August 23rd, 2013

Top Shot Champ Demonstrates Long-Range Tomahawk Accuracy

Here’s a remarkable feat of accuracy. But this “trick shot” is not made with a rifle — it’s performed with a Tomahawk. Top Shot Season 3 Champion Dustin Ellermann shows off his “Tomahawk Sniper” skills by hitting a target at 60 feet. Flying over that distance, the Cold Steel Norse Hawk makes five full rotations before hitting the wood target. Dustin’s first throw planted solidly in the wood. That was impressive enough. But Dustin’s second throw hits dead-center, bursting the blue balloon. Ellermann’s tomahawk-tossing skills are impressive, but we do wonder what the Ballistic Coefficient (BC) of that spinning long-handled ‘hawk would be. Watch the video — we bet you’ll enjoy this.

Cold Steel Norse Hawk Tomahawk

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August 22nd, 2013

FREE Remington 2013 Catalogs and Rem 700 Owner’s Manual

FREE Remington 2013 Firearms Rifle Catalog PDF downloadWant a FREE Remington Catalog? Well here you go. The latest editions of Remington’s product catalogs are now available online. You can view a digital version of the 2013 Remington Catalog in an ezine-style format, with tabs and flippable pages. Alternately you can download the 2013 catalog as a PDF file, either section by section, or as one big, humongous file. (Warning — the complete 2013 digital catalog PDF is a 187.5 mb file). You can also download a free PDF version of the Remington Model 700 Owner’s Manual (link below).

The Rifle Catalog features all the latest Remington rifles, including the Model 700 ‘Target Tactical’ model. This 11.75-lb gun boasts a Bell & Carlson composite stock with ergonomic grip and adjustable LOP and cheekpiece. The .308 Win Target Tactical retails for $2117.

Launch Remington 2013 Digital Catalog | Download Remington 700 Owners Manual (PDF)

FREE Remington 2013 Firearms Rifle Catalog PDF download

FREE Remington 2013 Firearms Rifle Catalog PDF download

Ballistics Data for Dozens of Factory Loads
Remington also has a comprehensive Ballistics Data Sheet with ballistics information for all Remington loaded ammo — from 17 Fireball all the way up to the 45/70 Government. Even if you don’t use factory-loaded ammo, this is a very useful resource that allows you to quickly compare velocities, energy, wind drift, and drop among a wide variety of cartridges. Which shoots flatter… a .204 Ruger or a 22-250? Remington’s Ballistics Data Sheet provides a quick, reliable answer. Info is laid out in tables, with color coding for different bullet types.

CLICK HERE to download Ballistics INFO

Remington Ballistics Chart

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August 22nd, 2013

Match Report: F-Open and F-TR National Team Championships

Wednesday was Team Day at the U.S. F-Class Championships. There were 27 four-member F-Open Teams plus 19 four-member F-TR teams. Many teams were composed of foreign shooters who are tuning up for the upcoming F-Class World Championships which kicks off at Raton on Friday. Team competition was fierce, but when the dust settled, two squads emerged victorious, USA F-Open Team 4, and the U.S. F-TR Team 3.

CLICK HERE for Complete List of Team Results

F-Class Nationals Raton Balolia Bartholome Championships
USA F-Open Team 4: Robert Bock, Trudie Fay (Coach), Larry Bartholome (front row); Shiraz Balolia (Captain), Emil Kovan (back row).

F-Open Team USA #4 Captain Shiraz Balolia reports: “We won the first match, lost the second to Australia and won the overall Aggregate Championship (total of both matches). We were knocking on the door of a new National record on the first relay, having the same score, but a few less Xs. One more point would have set a record. We took the Gold Medal in the first match, and Bronze in the second match.” Team USA #4 finished with a 1570-62X total, four points ahead of second-place F-Open Team USA #3 (1566-66X). Shiraz praised team #4 coach Trudie Fay and his fellow team shooters Larry Bartholome, Robert Bock, and Emil Kovan. Shiraz joked: “Maybe it was Trudie’s glow-in-the-dark Crocs that gave us the winning edge.”

USA Team 3 Wins F-TR Championship, Aussie Team Second
The USA F-TR Team 3, under Captain Mid Tompkins and coach Steve Cunico, powered out an impressive victory, finishing with 1536-44X, six points ahead of the runner-up Team Australia Gold squad. USA F-TR Team 3 shooters Lane Buxton, John Chilton, Laura Perry, and Paul Phillips all turned in great performances lead by Lane Buxton’s 388-6X total.

USA F-TR Team 3 National Champions

F-Open Team Championship

1. USA F-Open Team 4, Total 1570-62X

2. USA F-Open Team 3, Total 1566-66X

3. Team Australia #1 F-Open Gold, Total 1566-52X

4. Team Spindle Shooters, Total 1561-47X

5. USA F-Open Team 1, Total 1560-55X

F-TR Team Championship

1. U.S. F-TR Team 3, Total 1536-44X

2. Team Australia G-TR Gold, Total 1530-40X

3. U.S. F-TR Team 4, Total 1525-51X

4. Michigan F-TR Team, Total 1521-30X

5. Canada F-TR ‘White’ Team, Total 1518-39X

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August 22nd, 2013

FREE Shooting Bench Plans — Fourteen Do-It-Yourself Designs

FREE shooting Bench PlansBuilding your own portable shooting bench is a great do-it-yourself project. You can build a sturdy bench for well under $100 in materials. Compare that to some deluxe factory-built benches which may cost $500.00 or more.

