jason Baney, list your Forum Name (if any), and mail the check to:

Jason Baney
P.O. Box 105
Montoursville, PA 17754

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