March 29th, 2013

New Spring-Tester Tool from Secure Firearm Products

Secure Products gun pistol spring testerSecure Firearm Products (SFP) has introduced a new Spring Tester that measures the “pull weight” of a wide variety of springs used in handguns and rifles. With this new Spring Tester you can measure recoil springs, mainsprings, firing pin springs, and much more. The SFP Spring Tester comes with a digital scale. The complete Spring Tester kit (Model # 11490-SR-D) retails for $40.99.

The Spring Tester, which comes complete with a compact digital pull-weight scale, is simple to use. Just insert the spring on bolt, insert that assembly in the red tool housing, then attach the coupler and scale. Pull until proper compression length* is achieved, and record your reading. Note: the Spring Tester Tool is marked with a line at 1.625″ which is the Mil-Spec compression length of a 1911 recoil spring. The SFP Spring Tester currently ships with an adapter that lets you test small springs such as mainsprings, firing pin springs or other small springs used in pistols, rifles or revolvers.

*NOTE: The appropriate compression length varies with the spring and the application. You may need to get this compression length specification from the manufacturer.

SFP Spring Tester Demo Video

Why do you need a spring tester? SFP’s David Surgi explains: “It’s important to be able to sort and organize all of them properly and know that when a spring needs replacing, that you are putting in the right one with the proper tension.” Dan Kidder of Sportsman’s Warehouse concurs: “The Spring Tester from SFP gave me the ability to take a drawer full of recoil, main springs, firing pin springs and others, and easily identify their tension. I no longer have to try to label springs or worry about them getting in the wrong spot.”

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