November 9th, 2012

Ferris Pindell’s Original Four Benchrest Rifles For Sale As a Set

Want to invest in a gun-making milestone, with authentic “PPC Provenance”? Here is a rare opportunity to acquire a set of guns that forged new frontiers for rifle accuracy. Dave Kiff, founder of Pacific Tool & Gauge, is selling a consecutive built and numbered set of four (4) benchrest rifles which belonged to Ferris Pindell, one of the fathers of the PPC cartridge. These four game-changing guns were custom-crafted by Pindell with help from his friend and fellow PPC inventor Lou ‘Doc’ Palmisano.

Dave Kiff tells us: “These are the four rifles that June Pindell had sold me a while back. I have #1, #2, #3 and #4 of Ferris Pindell’s original custom-made Benchrest rifles. These are consecutive builds. I am selling all four at cost! Several collectors (and one museum) have offered a generous amount of money for only one or two of them, but I would hate to split them up. I would much rather sell all four of them complete for $6,900.00 and keep them all together. There are two PPCs and two BRs from what his wife told me. June told me these are the rifles that Ferris and ‘Doc’ Palmisano built when they created the PPC cartridge. This would be a great addition to any collection or a great start for anyone interested in shooting competition, as the rifles look very usable.”

For more information, call Yvette of PT&G at (541) 826-5808, or send email to yvette [at] .

Sale tip by Boyd Allen. We welcome reader submissions.

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