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October 17th, 2013

New ‘Coaching Young Rifle Shooters’ Book by Gary Anderson

DCM Emeritus Gary Anderson has authored a new book, Coaching Young Rifle Shooters, that fills an important need. Anderson, one of the most successful American marksmen in history, has created a new fully-illustrated guide to help parents and coaches train young shooters. This 187-page, full-color book is the most comprehensive instructional guide of its kind currently in print. In his training guidebook, Gary provides coaches with the tools needed to develop young shooters and improve their skills. In his 11 years of international competition, Gary won two Olympic gold medals, seven World Championships, and 16 national titles.

Gary Anderson Coaching Book

Coaching Young Rifle Shooters
By Gary Anderson

Instructional and teaching guide for coaches and parents who work with beginning and intermediate junior rifle shooters.

187 pages, full color.
Fully Illustrated.
$19.95 plus S&H

CMP Store
Item NLU 758

Order through the CMP E-Store.

About Gary Anderson
Gary Anderson served as the Director of the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) from 1999-2009, and is now DCM Emeritus. At the 1962 World Shooting Championships in Egypt, Anderson won four individual titles and set three new world records. At the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, Gary won the 300m free-rifle Gold Medal, setting a new world record in the process. At the 1966 World Shooting Championships in Germany, Anderson won three additional world titles. At the 1968 Olympics, Gary won a second gold medal in the 300m free-rifle event.

DCM CMP Gary AndersonGary retired from active international competition after the 1969 World Championships in Spain, where he set a 50m, three-position world record. After his “retirement” from international competition, Gary competed in the National High Power Championships, winning the President’s National Trophy in 1973, 1975 and 1976. Over his competitive career, Anderson won two Olympic Gold Medals, seven World Championships, and sixteen National Championships. No American has ever won more major shooting titles.

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October 17th, 2013

Wolf Rifle and Pistol Primers in Stock at

Need Primers? has received a large shipment of Wolf Primers. Made in Russia, Wolf primers have worked well for many shooters. In many cartridge types Wolf primers have shown very good accuracy, and competitively low ES and SD. You should read our Shooters’ Forum threads about Wolf Primers to see if they would be a good option for you. We have generally heard positive feedback, with a few comments that Wolf primers may require a little more force to be seated properly, when compared to domestic-made primers. Current inventories are shown below.

wideners wolf tula russian primers small rifle large rifle in stock

Wolf Primers at (All In Stock as of 10/17/2013 at 10:00 am ET)

Prices do NOT include shipping and HazMat fees. Wideners says that up to 50,000 primers primers (That’s 10, 5000-count boxes) can go with one hazmat tag.

NOTE: Some shooters prefer the Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers over the standard Wolf Small Rifle Primers because the cups are harder on the SR Magnum versions. Wideners does NOT currently have the Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers in stock.

Product Tip from EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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October 17th, 2013

Vektor Muzzle Brakes From Norway Install Without Gunsmithing

Forum member Kenneth Skorpen (aka “Sal”) from Norway sells a variety of shooting products through the website. Among the more interesting products offered by Skorpen are a series of muzzle brakes that can be installed on your barrel with no gunsmithing required — if the barrel tip has already been threaded. Crafted in Norway by Vektor Maskin, these muzzle brakes employ an internal inside/outside threaded bushing with a stop nut that fits on the barrel. With the threaded bushing in place, you simply screw the muzzle brake onto the bushing, align it so the ports are horizontal, then set the stop nut and set-screws. (Note, the set-screws touch only the bushing — they do not impinge on the barrel itself.) The video below shows how Vektor spin-on muzzle brakes are installed:

Vektor Norway Muzzle BrakeThere are compact, standard, and large size Vektor muzzle brakes. Adjustment and installation is the same for all three sizes. The small, compact model, with two rows of opposed horizontal ports, is designed for .223-caliber rifles. The medium (standard) size, with either double or triple sets of opposed ports, is suited for 6.5mm or .308 calibers. The largest size, with three rows of large ports, is configured for the .338 magnum calibers. Skorpen claims that all three sizes of Vektor brakes can reduce felt recoil by 70% to 80% The brake itself is SIS1914-04 steel with an oiled zinc phosphate finish. The internal socket is AISI 303 (SUS 303) stainless steel.

Vektor Muzzle Brake Vertebrae

If your barrel is already threaded at the muzzle, the Vektor brakes can be installed with no metal-work or gunsmithing required. Otherwise, you will need a gunsmith to thread the muzzle end of the barrel. The Vector bushings can be machined to a variety of thread types: 1/2″-20/UNF, 1/2″-28, 5/8″-18/UNF, 5/8″-24, m14x1, m14x1.5, m15x1, m16x1, m17x1, and m18x1. Just indicate the thread pitch you require when ordering.

How to Order Vektor Muzzle Brakes
Skorpen’s company, Vertebrae Sikkerhet & Teknikk, exports these Vektor brakes at reasonable prices. With one (1) supplied bushing, the compact brake is $131.43 USD, standard brake is $167.64 USD, and the large (magnum) brake costs $198.49 USD. Extra bushings are available for around $20.00. While the website lists .223, 6.5mm, .308, and .338 caliber brakes, Vetebrae can produce brakes in other calibers on request (add 5 days to delivery time).

You can also purchase Vektor muzzle brakes by emailing joachim [at] (It may be cheaper to order direct via email.) Just send an email stating your desired caliber and thread pitch. Normal delivery time to the USA is one to two weeks.

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