October 10th, 2012

Got Old Eyes? Try These Tips for Easier Web Browsing

We know that many of our readers have reached an age when it can be difficult to read small type. Thankfully, there are some easy keyboard tricks that can make our pages easier to view. Here are some tips that can help older eyes, enhancing your reading/viewing experience, when browsing the Daily Bulletin, reading our feature articles, or visiting our Shooters’ Forum.

1. Use the F11 Key on Windows PCs to Enable Full Screen View.
On a Windows PC Keyboard, you’ll find the F11 key above and slightly left of the large “Backspace” key. When you click F11, it will zoom the layout to fill your entire screen, removing the tabs and buttons that can rob space on the top and sides. That provides a less-cluttered layout for reading. To go back to “normal” view, simply click F11 a second time.

AccurateShooter.com Daily Bulletin

2. Use the Scroll Wheel on your Mouse to Increase Text Size.
If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, you can use this with most browsers to increase the size of text in our articles. Just hold down the CTRL key and roll the wheel forward to increase text size. With most browsers, this enlarges the entire web page, so navigation buttons get bigger too.

AccurateShooter.com Daily Bulletin With Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera Browsers, hold down the CTRL key and spin the wheel forward to make the text larger. Hold the CTRL key down and roll the wheel back to shrink text.

3. Use the Keypad Plus/Minus Keys to Increase Text Size.
If you don’t have a scroll wheel on your mouse, you can increase the text size by holding down the CTRL key and clicking the + (plus) key on your keypad, located on the right side of your keyboard. Click the – (minus) key to reduce font size, while holding CTRL key.

AccurateShooter.com Daily Bulletin

4. Use + and – Buttons to Change Text Size on Feature Stories.
When browsing the feature stories in our main site, AccurateShooter.com, you can increase or decrease text size by clicking the plus and minus buttons at the top of right column.

AccurateShooter.com Daily BulletinThe advantage with this method is it just changes the font size for the main story, while leaving the top section and side navigation unchanged. NOTE this doesn’t yet work on all our stories. Some of the older articles have a fixed layout so that the data tables display correctly.

AccurateShooter.com Daily Bulletin

Use Browser Tabs to Keep Bulletin, Forum, and Home Page Open
By using browser tabs, you can have “instant access” to our Forum while reading the Daily Bulletin. This is easy to do if you use a tab-equipped browser, such as Chrome or Internet Explorer 8+. Here’s how to open multiple tabs. When in the Daily Bulletin, Right Click on the “Forum” link at the top of the page. Select “Open in New Tab”. This will let you browse the Forum without closing the Daily Bulletin. Likewise, put your mouse over the “Home”, right click, and select “Open in New Tab”. This way you can have instant access to the Bulletin, the Home Page, and the Forum.

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