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November 19th, 2011

Find Multiple Black Friday Sales All in One Place

Looking for a great deal on a firearm, hunting gear, or reloading supplies? Well dozens of vendors nationwide are putting shooting sports products on sale next week, as part of the Black Friday/Cyber-Monday sellathon. But how do you find all the good deals without spending hours surfing the web? Here’s a tip: has scanned multiple websites, assembling a four-page collection of bargain offers that commence on Black Friday (November 25th). To check out scores of upcoming bargains, visit the Black Friday Sale Page. Black Friday Sales

Many of the sale prices are good through the end of the month. At Cabela’s, you’ll find deals on everything from rimfire ammo to Bushmaster AR15s. Gander Mountain has some great deals on firearms, including a special on scope-equipped Remington 700 ADL rifles. November 24-27, the Rem 700 ADLs are just $399.99, including a 3-9×40 scope.

Story tip by EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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November 19th, 2011

Julie Golob and “Chicks with Guns” Photographer on Gun Talk

Tom Gresham Gun Talk RadioThis Sunday, November 20th, is “Ladies’ Day” on Gun Talk Radio. Tom Gresham’s popular syndicated radio show will feature interviews with handgun ace (and author) Julie Golob, and talented photographer Lindsay McCrum, creator of the hot-selling photo book, Chicks with Guns. Both Julie and Lindsay will talk with Tom about their new book releases.

Golob julie Shoot bookNo stranger to competition, Team Smith & Wesson’s Julie Golob has taken on a challenge of a different type in her latest role as a published author. Her book, SHOOT: Your Guide to Shooting and Competition serves as both an introduction to firearms and shooting for novices (with an emphasis on safety) and a primer to help experienced shooters improve their skills. Julie’s new book comes out in 2012, but can be pre-ordered from and other large book-sellers. Find out more at

Photographer Lindsay McCrum’s new book, Chicks with Guns, presents dozens of photographs with women and their guns, and a caption about how guns play a part in their lives. “I was so surprised by the variety and breadth and diversity of these women,” McCrum said. “There are so many stereotypes about guns, mostly derived from popular culture, but the reality is so much more complex and varied than you can imagine.” More info is available at

Lindsay McCrum Chicks with Guns

In its 17th year of national syndication, Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk Radio airs live on Sundays from 2PM-5PM Eastern, and runs on more than 130 stations, plus on XM (Ch. 165) Satellite Radio. All Gun Talk shows can be downloaded as podcasts at and Apple iTunes.

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November 19th, 2011

Applied Ballistics Now Offers Match-Grade .300 Win Mag Ammo

litz 300 win magnum wm ammoApplied Ballistics LLC, Bryan Litz’s company, has started producing new .300 Winchester Magnum loaded ammunition, supplementing the ultra-accurate .308 Winchester ammo that Applied Ballistics rolled out in 2010. The new .300 Win Mag ammo is featured on Bryan’s new dedicated webpage for ammo sales.

The new .300 Win Mag ammo is loaded with Berger’s LRBT 185gr “Juggernaut” bullet. This high-BC bullet, combined with an impressive 3155 fps muzzle velocity (from 28″ barrel), gives the new Applied Ballistics ammo superior performance compared to other commercial .300 WM ammo offerings. Take a look at the chart below:

litz 300 win magnum wm ammo

Exclusive Offer — Get $5.00 Off Each Box of .300 WM Ammo
To promote the new .300 Win Mag ammo, Bryan is offering a special discount to members. When shopping on Bryan’s Ammo website, if you order .300 Win Mag ammo, use Coupon Code ASDC on check-out. That Code will save purchasers $5.00 per box on any quantity of .300 Win Mag ammo. The Coupon Code, valid through November 30, 2011, is good for one purchase per customer.

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November 18th, 2011

Seb’s Wild 6 PPC + .284 Win Fat-Bottom Hammerhead Convertible

You interested in a really wild, innovative bench gun that can shoot both short-range and long-range matches? Check out Seb Lambang’s latest “do-it-all” rifle. It’s a switch-barrel rifle combining two very different chamberings: 6 PPC and .284 Winchester. With that caliber combo, Seb’s covered from 100 yards (LV/HV mode) all the way out to 1000 (LR Light Gun mode). But the dual chambering is not the rifle’s only trick feature. Exploiting the new long-range benchrest rules, Seb has fitted a 3″-wide, flat rear metal keel to the buttstock. That counter-balances his 30″-long 7mm barrel, improves tracking, and adds stability. Seb built the stock and smithing was done by Australian gunsmith David Kerr.

