September 10th, 2012

Bryan Litz Will Provide Daily SOA Updates from Raton, NM

Bryan Litz of Applied Ballistics LLC, will be providing daily Spirit of America Match updates via the Applied Ballistics Facebook page. The match kicked off yesterday, September 9th, in Raton, New Mexico. Bryan says “Stay tuned this week as the drama unfolds and the best individuals and teams compete for the Championship”. Here is Bryan’s initial report:

Spirit of America match Bryan LitzThe Spirit Of America Match kicked off [Sunday] at the NRA Whittington center in Raton, NM. Clear skies, good weather and gentle winds greeted shooters from the USA as well four visiting countries: Australia, Canada, South Africa, and Germany. Applied Ballistics produced ammunition for both the South African and Australian teams. Bill might have done his job too well, since two out of the eight people ahead of him in the F/TR class are South African shooters whose ammo he personally loaded!

Bryan is one point behind leader Nancy Tompkins in the sling class (Nancy cleaned the course today!). Bill Wittman is four points ahead of second place in F-Open with a 446-22X!

Click links for Day One results for sling, F-Open, and F-TR shooters: F-Open | F-TR | Sling Division

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