October 3rd, 2013

Inaugural NRA National Defense Matches Kick Off in WV Soon

nra national defense matchesThere’s a new gun game focusing on defensive rifle skills — the NRA National Defense Matches (NDM). Think of this as IDPA with ARs. The inaugural NRA National Defense Matches will be held October 12-13, 2013 at Peacemaker National Training Center, in Gerrardstown, West Virginia.

NDM programs are designed for all skill levels, with the goal of developing and exercising defensive rifle skills. There are three types of NDM matches. First, the basic-level match allows novices to shoot from a variety of positions at relatively close ranges out to 100 yards. Competitors will engage targets from standing, kneeling, prone, and ‘roll-over’ prone positions (to simulate actual defensive situations). Next is the advanced-level NDM. This type of match is held on multiple bays with targets placed at seven to 50 yards. Shooters must move quickly from one firing point to the next. The championship-level, open-terrain NDM, calls for shooters to maneuver through undulating forested terrain, engaging targets from difficult firing positions, at distances out to 500 yards. All NDM matches are conducted according to established general parameters, but the actual courses of fire can be adapted to the features of particular ranges, to suit the terrain and range lay-out. Watch the video to see how NDM matches are conducted.

National Defense Match Demonstration Video (Warning: Very Loud — turn speakers down.)

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