October 20th, 2011

NRA Introduces “Club Champion” Program — Entry-Level Matches

NRA Competitive Shooting is introducing a simple, low-cost, “novice-friendly” form of competition for shooting clubs, businesses and civic organizations. This NRA’s new NRA Club Champion Challenge program is designed to provide low-key, fun matches with affordable equipment. These events will encourage your members to try a variety of disciplines and courses of fire.

“New grassroots programs such as the NRA Club Champion Challenge are the best way to get shooters, new and old alike, out on the firing line,” said Mike Krei, Director of NRA Competitive Shooting. “This is a recreational and fun event. We want everyone to be able to grab guns out of their closet and come to the range and shoot.”

NRA Club Champion Challenge

The Club Champion Challenge is NOT a high-level competition using expensive, state-of-the-art hardware. The idea is to have fun with basic entry-level pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Any club or organization can participate and any range can configure a challenge. NRA membership is not required.

Club Champion Challenge Guidelines — Match Requirements
Here are some of the basic guidlines for running a Club Champion Challenge at your facility:

  • Minimum of three courses of fire required. (Competitors must shoot all courses of fire.)
  • All courses of fire (except shotgun) are adaptable to metallic/paper silhouette targets.
  • At least two different firearm types must be used. (Rifle/Pistol, Shotgun/Rifle, Pistol/Shotgun)
  • Firearm support options (sandbags, bipods, benches) may be used.
  • Optics are limited to iron sights or scopes of 4 power or less.
  • Competition firearms prohibited.
  • No competitive shooting apparel. (Gloves, shotgun vest permitted.)
  • NRA medals are awarded to category winners with the highest Aggs.
  • Fees to NRA are $10 per adult shooter, $5 per junior competitor.

To sign your club up for a NRA Club Champion Challenge event, visit www.nraclubchamp.com. NRA Grants may be available for your event via FriendsofNRA.org.

Story by Karen Brinkman for The NRA Blog.

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