September 30th, 2013

New ISSF Bullseye Scoring App for Android Devices

Here’s a handy, new smart-phone App for competitive shooters. The ISSF Target Tracker App uses the touch-screen on your Android smart-phone so you can record shot positions during practice sessions or matches. Since the user inputs the shot position this will work with both old-fashioned paper targets as well as the newer electronic targets. This software automatically shows the correct target configuration for the discipline you select. Three-position shooters can create separate scoring categories for kneeling, prone, and standing. Sighters can be recorded separately from record shots.

The Target Tracker App for Android OS is now available for $9.99 through the Google Play App Store. NOTE: This Android Target Tracker App has many features not yet available for the iPhone. The App developer plans to release an updated iOS (Apple) version in a month or two.

target tracker issf app android

Description of Application
The Target Tracker is a unique application for your Android devices which provides a powerful training aid for your ISSF-style shooting training, matches, and finals sessions. The application utilizes the touch screen features of the Smartphone, allowing you to record the position of each shot as it is fired during your practice session or match. It also keeps track of the time elapsed between shots, and helps you analyze this time to show what shooting pace produces your best results. You can select from several shooting disciplines, including 10m Air Rifle, 10m Air Pistol, 50m Rifle and Standard pistol 25 and 50m, and 300m Rifle. Each discipline records the shots on the correct target design with proper shot size. The application complies with the latest ISSF regulations for Match and Finals.

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