February 17th, 2012

Windtronic 2 Omni-Directional Windmeter on Sale

Windtronic 2 Sale CreedmoorCreedmoor Sports has knocked ten bucks off the price of the Windtronic 2 Windmeter. For three days only (Feb. 17-19), the Windtronic 2 is ON SALE at Creedmoor Sports, for $89.00. Most every other source sells the Windtronic 2 for $99.00 or more.

Windtronic 2 Reads Wind from Any Angle
This unique product reads wind speed from any angle, because the impeller spins on a vertical axis (like a helicopter’s main rotor). By contrast, with most other windmeters you need to manually align the device in the correct direction. Those devices may deliver mis-reads unless you can manually turn the meter. However, with the Windtronic 2 you can “set and forget” — mount the device on a pole or tripod near your shooting station with the screen in view, and it’s good to go, no matter which way the wind blows. The Windtronic’s LCD display shows current wind speed, average wind speed, maximum wind speed and a Beaufort bar graph. A standard lithium battery should supply YEARS of service. Made in Germany by Kaindl Electronics, the Windtronic 2 comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Windtronic 2The Windtronic 2 features rotating cups mounted on a vertical axis. With this design you don’t have to align the unit with the wind, unlike the Kestrel WindMeter or SpeedTech WindMate™ devices. Many users feel the Windtronic’s unique design allows it to read wind speeds more accurately; it certainly can respond to shifting winds more easily. The omni-directional functionality of the Windtronic 2 allows it to be mounted on a stand or tripod and continuously display current wind speed, max wind speed, and average velocity. The Windtronic 2 does NOT gauge temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, or density altitude. The Windtronic only records wind speeds, but it does that task exceptionally well.

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