Seb Lambang 6PPC .284 Win Benchrest hammerhead

Detachable Hammerhead Wing Section Plus Fat-Bottom Keel
To further reduce torque and improve tracking, the stock features an 8″-wide, detachable fore-end fixture. This “hammerhead” fore-end section has extended “wings” on both sides, making the rifle super-stable. The hammerhead unit can be removed, leaving the stock 3″ wide for use in registered benchrest matches where 3″ is the maximum width. The photos below show Seb’s gun in .284 Win Long-Range (LR) Light Gun mode.

Seb Lambang 6PPC .284 Win Benchrest hammerhead

Yes This Rig Shoots … In Both Configurations, Long-Range and Short
Seb has already used his switch-caliber, switch-barrel rig successfully in competition. Seb tells us: “The gun shot and tracked real well either in 6 PPC LV/HV mode or in .284 Win LG mode. I love it! With this gun I placed Top 10 for the Two-Gun at the Harry Madden Championship in Brisbane, Australia just a few days ago and took the silver medal for the 500m Flyshoot with the .284 Win on the next day. So who says a switch-barrel rifle can’t (or doesn’t) work?” And get this, Seb finished the stock just four days before the Brisbane match. He glued-in the action the evening before the match and shot it the next day in competition. Pretty impressive we’d say….

Seb Lambang 6PPC .284 Win Benchrest hammerhead

6 PPC and .284 Win Convertible Rifle Specifications
Action: Stolle Panda Short Action (glue-in plus front/rear alum. pillars), Right Bolt, Right Port, Right Eject, .473 bolt face.
LV/HV Weight: Rifle weighs 10.4 lbs in 6 PPC mode (no keel, no front wings).
LV/HV Barrel: Krieger 21.5″ OAL, 6mm (6 PPC, .270″ neck), 1:14″ twist.
Light Gun Weight: 15.5 lbs in .284 Mode with 3″ rear aluminum keel and 8″ fore-end attachment.
Light Gun Barrel: Maddco 30″ OAL, 7mm (.284 Win, .316″ neck), 1:9″ twist.
Metal: Home-made, one-piece scope base with +15 MOA scope rings.

Sebastian Lambang Hammerhead 6PPC

Seb Lambang — Indonesian Innovator
If you don’t know already, Seb Lambang is the designer/builder of the innovative SEB Coaxial rests. These are some of the best joystick rests on the market. The latest version, the SEB Neo Rest, is a brilliant design that folds flat for transport, yet offers extended vertical and horizontal travel and a rest top that can adjust from roughly 2″ wide to over 6″ in width. This Editor uses a SEB Neo for both bench and F-Class shooting and it is my favorite joystick rest. Rest in photos is a SEB Neo MAX.

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November 17th, 2011

National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Legislation Moves Forward

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed an important self-defense measure that would enable millions of Right-to-Carry permit holders across the country to carry concealed firearms while traveling outside their home states. H.R. 822, the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act, passed by a majority bipartisan vote of 272 to 154. All amendments aimed to weaken or damage the integrity of this bill were defeated.

H.R. 822, introduced in the U.S. House by Representatives Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.) and Heath Shuler (D-N.C.), allows any person with a valid state-issued concealed firearm permit to carry a concealed firearm in any state that issues concealed firearm permits, or that does not prohibit the carrying of concealed firearms for lawful purposes.

This bill does not affect existing state laws. State laws governing where concealed firearms may be carried would apply within each state’s borders. H.R. 822 does not create a federal licensing system or impose federal standards on state permits; rather, it requires the states to recognize each others’ carry permits, just as they recognize drivers’ licenses and carry permits held by armored car guards.

Editor’s Note: This is good news, but this bill, H.R. 822, has to pass the U.S. Senate AND survive the possibility of a Presidential veto, before it can become law. While being considered in the Senate, the bill could be modified or weakened.

