August 30th, 2011

Marlin Hosts Fun Event to Promote Youth Shooting

Marlin Firearms recently hosted a “fun shoot” in West Virginia. The goal of the event was to introduce youngsters to the shooting sports in a safe and entertaining fashion. As shown in the video below, the event featured the “Marlin Man” on horseback, interactive targets, and junior-sized Marlin XT-22 rifles.

Marlin XT Youth Bolt-Action Rimfire Rifles
Marlin’s new XT Youth series are the first Marlin rifles designed specifically for younger shooters. Weighing just four pounds, these rifles have a 16″ barrel and measure 33″ overall. Both single shot and mag-fed versions are offered.

marlin xt 22 youth rifles

XT Youth series rifles feature a shorter length of pull, shorter trigger reach, smaller pistol grip and a raised comb, making it easier for young shooters to acquire and hold a proper sight picture. In addition, the bolt lift and cocking force on the XT Youth rifles has been reduced for easier ejection and faster chambering. In the video below, Karin, a grade-schooler, gives the Marlin XT a thumbs-up review.

About Marlin Firearms
Established in 1870, Marlin Firearms, now a Freedom Group company, manufactures and markets multiple brands including Marlin, Harrington & Richardson, New England Firearms and L.C. Smith. Marlin Firearms produces lever action, bolt action, and semi–automatic rifles.

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