July 19th, 2012

Smallbore 3-Position Nat’l Championship Starts at Camp Perry

Report by Lindsey J. Morgan for the NRA Blog.
The NRA Smallbore Three-Position National Championships commenced today at Camp Perry in Port Clinton, Ohio. The first event, the prone stage of the Metallic Sight Matches, got off to a rainy start Thursday morning. The prone phase consists of two 20-shot stages fired in twenty minutes each, at 50 yards with metallic sights— a total of 40 shots. A light rain started while relay one was shooting, and after about ten minutes, a cease-fire was called due to lightning threats. After about fifteen minutes, the tower announced shooting could resume with a one-minute prep period. Competitors went back to the firing line, set up their equipment and resumed shooting. The weather forecast calls for rain and scattered thunderstorms the rest of today.

Camp Perry Smallbore 3-P Championship

At the Smallbore practice session on Wednesday, well-known shooters filled the line: Tarl and Reya Kempley, last year’s 3-Position Champion Joseph Hein, and USAMU paralympic member Joshua Olson. Olson will compete at Camp Perry before heading over to London for the 2012 Olympics. The slide show below features photos by NRA Blog Editor Lars Dalseide, taken during the practice session.

Slideshow courtesy the NRA Blog.

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