NRA Institute for Legislative Action Supports H.R. 822
“The NRA has made the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act a priority because it enhances the fundamental right to self-defense guaranteed to all law-abiding people,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director of NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action. “People are not immune from crime when they cross state lines. That is why it is vital for them to be able to defend themselves and their loved ones[.]”

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November 17th, 2011

CMP Offers Youth Program Grants for CMP-Affiliated Clubs

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) is now offering financial assistance grants to CMP-affiliated groups that conduct youth marksmanship projects, activities, and events. Approved grants will be funded annually beginning in the fall of 2012. “We are very excited to announce the CMP Grant program,” said Christie Sewell, CMP North General Manager. “To support our mission, we look forward to helping deserving CMP-oriented youth marksmanship groups who are in need of a financial boost to get their projects off the ground,” Sewell said.

Project and Group Eligibility Standards for Grants
An eligible project must be youth-oriented. The project must benefit at least 7 juniors (under age 21) and the funds must be used for expenses related to juniors. The funds will be used for the related activity directly, such as, but not limited to housing, meals, match supplies, etc. Requests must be for “special projects” that are considered above and beyond routine marksmanship activities.

An “eligible group” is any organization affiliated with the CMP and they must submit an application for a grant for a qualifying project or activity. Applicants are expected to provide compelling reasons for requesting the grant and should include detailed descriptions and financial estimates required to carry out the activity, project or event. Activities and projects already sponsored by the CMP are not eligible for grant consideration. Applicants seeking to qualify for support shall not discriminate against persons on the basis of age, race, color, sex or national origin.

How to Apply for Youth Program Grants
Grant applications can be downloaded from the CMP Grants web page. Or, you can write to: Civilian Marksmanship Program, Attn: Grant Application Department, P.O. Box 576, Port Clinton, OH 43452. The deadline for submitting grant applications is September 1, 2012, and decisions on grants by CMP will be made within 30 days.

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November 17th, 2011

Hunters Donate 2.8 Million Pounds of Meat to Needy Americans

When you’re passing the turkey and stuffing around the Thanksgiving dinner table, here’s a story to tell — one that would not be possible without the generosity of hunters. A new study commissioned by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and conducted by Mile Creek Communications reveals that last year 11 million meals were provided to the less fortunate through donations of venison by hunters. Nearly 2.8 million pounds of game meat made its way to shelters, food banks and church kitchens and onto the plates of those in need.

Venison donation meat hunting

The study revealed that donations were largest in the Midwest and the South. The Midwest provided 1.3 million pounds of game meat, amounting to 46.1 percent of total donations, with the South close behind at 1.25 million pounds and 45.7 percent. The Northeast contributed 7.2 percent of total donations and the West 1 percent. Though lower than other regions, the West’s contribution still accounted for 108,520 meals. “These figures are from confirmed sources, but annual donations could easily be double this amount if ‘direct’ donations from hunters to friends and family are included”, noted Jim Curcuruto, NSSF’s Research Director.

Many hunters choose to work with organizations dedicated to the cause of helping the hungry, such as Hunters for the Hungry, Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry, Hunt to Feed, and Buckmasters, among others. The game meat satisfies shelters’ need for nutritious food items. Dave Williams, who manages food resources for a Georgia food bank, said that “Deer venison is such a low-fat, high-protein item, agencies greatly appreciate getting it.” Another recent news report pointed out that one deer can feed up to 200 people. Ground venison is a versatile food, with cooks using it in pasta sauces, chili, tacos, meatloaf, burgers and other dishes.

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November 16th, 2011

CNC-Machined Headstamp Coasters — Great Gift Item

Tom Sziler headstamp coasterHere’s a great gift item produced by one of our Forum Members. Tom Sziler (aka Tomekeuro85) makes CNC-machined aluminum coasters designed to look like cartridge headstamps. Tom’s coasters are first milled from a solid piece of 6061 aluminum, then anodized in a brass color. Anodizing provides color and protects the finish.