FREE Bench Plans on the Web
You’ll find a wide assortment of home-built shooting bench designs (both portable and fixed) on the internet. Renovation Headquarters has links to FREE Plans and building instructions for fourteen (14) different shooting benches. There are all-wood shooting bench designs as well as benches that combine a wood top with a metal sub-frame or legs.

CLICK HERE for Shooting Bench FREE Plans Webpage

Among Renovation HQ’s fourteen featured shooting benches, here are five designs we liked:

Larry Willis Shooting Bench

Sandwiched Plywood top, 1.5″ Galvanized Pipe Legs

Manuel Ferran’s
Steel Shooting Bench

Steel (welded) legs and frame, painted plywood top. Folds flat.

eHow Permanent All-Wood
Shooting Bench

Heavy-duty, very solid and sturdy, but easy to build. Good for right- or left-handed shooters.

Bill Clarke’s
Basic Shooting Bench

Restaurant table Cast Metal Pedestal Base, plywood top.

Missouri Hillbilly’s
All-Wood Bench

3/4″ ACX Plywood with 4×6 Beams and Legs

Reader Jim Jewell has used the eHow bench design shown above. He recommends it highly. Jim reports: “A colleague and I built two of the eHow permanent wood, sturdy benches for our Pt. Phillips Rod and Gun Club in PA, which had outdated benches. I want to tell you that these benches are very stable and a real bargain. The benches cost precisely $100.00 each using the bill of materials and pressure treated wood. The bill of materials, with careful cutting, using a Chop saw, resulted in almost no scrap wood if carefully measured and cut. The plans are terrific and the benches are great platforms for bench-rest shooting. I made only one modification — I left a 6″ wing on both sides of the table to mount a spotting scope. Further we added a base of dry QuickCrete or similar fast setting concrete mix material. Add it dry, make sure the table is level and fill in the 6″ hole. The hole and QuickCrete add maximum stability. The QuickCrete sucks moisture from the ground, hardens in situ, and adds stability to the bench.

I can’t recommend this design highly enough. It is dirt cheap for clubs on a budget, goes together quickly, the table is very stable and there is no waste if you make precise measurements and cuts. A bag of QuickCrete is enough for two tables adding about $2.00 to the cost of each table. We plan on building new tables for the whole club for under $1000. After about a year, with a completely water-free wood in the bench I recommend a coat of Thompson’s Water Seal and these benches should last a long time.”

Heavy Wood Bench That Converts to Three Sections for Transport
In addition to the fourteen benches mentioned above, here is an interesting break-down bench design. Call it a “semi-portable” bench. The legs and frame are made from stout 4×4 post segments so the bench is fairly heavy. However, this bench can break down into three (3) sections for easier transport to and from the range. Dado-cut channels assure proper top alignment. This might be a good choice if you plan a multi-day excursion to a location without fixed benches. This three-leg bench design can be made from easy-to-locate materials. Note: The dimensions of this bench are are larger than typical fixed benches to accommodate 50 BMGs and other big rifles. CLICK HERE for more details.

FREE shooting Bench Plans

Do you like the bench in the illustration at the beginning of this story (top right)? This is a prototype design by Chris Byrne of the Anarchangel Blog. For more details, CLICK HERE.

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August 21st, 2013

Magpul 30-Round AR Magazines for $10.79 at Brownells

Just a “heads-up” for our AR shooters out there. Check this out. For a limited time, Brownells is selling
Magpul 30-Round Polymer AR mags
for just $10.79 each. That’s right — high-quality Magpul PMAG 30s for under eleven bucks. Hard to beat that deal if you are looking for name-brand 30-rounders for your .223/5.56 AR-platform rifle. Click image below to see product info on the Brownells webstore.

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August 21st, 2013

Hundreds of Shooters Battle at the U.S. F-Class Nationals

The U.S. F-Class Nationals, now underway in Raton, NM, are a big success. This event has drawn huge numbers of talented shooters from across America (and around the world). There are roughly 180 F-TR shooters plus over 170 F-Open Shooters. That’s a record turn-out we’re told. The Nationals got off to an impressive start — the best shooters were center-punching the 1000-yard targets right out of the gate. Chris Ford shot a 150-11X in the first F-0pen match of Day 1, when many other 150s were shot, including a 150-9X by Larry Bartholome. Many 150s were also shot on Day 2 during the first match. On both days, conditions got tougher over the course of the day.

F-Class Championship 2013 Raton NM

In F-Open, after two days of shooting, William Wittman (894-39X) enjoys a two-point lead over Larry Batholome (892-42X). In F-TR class, Lige Harris (885-34X) has been the class of the field so far, posting the top scores on both Day 1 (445-18X) and Day 2 (440-18X). The level of competition is extraordinarily high this year — so high that some past National Champions are well down the pack. Overall, if you look at the complete score sheets linked below, you’ll see that competition has been very tight, with many shooters clustered with near-identical scores.

