May 10th, 2012

CMP Now Selling M1 Garand Barreled Receivers for $350.00

M1 Garand barreled receivers (item RM1SABRWB) are now available from the CMP for $350.00 plus $12.95 shipping. Combine one of these with an $82.00 walnut M1 Garand replacement stock from Boyds’ Gunstocks and you’ll have a handsome and affordable rig. (But sights, trigger group, op rod, gas system, and other key components must still be acquired.) These are Grade B receivers with “service grade” or “high quality service grade” barrels. The CMP notes that: “Receiver may have minor pitting / frosting above and below below the wood line and has been refinished. Bolt includes: extractor, extractor spring & plunger, ejector, ejector spring and firing pin.”

M1 Garand CMP barreled action receiver

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