September 19th, 2011

Defending Home and Family — California’s Not-Too-Distant Future

gun ban californiaCalifornia maintains some of the toughest firearms laws in the country. In most California counties, it is virtually impossible to get a permit for concealed carry. Handguns are subject to long waiting periods, and many perfectly reliable handguns are banned from sale in California.

Each year the situation gets worse, with new laws enacted that further restrict the rights of Californians to defend themselves and their homes. Recently, the California State Senate approved AB 144, a bill that would dismantle Californian’s long-standing right of “open carry”. If AB 144 is signed by Governor Jerry Brown, this will make open carry a crime — even when camping or hiking.

What will happen to California gun owners if current trends continue? Will citizens of the Golden State be able to protect themselves in their own homes? Well this video answers those questions. The video is a dramatization, but it shows what could happen if California’s anti-gun legislators continue to hold sway. Watch the video to see a chilling preview of gun ownership in California.

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