March 31st, 2012

New Instructional Video for Long-Range Tactical Shooting

Gilliland long gun BasicsPanteao Productions has just released Make Ready with James Gilliland: Long Gun Basics, a $49.99 DVD. This is the first instructional video in the Make Ready series on long range precision shooting. Host James Gilliland, founder of Shadow 6, is a former United States Army Ranger. While serving in Ramadi, Iraq, Gilliland was recognized for engaging an enemy combatant with a M24 SWS at a range of 1250 meters with a single round, setting a record for the 7.62mm NATO cartridge. In this video Gilliland takes you step by step through ammo and caliber selections, bolt gun and gas gun choices, optics, rifle assembly, initial cleaning, pre-fire check, precision shooting fundamentals, building your dope book, accessories, and more. Whether you use a bolt gun or semi-auto gas gun, this video does offer some good basic tips on setting up your gun and mastering the fundamentals of accurate tactical shooting. It will have limited usefulness to benchrest shooters.

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