October 2nd, 2011

Silent Treatment — $23.3 Million in Suppressors for SOCOM

Surefire SuppressorSOCOM, the U.S. Special Operations Command, is going silent in a big way — purchasing $23.3 million worth of suppressors (and adapters) from Surefire, LLC of Fountain Valley, California. The huge contract, for an indefinite quantity of sound suppressors, suppressor adapters, blank firing adapters and training adapters, was awarded by officials of the Naval Surface Warfare Center — the primary solicitation center for U.S. Special Operations Command — as part of the Family of Muzzle Brake Suppressors (FMBS) contract.

This is good news for SureFire, which has expanded its product line from durable, high-output lamps to a wide variety of tactical hardware. It was a major coup for SureFire to secure a large part of the FMBS contract. According to Surefire: “The FMBS solicitation was the most comprehensive modern suppressor evaluation conducted by the U.S. military to date. [Suppressor systems were] subjected to prolonged testing on a variety of firearms platforms. SureFire suppressors were chosen based on test criteria such as: Reliability, Sound Reduction, Accuracy, Point of Impact Shift, Endurance/Durability, and Operational Suitability. While these requirements reflect the suppression needs for firearms including the MK13 sniper rifle, the United States Marine Corps is already employing SureFire’s FA762SS suppressor system on every M40A5 sniper rifle.”

Watch Video to View SureFire Fast-Attach Suppressors in Action

Surefire Suppressor

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