February 25th, 2012

Plano AirGlides for $34.00 with Free Shipping from Amazon.com

The popular vertical-loading Airglide rifle case from Plano is on sale again. You may want to strike while the price is right. Amazon.com is offering the Plano Airglide for $34.00 with FREE shipping. Free shipping is important as transport fees could easily add $10-15 to the price with some vendors. CLICK HERE to order from Amazon with FREE shipping. There were 70 in stock and “more on the way” when we released this story. Airglide Sale: $34.00 Plano AirGlide Scoped Rifle Case (up to 50″ OAL).

UPDATE 2/26/2012: Amazon this morning sold out its current inventory at the $34.00 with free shipping price. But Amazon is taking back-orders still at the $34 + free s/h price, with delivery in 3-4 weeks. Inventory expected March 7. You have to click “More Buying Choices” to back-order @ $34.00, or click the Amazon box below right showing $34.00. Delivery in 3-4 weeks. (Guys who ordered on 2/25 will get their units next week.)

Among injection-molded rifle cases, Plano’s AirGlide™ case is unique in holding a rifle vertically, in foam cradles. This allows ample room for the 3″-wide fore-ends on BR and Varmint rifles. The foam blocks front and rear can even be trimmed for a custom fit, and velcro webbing straps hold the rifle securely. The AirGlide’s hinged top-opening lid provides clearance for all but the most massive target scopes, with no side load on the turrets. (We’ve found that some eggcrate foam-lined gun cases can put enough pressure on scope knobs to alter your zero.)

Plano Air-Glide Rifle Case

Airglide Will Hold a Benchrest Rifle with Wide Fore-end and 28″ Barrel
Measuring 51 1/2″L x 7 3/4″W x 12 1/4″H, the AirGlide can easily handle rifles up to 50″ in length. That should hold BR rifles with barrels up to 29″ (or 28″ if you have a thick recoil pad). With its 27.5″ barrel, my 6BR is exactly 49″ long (including pad) and there is about 1.3 inches to spare in an Airglide. If you have a real long barrel or extended buttplate, measure the gun first.

Priced attractively, the AirGlide has proven very popular with Varmint shooters and BR competitors. Lockable and airline-approved, the AirGlide is a unique product at an affordable price. This Editor owns three Airglides and they are my favorite hardcases for transporting wide-stocked rifles to the range. (For airline transport, I do prefer a heavy-duty, wheeled aluminum safari case with internal locks.)

Plano Air-Glide Rifle Case

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