Download DAY ONE F-Open and F-TR Results | Download DAY TWO F-Open and F-TR Results

F-Class Championship 2013 Raton NM

F-Open Results Day 1 (Top 10)
William WITTMAN 148-7 150-10 150-4 448-21X
Martin LOBERT 149-8 150-6 148-9 447-23X
Gordon OGG 148-9 148-7 150-8 446-24X
Larry BARTHOLOME 150-9 148-6 148-6 446-21X
Speedy GONZALEZ 149-8 149-4 148-8 446-20X
Marce BEEN 148-6 149-3 149-8 446-17X
Bob SEBOLD 149-7 148-3 149-6 446-16X
Kenny ADAMS 150-7 145-7 150-8 445-22X
Mike MCGILL 146-4 150-10 149-8 445 22X
Freddy HALTOM 149-6 148-7 148-5 445-18X
F-Open Results Day 2 (Top 10)
Larry BARTHOLOME 150-10 148-6 148-6 446-22X
William WITTMAN 150-7 147-7 149-4 446-18X
Freddy HALTOM 149-10 149-8 147-4 445-22X
Kenneth PADILLA 150-8 148-8 147-4 445-20X
Steven BLAIR 150-11 147-7 147-3 444-21X
Charles BALLARD 149-11 149-4 146-2 444-17X
Bob SEBOLD 150-9 148-1 146-5 444-15X
Emil KOVAN 150-6 147-4 147-3 444-13X
Jeff TRAYLOR 149-6 148-1 146-3 443-10X
Speedy GONZALEZ 149-8 146-7 147-6 442-21X
Pete PETROS 148-5 147-8 147-8 442-21X
F-TR Results Day 1 (Top 10)
Lige HARRIS 149-5 146-6 150-7 445-18X
John CHILTON 150-7 146-3 146-4 442-14X
James CROFTS 149-6 143-3 149-7 441-16X
Paul KENT 147-4 147-6 147-3 441-13X
Philip KELLEY 146-6 144-5 150-9 440-20X
Derek RODGERS 148-10 143-3 149-6 440-19X
Michael SMITH 148-4 145-3 147-3 440-10X
Ian KLEMM 147-5 146-4 146-2 439-11X
Daniel POHLABEL 148-8 142-7 148-4 438-19X
Radoslaw CZUPRYNA 147-6 141-1 150-9 438-16X
F-TR Result Day 2 (Top 10)
Lige HARRIS 147-7 148-5 145-4 440-16X
Derek RODGERS 147-3 147-4 146-4 440-11X
Gerry WIENS 148-4 145-2 145-6 438-12X
Trudie FAY 146-3 146-4 146-3 438-10X
Ian KLEMM 149-6 145-7 142-5 436-18X
Alan BARNHART 148-9 144-2 144-1 436-12X
William LITZ 148-5 143-4 144-4 435-13X
Laura PERRY 146-5 146-4 143-2 435-11X
Allen TAMPKE 147-4 141-4 146-3 434-11X
Stephen SIRCAUSA 148-7 143-8 142-4 433-19X

F-Class Championship 2013 Raton NM

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August 21st, 2013

New Stiller 2500X Rimfire Action Revealed — Goes on Sale This Fall

Jerry Stiller of Stiller Precision Firearms has revealed the final pre-production versions of his new 2500X rear lock-up rimfire action. Jerry reports: “I have eight of them as prototypes that have been sent to our best smiths to build on and test. As soon as we hear back (in a month or so?), we will start the next run of 100. There will be plenty to go around and should be available this fall for next year’s builds. Cost will be competitive, estimated $1249.00 retail”. Notably, this new action features a convertible 6 o’clock or 12 o’clock firing pin, giving the owner the choice of his preferred configuration. The trigger hanger can also be reversed for a 0.030 change in pin fall.

Stiller 2500X Rimfire smallbore action bolt 22LR

Jerry provided these photos of the first 2500X action off the production line. Jerry notes that: “The only difference with the final production version is that the body will be melonited on the inside for super-slick operation and the outside will still be polished for great looks”.

Stiller 2500X Rimfire smallbore action bolt 22LR

Stiller 2500X Rimfire Action Features

  • Dual rear locking lugs symmetric about the horizontal centerline.
  • Super tight tolerances on all fitted parts.
  • Firing pin design easily unscrews.
  • 6 o’clock or 12 o’clock firing pin. The other pin acts as a guide to eliminate any off-axis canting that can impair ignition and cause flyers.
  • Cocking piece controlled by a shroud so it is always centered in the trigger and cannot rub.
  • Easy loading ramp design similar to the Anschutz.
  • Entrance cams in the body.
  • Beveled loading port
  • Four #8 screw holes for scope mounts, plus two #6 screwholes (in between) also reamed for .125 pins. That way a long one-piece mount or just front-only will both be accommodated.
  • Threaded bolt handle so that any available knob will work. Stiller offers three knob types.

Stiller 2500X Rimfire smallbore action bolt 22LR

State-of-the-Art Machining Technologies Used to Make 2500X Actions
A multi-step process is employed to deliver precision tolerances on every 2500X action. The process begins with a drilled, undersize hole. Then the body is cut and heat-treated/stress-relieved with oversize outside diameter (OD). The Inside diameter hole is wire-EDM finished after heat-treating for optimal sizing and straightness. Next the OD is ground to size and the action face and threads are machined. The action is finally engraved, hand-finished, and melonited on the inside (unless the customer specifies a non-melonited version). Individual parts receive special attention — the extractors are wire-EDM cut, and the bolt lugs are factory-lapped with special devices to load the lugs as they would be when fired.

