May 1st, 2011

Stanley Rolling Tool Chest Holds Your Bench Gear

Stanley mobile tool chestHow do you haul a heavy front rest, jumbo rear sand-bag, ammo boxes, and all the miscellaneous gear you need for a Benchrest or F-Class match? Stanley makes an inexpensive, lockable Pro Mobile Tool Chest (product 033023R) with a 25-quart capacity that holds plenty of gear.

This wheeled tool chest is big enough for large joystick rests, and rolls on large rubber-coated wheels. Two feet long and 16″ deep, the cargo compartment has lots of space for the big stuff, and the included yellow tool tray will hold smaller components such as dies, priming tools, and loading blocks. On the left and right side of the top lid are two small transparent parts compartments that can store small parts, bullets, ear-plugs, nuts and bolts. Overall, it’s a very handy, versatile rig.

The Stanley Pro Mobile Tool Chest, model 033023R, is available online and through major home hardware stores. sells the Pro Mobile Tool Chest for $48.68. And if you want even more storage space, Stanley makes an even larger 19″x29″x18″, 24-gallon-capacity wheeled chest (product 029025R) that sells for $70.49.

Stanley mobile tool chest

Australian Robert Carnell uses this rolling tool chest to haul his SEB rest and other gear: “Below is the Stanley cart I modified to use for carting all my various gear around from bench to bench at a match. By cutting out one of the pockets in the liner, my SEB rest fits in nicely on its side, with lots of room for the rear bag and pads etc. I also often pack all the various loading gear around this as well. Then I wheel it into the loading room, drop the loading stuff on the bench, then park it outside on the line behind my first bench.”

Stanley mobile tool chest

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