February 11th, 2013

Rebates on Weaver Optics — $75.00 Off T-Series Target Scopes

Here’s a great promotion if you need an affordable target scope or variable-power hunting scope. Weaver Optics is now offering substantial rebates on Weaver T-Series target scopes and V-Series hunting scopes (16-power and above). With this offer you can get $75.00 back on a 24X or 36X T-Series target scope, or $50.00 off a Classic V-Series varmint scope. In addition, there are $25.00 rebates on Kaspa and 40/44 scopes and Weaver “Classic” Binoculars.

The Weaver T-Series 36x40mm scope remains a popular and reliable benchrest scope that is still found on many top competitors’ rifles. The T-24, 24-power scope is popular with rimfire shooters as well as many “paper punchers” who don’t need 36X magnification. Since both scopes share a 40mm objective, the 24X version has a larger exit pupil, which makes head position less critical. Both 24X and 36X T-Series scopes have front-adjusting objectives for parallax control.

Pre-Qualify Online for Rebates: www.sporting.myonlinerebate.com

Check Status of Rebate Request: www.sporting.mycheckstatus.com

Weaver ATK Rebates

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