Headstamp Coasters come in sets of four (either matching or mixed) with rubber pads on the bottom. Tom can engrave his coasters to look like most actual production headstamps, for almost every cartridge. (Buyers need to specify the Cartridge name and brass manufacturer.) Cost is $35.00 for set of four (4) matching coasters, or $40.00 for a mixed set with various calibers or mfg. names. Shipping is $5.00 flat rate. Discounts are offered with five (5) or more sets. Order from Tom.Sziler [at]

Tom Sziler headstamp coaster

Tom is taking orders now for Christmas delivery. He told us: “I will set a limit of 60 sets so that I can have them all shipped out in time for Christmas. If you’re interested please get your order in ASAP. I would very strongly prefer to have payment by November 25th at the latest to have everything ready to go as soon as I can. If the payment is not received by that date, I cannot guarantee delivery by Christmas.” To order, send email to Tom.Sziler [at] .

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November 16th, 2011

Championship .38 Spl Revolver — 11 Years Old and Still Winning

Editor’s Note: Sometimes proven old designs are just as good as the latest technology. In the capable hands of Robert Vadasz, the scratched and well-used 11-year-old Smith & Wesson revolver shown below has won three PPC National Championships and the 2011 National Police Shooting Championship (multiple guns used). Here’s a profile of a great shooter and his trusty old wheelgun.

Vasdasz 38spl Revolver

Story by Lars Dalseide, for The NRA Blog
When I first approached U.S. Border Patrol Agent Robert Vadasz about profiling the guns he used to win the 2011 National Police Shooting Championship — his third in four years — he had just completed the final stage of the Revolver 1500 Match. A match that he won with a score of 1490-117X. A match in which he used his Bob Jones PPC revolver.

“It’s a .38 Special Smith & Wesson,” said Vadasz. “My Bob Jones PPC revolver. The very first competition gun that I ever had built … probably back in 2000″. Fitted with Hogue Monogrip, the .38 hasn’t been tinkered with since the day it arrived. “Exact same gun,” said Vadasz. “It’s never been worked on. It’s never been changed. I won all three of my PPC National Championships with this gun. It’s real special to me.”

In a 2001 NRA Law Enforcement Division Newsletter, gunsmith Bob Jones talked about his work on PPC pistols: “I started working on pistols in the Navy, and it kind of stuck — it was something I really enjoyed doing,” said Bob, thinking back to his days as a Naval armorer who tinkered with .45s.

Vasdasz 38spl Revolver

Bob’s typical modifications to a Smith & Wesson revolver include fitting a Shilen barrel, bobbing the hammer (cutting off the cocking spur), adding an Aristocrat Sight Rib, tuning and smoothing the trigger, and installing a trigger stop. The Shilen barrel increases accuracy, adds some additional weight for stability, and its increased size (and surface area) helps with heat dissipation.

Vasdasz 38spl Revolver

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November 16th, 2011

MidwayUSA Foundation Donates M70s for Shooting Trust Raffles

The MidwayUSA Foundation, Inc. is making a special limited offer to any not-for-profit group that wants to participate in the Scholastic Shooting Trust endowment for high school and college shooting teams.

MidwayUSA Rifle Battery Scholastic Trust

In cooperation with Winchester, the Foundation is offering The “Nearly-Perfect” Rifle Battery — a matched set of four Winchester Model 70 Super Grade rifles in calibers ranging from varmint to dangerous game and limited to 100 sets. The MidwayUSA Foundation will donate these sets to not-for-profit groups to be raffled and the proceeds used for their local youth shooting programs and their local high school or college shooting team Scholastic Shooting Trust endowment.

The MidwayUSA Foundation works with shooting teams, conservation groups and the shooting industry to raise funds in support of high school and collegiate shooting programs. For more info, contact Dick Leeper, Exec. Director, MidwayUSA Foundation, Inc. atdleeper [at]

Note: Optics NOT included in Rifle Battery Offer.

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November 14th, 2011

New Sinclair Height-Adjusting F-Class Bipod (3rd Generation)

Sinclair Int’l has started shipping its new, improved “3rd Gen” F-Class bipods. These are nearly a pound lighter than before, but just as stable. The key new feature is an optional, central rotary height adjustment. This was successfully tested by Danny Biggs, who won some big matches with a prototype height-adjusting bipod. While the new bipod is designed for F-TR competition, Sinclair’s wide-base bipods have also been used successfully by some F-Open Class competitors, and they have been popular with varmint hunters. Two versions of the new “3rd Gen” bipod are offered. The basic version, without central height adjustment, is currently in-stock for $199.95. The deluxe version, with central quick-adjust height control, can be pre-ordered for $249.95.