Stiller 2500X Rimfire smallbore action bolt 22LR

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August 21st, 2013

How to Add Texture to Your Stock Grip and Forearm

If you have a match, hunting, or tactical rifle that needs a little more “stiction” in the grip or fore-arm areas, particularly in wet or humid conditions, consider adding a non-slip coating to the stock. This is easily done with inexpensive materials. R+D Precision has a simple do-it-yourself procedure for adding texture to your stock. Be forewarned — this is basically a permanent addition to your stock, so you might want to practice first. Also the application of the bedding compound will change the color of the stock, so you may want to re-finish the stock.

Marking the Area to Texture with Steel-Bed or Similar Material
Tape off the area you want to put the texture. Spread a very thin coat of the Steel-Bed on the stock, just enough to cover the area. This can be done using Marine-Tex or Steel-Bed. Other products could be used but Steel-Bed is proven, and it’s what R+D prefers for the job.

Best Method for Applying Texture
Here is the secret to adding texture: Using the tongue depressor that is in the kit or something similar, BOUNCE the flat part of the stick on the still-wet bedding to get the textured effect. Once the bedding has dried for about an hour, and still kind of tacky, remove the tape, pulling at a sharp angle to leave a nice sharp edge. If the bedding has a sharp raised area where the tape was, wet your finger and rub along the edge and it will knock off the edge but still give that nice sharp transition.

Click HERE for more photos.

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August 20th, 2013

Eliseo Tubegun Chassis for Tikka T3 Now Available

The Tactical and Target T3 Tubeguns are here at last! Gary Eliseo of Competition Machine has announced that his new tubegun chassis for Tikka T3 actions “is now available in Target and Tactical versions”. The T3 kit will initially be right-hand only, set up for AICS short action magazines. This is a “no gunsmithing” installation — no modifications to the action are required and the chassis kit works with the factory T3 trigger and safety. Along with the new Target and Tactical versions, a lower-cost Light-Weight Hunter T3 Chassis is also offered (this will accept AR buttstocks).

Eliseo Competition Tubegun T3

Eliseo Competition Tubegun T3

Eliseo Competition Tubegun T3Tikka’s T3 action is rigid and robust. It cycles smoothly and has a short 75° bolt lift. The T3 features a Sako-style extractor, with angled-leading-edge bolt lugs for smooth lock-up. The T3 action can be installed in Gary’s Chassis Kit with either a recoil disc (and bolts) or glue-in action mounting. The Chassis Kit is designed to accept AR15 buttstocks.

Eliseo’s current T3 Chassis Kit is for right-hand short actions. However, Gary told us today that left-hand models will be included in the next production run this fall. He is also prototyping a long-action version.

Price for the Tactical model is $1020.00, with a rugged Cerakote finish. Price for the Target version is $925.00 with a powdercoat finish or $1000.00 with a Cerakote finish. The Light-Weight Hunter chassis (that accepts owner-installed AR-type buttstocks) is $685.00. Tikka T3 action and AICS 5-round or 10-round magazines sold separately. For more info, visit, call 714-630-5734, or send email to: spraynandprayn [at] . CLICK HERE for order page.

Eliseo Competition Tubegun T3

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August 20th, 2013

Burris Signature Rings — Calculating Actual Elevation Changes

Burris Signature Rings with polymer inserts are an excellent product. The inserts allow you to clamp your scope securely without ring marks. Moreover, using the matched offset inserts you can “pre-load” your scope to add additional elevation. This helps keep the scope centered in its elevation range while shooting at long range. Additionally, with a -20 insert set in the front and a +20 insert set in the rear, you may be able to zero at very long ranges without using an angled scope base — and that can save money. (To move your point of impact upwards, you lower the front of the scope relative to the bore axis, while raising the rear of the scope.)

Burris Signature Rings

Insert Elevation Values and Ring Spacing
People are sometimes confused when they employ the Burris inserts. The inset numbers (-10, +10, -20, +20 etc.) refer to hundredths of inch shim values, rather than to MOA. And you need the correct, matched top/bottom pair of inserts to give you the marked thousandth value. Importantly, the actual amount of elevation you get with Burris inserts will depend BOTH on the insert value AND the spacing between ring centers.

Forum member Gunamonth has explained this in our Shooters’ Forum:

Burris inserts are [marked] in thousandths of an inch, not MOA. To know how many MOA you gain you also need to know the ring spacing. For example, with a -20 thou insert set in the front and a +20 thou insert set in the rear, if the ring spacing is 6″, the elevation change will be approximately +24 MOA upwards.

Burris signature rings inserts

Here’s how we calculate that. If you have a 2 X 0.020″ “lift” over a distance of 6 inches (i.e. 0.040″ total offset at 0.5 feet) that’s equivalent to 0.080″ “lift” over 12 inches (one foot). There are 300 feet in 100 yards so we multiply 0.080″ X 300 and get 24″ for the total elevation increase at 100 yard. (Note: One inch at 100 yards isn’t exactly a MOA but it’s fairly close.)

