April 2nd, 2012

Like Father, Like Son — Another Hall Behind the Trigger

Sam Hall is a multi-time IBS 600-yard Shooter of the Year, who holds many IBS mid-range records. It’s tough to beat Sam when he’s on his game. But it looks like Sam may have a worthy challenger in a few more years. Sam’s 6-year-old son Hunter Hall has already showed an interest in his father’s shooting hobby. It turns out Hunter has the God-given talent for hitting the target. There could be another champion in the Hall family someday….

Hunter Hall Sam Hall IBS 6 BRDX

Like Father, Like Son…
Sam told us: “Future Shooter? I wanted to share this with everyone. My son Hunter has taken interest in what I do. Above he is pictured shooting my competition rifle, which had just received a new barrel chambered in 6 BRDX. Hunter helped me get zeroed.”

Sam explained: “This weekend we practiced freehand shooting with his BB gun at cans and then did some archery practice. After that I was needing to zero my Light Gun and get started with a few loads at 100 yards. To my amazement my 6-year-old wanted to accompany me. I could not believe it when he wanted to shoot my competition rifle. I had just put a new barrel and scope on it and needed to zero it. After two shots to get it zeroed he hit a .25 inch dot at 100 yards. I let him do everything from loading it, ejecting rounds and even working my Farley joystick rest.

By the way, this 6 BRDX gun looks like it’s going to shoot and my boy did great operating and shooting the rifle and Farley rest! It won’t be long before he is going with me to competition. Look out, he is more coordinated and athletic than his Daddy.” — Samuel Hall

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