3rd generation sinclair f-class bipod height adjusting

Sinclair tells us: “The Sinclair F-Class Bipod was designed with input from many of our customers, including members of Team Sinclair. The new third generation Sinclair F-Class Bipod is offered with an optional quick-adjust elevation knob. Made from 7075 T6 aluminum, the 3rd gen bipod is lighter yet more rigid — nearly a full pound less than the previous generation.” The latest F-Class Bipod now also includes handy laser-etched height markings on the adjustable legs.

Popular features of Sinclair’s previous F-Class bipod designs have been retained, notes Sinclair: “The bipod locking feature enables you to adjust rifle cant quickly and easily. The bipod can be mounted to the rifle’s sling swivel stud in just a few seconds with the captured, hardened pin system. Two tensioning knobs then pull the stock against heavy, low-compression felt pads for a movement-free mount.”

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November 14th, 2011

Popular ‘Shooter’ Ballistics App Now Available for Apple iPhones

iOS Apple Shooter Ballistics AppOne of the best ballistics programs for smartphones is the ‘Shooter’ Ballistics App originally created for the Android OS, which runs LG, HTC, Motorola and Samsung smartphones. Now the developer of the Android Shooter App has released a full-featured version that runs on Apple iPhones.

The new Shooter App for the Apple iOS includes ALL of the capabilities of the original Android program. So now, for just $9.99, iPhone users can enjoy the same advanced Ballistics Solutions as Andoid users. Bryan Litz tells us: “The iOS (Apple) version of Shooter has all the same functionality as the Android version including the same point mass ballistic solver and library of measured G7 BCs which makes it a highly accurate predictive tool”.

iOS Apple Shooter Ballistics App

Complete details of Shooter App for iPhones, including screenshots of the App, can be found in the Apple iTunes store, where you can purchase the App for $9.99. Here are some of the key features of Shooter Ballistics App for iPhones:

  • G1 and G7 BC capability, with the option to input ‘velocity banded’ BCs.
  • Angle Compensation (Up or Down Angle can be measured using the built-in inclinometer).
  • Bullet Library which includes Litz-measured “true” BCs.
  • Rifle and ammo profiles (for storing load info for all your guns).
  • Atmosphere effects (pressure, temp, and humidity).
  • Spin drift (requires bullet length and twist rate inputs).
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November 14th, 2011

S&W Expands Thompson Center Venture Rifle Recall

Last week we reported that Smith & Wesson was recalling certain Thompson/Center (T/C) Venture rifles because of potential defects in the sear mechanism. Well it looks like the problem is worse than first thought. As a result, Smith & Wesson has expanded its recall to include ALL T/C Venture Rifles manufactured prior to October 28, 2011. The sear issue could possibly cause a Venture rifle to fire without the trigger being pulled. READ Recall Notice.

Expanded Recall of Thompson/Center (T/C) Venture Rifles
This broadens the recall announced by Smith & Wesson on November 8, 2011. This recall applies to ALL Venture rifles manufactured prior to October 28, 2011. To determine if your rifle is affected, please reference the serial number list located at or by calling Smith & Wesson directly at 1-800-713-0356. If your serial number does not fall within the list of affected serial numbers, your rifle is not part of this recall.

REMEDY/ACTION TO BE TAKEN: STOP USING YOUR RIFLE. Any unintended discharge of a firearm has the potential to cause injury or death, and we ask that you stop using your rifle until we have an opportunity to inspect the sear to make certain that there is no condition which will allow the rifle to fire without the trigger being pulled. To facilitate the inspection and, if necessary, repair of your rifle, please contact Smith & Wesson’s customer service department to receive instructions and a prepaid return label for the return of your rifle to Smith & Wesson. When you return your rifle to Smith & Wesson, be sure to attach the completed information card received from Smith & Wesson, so that your rifle can be returned to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

CONSUMER CONTACT: Please contact Smith & Wesson directly at 1-800-713-0356, or at to arrange for the inspection and repair of your rifle.