Here’s a formula, with all units in inches:

Total Ring Offset
——————– X 3600 = Change @ 100 yards
Ring Spacing

(.020 + .020)
—————– X 3600 = 24 inches at 100 yards

NOTE: Using the above formula, the only time the marked insert offset will equal the actual MOA shift is when the center to center ring spacing is 3.60″. Of course, you are not required to use 3.60″ spacing, but if you have a different spacing your elevation “lift” will be more or less than the values on the inserts.

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August 19th, 2013

U.S. F-Class Championships Get Started in Raton, New Mexico

F-Class National Championships Raton New Mexico NM
The U.S. F-Class National Championships are underway at the Whittington Range in Raton, New Mexico. The event commenced yesterday with squadded practice. Today the first official matches started at 8:00 am, with threee 15-shot invidivual events at 1000-yards. The event is hosted at Raton by the Bald Eagle Rifle Club (BERC). CLICK HERE for match information.

U.S. National F-TR Team on Practice Day…
F-Class National Championships Raton New Mexico NM

Course of fire — Day One

  • Match 1: 1000-yard individual slow fire prone. Unlimited sighting shots and 15 shots for
    record in a time of 22 minutes.
  • Match 2: 1000-yard individual slow fire prone. Two (2) sighting shots and 15 shots for record in a time of 22 minutes.
  • Match 3: 1000-yard individual slow fire prone. Two (2) sighting shots and 15 shots for record in a time of 22 minutes.

Because the 2013 F-Class World Championships will be held at Raton immediately after the U.S. Nationals, many international shooters will be attending the U.S. Championships this week. The firing line definitely has a multi-national look this year. Below is U.S. F-Open National Team Captain Shiraz Balolia with a proud Canadian competitor. For once Shiraz may have been one-upped in the hatsmanship competition.

F-Class National Championships Raton New Mexico NM

Photos courtesy Shiraz Balolia and Team USA F-TR Rifle Team

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August 19th, 2013

Long Range Champion SSG Ty Cooper — How He Got Started

Story by Lars Dalseide for NRABlog
It was a close one for SSG Tyrel Cooper. He’s been close before at NRA’s National Long Range High Power Rifle Championships in Camp Perry, but not as close as this. Not so close that his overall point total of 1243, while impressive, was not good enough to win. It was only good enough for a tie. Thank god for the X count. With an X count of of 71, Cooper inched by fellow U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) teammate Brandon Keith Green by seven whole points. Talk about the skin of your teeth. “It’s been a long time coming,” said Cooper — Fourteen years to be exact.

Falling in love with High Powered Rifles
Cooper wasn’t raised on rifles. No, he was just your typical California kid on the streets of Sacramento. It wasn’t until a 14 year-old Ty accompanied his father to the Police and Fire Games that he discovered a passion for firearms.

“I tagged along with Dad to a high power rifle match. We ran into Jim O’Connell at the practice range. He asked if I wanted to shoot one of his ARs. After a little prodding, I did and instantly fell in love. I ended up pulling targets for the rest of the match. That’s when I decided it was better to be pulling triggers than pulling targets.”

Working odd jobs and hoarding the cash, Cooper eventually saved enough for an AR of his own. Now all he needed was a place to shoot. California, contrary to popular opinion, would provide.

“There are a lot of real good shooters who come out of California,” said Cooper. “They have one of the best high power teams in the country right now. Norman Mayo, Tom Whittaker, and Bob Gustin (3rd in this year’s Long Range High Power Championships) all came out of California. We use to shoot at the same club in Sacramento. “I grew up watching him (Gustin) shoot, wishing one day I’d be like him.”

A path to the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit’s Long Range Rifle Team
The rest of Cooper’s teenage years were spent competing. With his father and sister in tow, they went from competition to competition throughout the state. It was a family affair.

“We only had one gun,” he said with a snicker. “I would shoot, she would shoot, then dad would shoot. After a while, he backed off and just supported us. “My sister was pretty good. I was actually her coach on the Junior Team in 2007 at the World Championships up in Canada. But that’s the last time we shot together. She went and got married, had two kids. Life got in the way.”

Cooper was working on a life of his own. Out of high school, he was searching for a place to put those rifle talents to use. That place would be with the U.S. Army. Joining at the age of 19, he spent the next few years honing skills. Reading wind, playing with ballistics, shooting whenever possible. Four years later, as a member of the USA Young Eagles Rifle Team (America’s under 21 and under 25 long range rifle team), he met with AMU Coach Emil Praslick.

“We head a real good talk. I got the letter and was off to basic training.”

It’s been a whirlwind ever since. Learning from the best in the business, Cooper utilizes his refined skills to be the best in competition and valuable resource in training. As any member of the AMU will tell you, one of their primary goals is to serve as a force multiplier. They do this by sending members of the Unit to army bases throughout the world. There they teach the troops the finer points of marksmanship.

But the travel doesn’t end there. There’s also a great deal required for the competitions. Ty explained: “For Long Range I’ve been to Canada, England, Australia, South Africa. In the states I’ve shot in California, Louisiana, Tennesee, Virginia, Georgia and Ohio. Long Range has taken me around the world, High Power has only taken me up and down the east coast.” Now, no matter where he goes, he will always be known as NRA’s 2013 National Long Range High Power Rifle Champion.

