July 30th, 2012

President’s Rifle Match Today at Camp Perry

Close to 1,300 service rifle competitors will fill the firing lines today (Monday) at Camp Perry for the CMP President’s Rifle Match. At this prestigious event, conducted annually during the CMP National Trophy Rifle Matches, the top 100 competitors (after 30 shots) will be named the 2012 President’s 100. The top 20 shooters will then be invited to a mid-afternoon Shoot-Off today. The Shoot-Off winner will be awarded the President’s Rifle Trophy (photo right). CLICK HERE to learn more about the history of the President’s Match.

CMP program coordinator, Lue Baxter, fired the cannon this morning at Camp Perry to start the day’s matches. Lue works with the CMP Camp Riflery program, National Match Air Rifle program, Junior Highpower Clinics and CMP Marksmanship Center at Camp Perry. The CMP provides updates and match results on its website, www.odcmp.com.

CLICK HERE for Results of 2012 National Rifle Trophy Matches (Posted when available).

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