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November 14th, 2011

FREE Quickoffice App for Android Devices — Nov. 14th ONLY

For the remainder of today, November 14th, the Android OS Quickoffice Pro App is FREE for the taking. That’s right, this App, normally priced at $14.99, costs zero, zip, nada. This productivity App lets you create, edit, and view Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. The Quickoffice Pro App also includes a PDF Viewer for Adobe Acrobat files. Remember this FREE OFFER is good for today only on!

Quickoffice Pro Android App

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November 13th, 2011

FNH 3-Gun Championship Concludes Today at Peacemaker NTC

The 2011 FNH 3-Gun Championship wraps up today at the Peacemaker National Training Center (NTC) in Glengary, West Virginia. Over 260 shooters have been competing in nine different courses of fire over the last three days. The event comes to an exciting finish Sunday afternoon with the 3-Gun Nation Shoot-Off. The top 64 shooters compete in challenge matches in the first of two 3-Gun Nation finale events. These “Final Shootoffs” determine the top eight competitors who will advance to the 3-Gun Nation Championship in Las Vegas in January. That January Championship will award $50,000 in cash prizes — one of the richest pay-outs in all the shooting sports (see video below). 3-Gun Nation Events are aired Thursday nights at 7:00 PM Eastern Time on the VERSUS Channel.

FNH 3-Gun championship
Peacemaker 3-Gun Championship

The new Peacemaker National Training Center (NTC) is the east coast’s largest shooting sports complex with a 1000-yard rifle range, a 300-yard practice rifle range, 18 “tactical bays”, pistol ranges, and several shotgun ranges. Plans are underway to equip the 1000-yard range with state-of-the-art electronic target systems. Located west of Washington, DC, the Peacemaker NTC site is a 60-minute drive from Dulles Airport. The facility is situated in the scenic hills of Glengary, West Virginia, on the far eastern end of the state.

Watch 2010 3-Gun Nation Final from Las Vegas

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November 13th, 2011

New 125 GR Flat-Based MatchKing from Sierra Bullets

Sierra has introduced a new .30-caliber flat-based bullet, the 125 grain OTM (open-tip match HP) MatchKing, item #2121. This unique flat-based bullet was designed in conjunction with AAC (Advanced Armament Corporation) and Remington for the new .300 AAC Blackout (BLK) cartridge. The bullet length is tailored to correctly fit and feed from AR-15 platform magazines. The projectile’s Open Tip is pinched for greater uniformity in the same manner as Sierra’s Palma Competition bullets. The G1 BC is surprisingly high for a relatively short, flat-based bullet: 0.310 (below 1600 fps), 0.330 (1,600-2,000 fps), 0.338 (2000 – 2650 fps), and 0.349 (above 2650 fps). Though it will perform well at low velocities in the .300 BLK, this bullet can handle the higher velocities produced by common .30 cal mid-sized cartridges, such as the .30-30.

Sierra 125 gr Matchking

Sierra 125 gr MatchkingThe new 125gr Matchking is now being loaded in factory ammo, including Remington’s Premier Match, which retails for $34.00 for a 20rd box. These 125gr bullets are available now from MidwayUSA for $34.99 per hundred. Sierra offers five other bullets in the same general weight range that may work well in the .300 Whisper or .300 AAC Blackout:

  • .308 dia. 110 gr. FMJ Pro-Hunter Item 2105
  • .308 dia. 110 gr. HP Varminter Item 2110
  • .308 dia. 110 gr. RN Pro-Hunter Item 2100
  • .308 dia. 125 gr. SPT Pro-Hunter Item 2120
  • .308 dia. 135 gr. HPBT MatchKing Item 2123
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    November 13th, 2011

    Milled T-6 Aluminum 40mm Salt & Pepper Shakers

    The Xmas holiday buying season is right around the corner. If you’re looking for an unusual gift for a firearms enthusiast or military veteran, check out the 40mm Grenade Salt & Pepper shakers from GG&G. Available with either silver or gold anodized top sections, these measure 4″ tall by 1 5/8″ in diameter. GG&G’s matched salt and pepper shakers are milled from solid billet 6061 T-6 aluminum, and closely replicate the dimensions of the original 40mm grenade. The tip of the projectiles are engraved with “S” or “P” to easily identify the contents. The top halves (gold or silver sections) unscrew for easy filling. Cost for either gold (GGG-1315) or silver (GGG-1316) versions is $45.00. These would also be a great “conversation pieces” for your Thanksgiving family get-together.