“When he was a kid growing up, he had a lot of help from a lot a good shooters,” said Robert Gustin, one of Cooper’s early mentors at the Sacramento shooting club. “One thing you can count on is that he’s always been good and will get nothing but better.” Photo above shows SSG Brandon Green, SSG Tyrel Cooper, and Bob Gustin on stage at the NRA Long Range High Power Rifle Championships in Camp Perry.

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August 19th, 2013

Bushnell Releases Six New Scopes in AR Optics Line

Bushnell Outdoor Products has launched a new optics family designed especially for AR-platform rifles. The new AR Optics product line from Bushnell includes six new riflescopes that range in configuration from a 1-4x24mm scope for close target acquisition to a 4.5-18x 40mm scope designed for extended range shooting. The AR Optics series scopes all feature fast-focus eyepieces, and large-diameter, target=style turrets. Side parallax control is included, except the for the lower-power 1-4X models.

Bushnell AR Optics

One nice feature of Bushnell’s AR line of optics are caliber-specific reticle options. With three bullet-drop compensation (BDC) reticles available in the AR Optics line: DropZone-22, DropZone-223 and BTR-1, the scopes are designed for ease of use and quick target acquisition. The Bushnell AR scope offerings boast fully multi-coated optics in durable one-piece tubes. Bushnell claims that its AR-line scopes are waterproof and fogproof.

Product Tip from EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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August 16th, 2013

F-Class Nationals Kick Off Sunday — World Championships Follow

F-Classers — you better get your ammo loaded and your bags packed. The 2013 F-Class U.S. National Championship commences this Sunday, August 18, 2013 with an official practice day. The United States National Championship matches start on Monday with Registration and Squadding at 0700-0730. (Don’t over-sleep and miss the action.) There will be individual matches on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, with a U.S. Championship Team Match on Wednesday.

F-Class national world championships raton nm new mexico

The F-Class World Championships follow immediately after the U.S. Championships, with the Worlds running Friday August 23rd (practice day) through Tuesday, August 27th. This back-to-back scheduling means that many foreign shooters can come early and participate in the U.S. Championship matches as well. It looks to be an exciting week-and-a-half of competition. Good Luck to all individual shooters and teams. Here is the schedule for the U.S. Nationals:

U.S. F-Class Championships Shooting Schedule
Sunday, August 18, 2013
There will be a squadded practice at 1000 yards for individuals and teams. Squadding at 0700-0730. Commence firing 0800. Squadded practice fee is included in the match entry fee. There will be four relays, 20 minutes per relay. The range will be closed the remainder of the day.

Monday, August 19, 2013
DAY 1: F-Class 1000 Yards
Registration/Squadding at 0700-0730. Opening ceremonies 0720
Commence fire 0800. Three individual 15-record-shot 1000-yard matches plus Aggregate.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Day 2: F-Class 1000-Yards
Squadding at 0700-0730, commence fire at 0800
Three individual, 15-record-shot 1000-yard matches plus Aggregate.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
Day 3: F-Class Team Matches
Team Captains will draw for target assignments 0720, commence fire at 0800
Two, four-person 1000-yard slow fire prone team matches, plus aggregate. Two sighting shots and 20
shots for record per team member.

Thursday, August 22, 2013
Day 4: F-Class 1000-yards
Squadding 0700-0730, commence fire 0800
Two 1000-yard individual 20-record-shot matches plus Aggregate.

The National Championship will be awarded based on Individual Grand Aggregate (total of matches 1-3, 5-7, 9-10). The Award Dinner/Ceremony will be held at the Coors Building at 6:00 PM Thursday, August
22, 2013. Free to all competitors. $10.00 for guests.

The Aussies Are Coming!
The first contingent of the Australian F-Class Team is heading our way. South Australian members Richard Braund, Stuart Braund, Dave Zerbe, and Mike Willment, received an enthusiastic send-off by fellow F-Class shooters in Adelaide, before the foursome jetted off to Sydney. They will join other Aussie team members in Sydney before flying to Los Angeles, and then heading on to Raton, NM.

Coming all the way from the Southern Hemisphere requires hauling a ton of gear through multiple airports. We don’t want to even think about the “excess baggage” charges. At least these intrepid Aussies will be racking up the frequent flyer miles. Sydney to Los Angeles and back again is roughly a 15,000 mile round-trip.

Report by John Cranwell of South Australia, who tells his countrymen: “Go Aussie!”.

CLICK HERE for F-Class World Championship Information Packet

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August 16th, 2013

Build Your Own M1 Garand at CMP’s Advanced Maintenance Class

Update August 20, 2013: The Class is full. The CMP states: “If you applied and did not get accepted, the CMP plans to hold additional classes next year in Anniston. Dates will be announced at a later date and an email announcement will be sent out.”

This fall, the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) will offer a 3-day, Advanced Maintenance Class (AMC) for students with strong mechanical aptitude and a desire to learn how to work on M1 Garand rifles. The first AMC class starts Friday, November 1st at the CMP Custom Shop in Anniston, Alabama. The course fee is $1,400.00. This includes a CMP Special Rifle that each student will build (as his own “keeper”) and three lunches. Students must provide their own accommodations in Anniston.

