June 9th, 2012

‘My First Gun’ Website Debuts June 11, 2012

My First Gun websiteWe all have friends or acquaintances who are just getting started in the shooting sports. These newcomers are often overwhelmed with questions: “What gun do I buy… What gear do I need… How should I begin my training?”. With the upcoming launch of the MyFirstGun.net, new shooters can soon access a dedicated website that can provide answers to all these questions.

Ranks of New Shooters Are Growing
Since the year 2008 the numbers of first-time gun buyers, particularly in the handgun market, have risen dramatically. Thousands upon thousands of men and women are purchasing or considering purchasing their first gun.

Set to launch on Monday, June 11, 2012, MyFirstGun.net is an online resource specifically designed to assist the recent gun buyer or someone who is about to make that decision. The new website will feature numerous instructional articles, plus many training videos hosted by professional firearms instructor Paul Markel. Topics will include foundational material such as choosing the correct gun for the task, understanding handgun actions, ammunition choices, seeking professional training and practice. My First Gun can be accessed at www.myfirstgun.net or www.firstimegunbuyer.net.

NOTE: You can bookmark MyFirstGun.net in advance. However, the website is still two days from launch — so the links in this article may not be active before June 11, 2012. Just be patient. MyFirstGun.net will “open its doors” on Monday the 11th.

Smith Wesson model 617 4 inchFirst Handgun Choice — This Editor believes that a very good choice for a first handgun is a Smith & Wesson .22 LR revolver, such as the S&W model 617. The model 617 is extremely accurate, with a very crisp trigger (in single-action mode), and good sights.

You can learn all the fundamentals with this ultra-reliable handgun, shooting inexpensive .22LR ammo. The model 617 is rugged, durable, and can give you a lifetime of shooting fun. Once you have mastered the basics of shooting with a .22 LR, you can move on to larger caliber handguns suitable for self-defense. Below is a slide-show illustrating a S&W model 617 ten-shot, with 6″ barrel. S&W also makes a 4″-barrel version of this revolver. (See: Shooting Demo Video with 4″ model 617.)

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