    40mm Salt Pepper Shakers grenade

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    November 12th, 2011

    Machine Guns Vegas — World’s First Luxury ‘Gun Lounge’

    Hot ladies and firearms — that’s a combination that’s worked for Hollywood, so why not Las Vegas? A new up-scale indoor shooting facility, Machine Guns Vegas, opens for business next month on the Las Vegas Strip. What sets this apart from your typical gun range are the luxurious appointments, the million-dollar gun arsenal, and, of course, the gorgeous Shoot Hostesses (aka Range Mistresses).
    Las Vegas machine gun lounge
    Occupying a spot behind the Mirage Hotel on Las Vegas’ central strip, Machine Guns Vegas will be America’s first-ever “ultra gun lounge”. The 10,000-square-foot, $5 million facility will feature plush furniture, large flat-screens TVs, iMacs, with private areas for parties.

    The idea was cooked up by Genghis Cohen, who created the exotic Tabu club at the MGM Grand Hotel. Cohen told the UK’s Daily Mail that: “Machine Guns Vegas has changed everything. We’re the first luxury, dedicated gun lounge in the world.” Cohen added: “The world is now ready for a Gun Lounge [where] stunning ‘Gun-Girls’ trained in gun-handling [will] look after VIP guests.” Options will include full-auto Tommy Guns and M60s. But don’t worry — alcohol is not allowed on the premises and “all Machine Guns Vegas girls are certified Range Safety Officers through the National Rifle Association.” In addition, Machine Guns Vegas will have some serious firearms experts (with military experience) on staff.

    Las Vegas machine gun lounge

    Machine Guns Vegas Director of Training Michael Heck (a former Las Vegas Metro police officer) explains: “”We’re going to do something a little more high-end here, where the shoot club meets the nightclub. It’s Vegas… we’re trying to put the sin back in Sin City,”

    This will be no ordinary gun range. Heck reveals: “On the front end, you’re going to see a sales host that may have been on the pages of Playboy last year, and now she’s our sales host. She’s thoroughly familiar with the firearms industry. By the time you make it out on the range, you’re probably going to be greeted by range masters that have done two or three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

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    November 12th, 2011

    New Hodgdon CFE223 Powder and Nosler Varmageddon Bullets is running promotions right now on new products from Hodgdon Powder Co. and Nosler. First, has Hodgdon’s new CFE223 in stock for $21.99 per pound. This new powder is ideal for the .223 Rem and other popular chamberings. We’ve found that CFE223 delivers good velocity and it meters well. Hodgdon claims the proprietary powder formulation can reduce the amount of copper fouling in barrels — so you can shoot more and clean less. What’s more — if you purchase 32 pounds of smokeless powder, will waive the $25.00 hazmat fee, and yes you can “mix and match” different types of powder in your order. Varmageddon bullets Nosler

    Next, is offering promo pricing on Nosler’s new Varmageddon 40gr, flat-based polymer-tipped Varmint bullets. These new bullets run fast from a .223 Rem. The special tapered-wall jacket design (thin-wall at top, thick at bottom) and the polymer tip assure explosive impact on prairie dogs and other critters. A 100-ct box of .224 cal, 40gr Varmageddon projectiles is just $14.29. Varmageddon bullets Nosler Varmageddon bullets Nosler

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    November 11th, 2011

    WWII Veteran Recounts his Battle of the Bulge Experiences

    The NRA, with sponsorship from Brownells, has crafted a Veterans’ Day web video that covers the experience of a WWII American soldier. World War II paratrooper Walter Hughes was only 18 years old when he jumped behind enemy lines in Holland, during Operation Market Garden. In this Veterans Day tribute video, Walter shares his experience from the Battle of the Bulge – the largest and bloodiest battle for American forces in WWII. CLICK HERE to Watch Special Presentation — Veteran’s Memories.

    NRA Veterans Day

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