M1 Garand CMP Class Anniston Gunsmithing

The 3-day class is intended for individuals interested in learning how the M1 Garand rifle functions and how to perform advanced maintenance procedures to their personal rifle(s). The class involves classroom lecture as well as hands-on shop time. Tools will be provided.

NOTE: This class is not intended for gunsmiths or students with advanced knowledge of the M1 rifle. No prior armorer or shooting experience is required. Students will each assemble their own CMP Special rifle from components included in the AMC fee.

CMP M1 Garand AMC Course Topics

  • Component purpose and function
  • Commercial barrel installation, chambering and headspace; use of gauges
  • Component selection and inspection
  • Fitting and proper assembly of a complete CMP Special rifle
  • Some discussion of malfunctions and their remedies
  • Accurizing techniques for the M1

How to Apply for M1 Garand Class
To apply for the CMP AMC, complete the online APPLICATION FORM (You can fill this out online or download the PDF file and email completed application to The class is expected to fill quickly. Students will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more info, email John McLean via email at or call the CMP Custom Shop at (256) 835-8455, ext. 2114. The November AMC class is the first of its kind. However, the CMP hopes to offer similar classes quarterly at the Anniston Custom Shop.

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August 16th, 2013 — New Comparison-Shopping Site for Gun Stuff

Need a new firearm, scope, or gun accessory, but are you overwhelmed with the myriad options available? Well there’s a new website that allows gun enthusiasts to comparison-shop firearms, ammunition, parts, scopes, and accessories., slated to launch this fall, is an online, comparison-shopping engine focused exclusively on the firearms market. The website will offer hundreds of thousands of products from a network of top online retailers. This lets consumers quickly find and compare products from many different manufacturers. Using modern web database technology, offers advanced search capabilities as well as quick filters for caliber and gun type. gun firearms shopping site

CLICK HERE for Sneak Preview of gun firearms shopping site Provides Options after Google and Other Sites Ban Gun-Related Listings
“The walls have been closing in on firearm companies’ ability to advertise online for quite some time,” explained Jake Messerly, President of “Over the past year popular sites such as Google, Nextag, and Amazon have stripped the vast majority of firearm-related products from their websites leaving retailers very few options for promoting their products online. will give consumers an exclusive experience and retailers a dedicated channel to market their products.” is seeking to partner with the top retailers in the firearms, ammunition, parts, and accessories markets.

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August 15th, 2013

Inside Look at World Record .0077″ Group — The Gun and Ammo

We reported two weeks ago that Texas shooter Mike Stinnett nailed a .0077″ group in competition — the smallest 5-shot group ever shot at 100 yards. This has now been officially recognized as a new NBRSA record, eclipsing the .009″ record group shot 40 years ago by Mac McMillan. Congrats to Mike for breaking the “unbreakable record”. As Glenn C. posted on Benchrest Central: “They said it couldn’t be done. Hats off to Mike for an awesome personal achievement in a Sport/Hobby where getting your name in the record books is a rarity.”

kelbly speedy shorty panda action

Stinnett Sets .0077″ Record with a .30-Caliber Modified Grendel Cartridge, Pre-Loaded
Many folks have asked about the gun and ammo that produced the .0077″ group. The rifle was chambered as a .30-caliber wildcat, the 30 Stewart, which is based on the 6.5 Grendel case necked up. Mike was using Hodgdon H4198 powder behind BIB 114gr, 10-ogive bullets. Notably, the record-setting ammo was pre-loaded before the match. Unfortunately, we don’t have a photo of the target yet — it is still in the hands of the official NBRSA certification committee. However, Mike has been kind enough to tell us about his rifle and his load.

Mike Stinnett .0077″ Record Group Equipment Report

Mike reports: “Several guys have asked so here is my equipment listing. The hardware build actually started in 2008 with the goal of building two identical Benchrest rifles which could be used for both group and score. The idea was to shoot 6PPC and a 30 Cal without a base rifle change.”

Action: Kelby Panda “Speedy Shorty” with solid bolt and PPC-diameter bolt face. Kelby was asked to build several actions which were identical with the intent to eliminate any variance in head space between the two new rifles. This helped me use a single set-up on sizing dies for both rifles and ammo is interchangeable. Both actions were sent to Thomas ‘Speedy’ Gonzalez to be blue-printed and have Jewell triggers installed.

Reamer: 30 STEWART (I just call it a 30 PPC as that is what everyone expects, but it is in fact a custom design and Ralph deserves about 99% of the credit).

Barrels: Krieger was selected for the barrels. After discussions with Randy Robinett of BIB Bullets, a 1:17″ twist was identified as the correct, safe solution. Ralph Stewart has cut all my chambers using a custom-designed reamer. [Our goal] was consistent headspace and Ralph has been able to keep my barrels within .0002 variance. The barrel tuner also comes from Ralph Stewart.

  • Stock: Larson (including action bedding)
  • Scope: Leupold 45X Competition in Kelby Single Screw Tall Rings
  • Brass: Lapua (Base case is 6.5 Grendel)
  • Bullets: Randy Robinett (BIB) 30 Cal. 114gr, 10 Ogive (secondary bullet; primary is 112gr BIB)
  • Powder: H4198 – Stout Load with 2980 FPS Velocity
  • Front Rest: Farley Coaxial
  • Bags: Micro Fiber
  • Flags: Graham Wind Flags (large)

About the Cartridge — 30 Stewart (Based on Lapua 6.5 Grendel Parent Brass)
Mike explains: “Our goal was to shoot H4198 as the optimal powder for stability. There were several versions of the reamer before we settled on the current configuration. I am optimized for the 10 Ogive BIB bullet, powder to the base of the bullet. I found in testing the small 30-cal case did not like compression at all. The bullet is seated only 0.12″ into the case with zero freebore.

Cases were initially created with the .220 Russian (like a PPC) but I later decided it was better to build from the 6.5 Grendel. I size the brass and bump the shoulder back until it will fit into the chamber, fill to shoulder with International Clays, cotton wad packed on top. I have a fire-forming barrel. (I would not recommend this Clays and cotton wad method in a good barrel.) After initial fire-forming, I then mandrel the neck up the rest of the way to .30 caliber, turn the necks and trim.

It takes at least 8 firings to fully form a case! If you fire only three loads I find the brass does not have a sharp shoulder or any pressure on the bolt so any die selection is incorrect. Brass continues to harden well past 25 firings. I have match brass with well over 500 rounds fired, and I have never blown a case or neck yet (using my forming method).

For loading I use a Hornady Custom Shop Sizing Die and a Ralph Stewart Custom Seating Die. For those who are curious, yes the small group was fired with pre-loaded rounds. I do this now and then with local matches or may load 50 in a batch for one match.”

Mike wanted to thank his smiths, Randy Robinett, and all the folks involved in running the matches: “A big THANKS — as these are the guys that make our matches possible and without question maintain the integrity of the targets and record system. I was very fortunate to have all the right people in the right places for this match and my record. As for measurement – I only saw the target for about 10 seconds up close and can say I’m very happy I did not have to measure that group! Thanks again to everyone!” — Mike Stinnett

kelbly speedy shorty panda action

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August 15th, 2013

Site Maintenance Set for August 17 (Saturday) — Downtime

website maintenance accurateshooter.comHere’s a “heads up” for our Daily Bulletin readers and site visitors. On Saturday, August 17, we plan to upgrade our servers and install new software for the Daily Bulletin and As a result, the Daily Bulletin and will be unavailable (offline) for up to 24 hours on Saturday, August 17. There is a small possibility of downtime on Sunday as well.

The work is being done to streamline the database that handles the thousands of articles on the Daily Bulletin and the main site. In addition we will be installing new server software that should be faster yet easier to trouble-shoot. This should give us improved security and stability, and it should allow the Daily Bulletin and main site to run faster. You should notice that searches run faster.

website maintenance accurateshooter.comSo guys… don’t freak out if you cannot access and the Daily Bulletin this upcoming weekend. God willing, all the necessary work can be done within a 24-town span on Saturday. If all goes according to plan, you can log in on Sunday without a hitch. All existing articles, photos, and resources will be backed up and restored — there will simply be a “time out” for 24 hours or so. IMPORTANT: You will still be able to use our Shooters’ Forum without interruption.

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August 14th, 2013

New Brownells’ Master Catalog #66 Has Been Released

The “Big Book” is back. Brownells’ Master Catalog #66, the largest ever, is now available. The 696-page Catalog is filled with a vast number of products for gunsmiths, competitors, hunters and gun enthusiasts. The latest Catalog #66 boasts more than 2,000 new items, including 10 pages of reloading supplies. The AR-15/M16, Riflescope and Pistol sections have also grown significantly.

Brownells mater catalog 66 #66 order

Master Catalog #66 is presented in Brownells’ signature horizontal format, with color-coded edges and mini-indices to help readers find the 35 various product categories. To receive a catalog, simply visit the catalog section of Brownells’ website. Customers may also call 800-741-0015 to request a catalog. The Master Catalog #66 costs $5.00.

If you prefer a FREE PDF Version of Master Catalog #66, then CLICK HERE for PDF Catalog.

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August 14th, 2013

ArmsDealer.Net Spotlights Gun Stores, Offers Free Classifieds

Looking for a retail gunshop or shooting range near your home town? Or perhaps you’re on the road and you need to pick up some replacement gun parts or ammo. Well now you can locate the nearest gun store or range in just seconds. Visit ArmsDealer.Net, type in a zip code or city name, and click the “search” button. Instantly the ArmsDealer.Net search engine displays a list of local gunstores and ranges, ranked by proximity (nearest first) and plotted on a map. Click any listed entry and store/range details appear, along with a more detailed, interactive street map to aid navigation. It’s fast and easy. You’ll save time and spend less money on gasoline driving around in search of shooting products.

FREE Classified Ads
Another great feature of ArmsDealer.Net is the Classified Ads system. The site lets visitors easily buy or sell firearms and related items, using a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use Classifieds software solution. And the Classified Ads are FREE — that’s right, no charge. If you want to list guns, shooting accesories, or outdoor gear for sale, you can post for FREE, with no listing or transaction charges. Can’t beat that. Free Classifieds

  • Free Classifieds, no posting or transactional fees.
  • Buyers can filter Classifieds by Product, Manufacturer, or State.
  • Custom software lets you find local buyers and sellers in your area.
  • Easy to use Feedback System for buyers AND sellers.
  • Private Messaging system lets buyers and sellers coordinate sales.
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