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October 20th, 2013

Sierra 7mm 180gr MatchKing — Yet Another Great F-Open Bullet

Among 7mm shooters at the F-Class World Championships (FCWC), Berger’s 180gr 7mm Match Hybrid Target bullet was probably the most popular projectile. And a fair percentage of shooters were running the older Berger 180gr 7mm Match VLD. However, there were some very good scores shot with another .284-caliber 180-grainer that you may not know about, namely Sierra’s 180gr MatchKing (item # 1980). When some FCWC competitors couldn’t find sufficient quantities of Berger Hybrids or VLDs, they sourced the Sierra 180s. We heard many positive reports about these Sierras. The guys who took the time to sort and tip the 180gr MatchKings seemed very happy with how these bullets shot. That is not surprising, given the 180gr MatchKing’s modern shape and high BC.

Sierra 180gr HPBT match king matchking secant boat tail bullet

This slippery new 180-grainer from Sierra has a claimed 0.660 G1 Ballistic Coefficient (at 1650 fps and above). That is virtually the same as the claimed 0.659 G1 BC for Berger’s 180gr VLD and it is very close to the 0.674 stated G1 BC for the Berger 180gr Hybrid bullet. (Sorry we don’t have a G7 BC value for Sierra’s 180gr MK).

Sierra says it developed this bullet expressly for long-range competition: “The 7mm 180 grain HPBT MatchKing was created in response to requests from top-level F-Class shooters. Sierra has designed this MatchKing to provide a higher weight/higher BC alternative in our 7mm line. This bullet’s 12-caliber secant ogive and lengthened boat-tail make it the perfect choice for the discerning 7mm long range shooter.” Sierra recommends a 1:8″ twist for this projectile.

Sierra 180gr HPBT match king matchking secant boat tail bulletOK, perhaps now we have your attention. But you may be thinking, “What good does this do me if I can’t find any 180gr SMKs to buy?” Well friends, take heart. These bullets ARE available right now from major vendors. Powder Valley Inc. (PVI) has the Sierra 180gr 7mm MatchKings in stock in 100-count boxes for $33.97. And Midsouth Shooters Supply has the 180gr SMKs in stock right now in 100-count boxes for $34.60. Based on part numbers, we believe Midsouth also has 500-count boxes of the 180gr SMKs for $171.03.

Note: On Midsouth’s website, the 500-count box is listed as “7mm 180gr HPBT Match Pro-Hunter 500 Count”, but we believe it is the same MatchKing bullet, NOT a Pro-Hunter. Sierra does not produce a 7mm (.284 diameter) 180gr Pro-Hunter. Midsouth’s listed part number, 1980C, is the Sierra stock code for the 500-count box of 180gr 7mm MatchKings. Before placing an order, have Midsouth check the label on the boxes to confirm the inventory is correct.

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October 20th, 2013

22-6.5×47 vs. 22-250 Standard and Improved

In our Shooters’ Forum, there was an interesting discussion of the 6.5×47 Lapua case necked down to .22 caliber. Forum members discuss the pros and cons of a “22×47 Lapua” wildcat versus the classic 22-250 or a 22-250 AI.

Forum member SkeetLee asked: “I am considering a 22x47L or a 22-250 AI. I like the Lapua brass and I have heard some good accuracy reports from the 6.5×47 Lapua case whether it be chambered as a 6.5mm or necked down to 6mm or even 22 caliber. I don’t know too much about the 22-250 AI except that it’s pretty popular and it’s fast…. I don’t see much offered for reloading dies for the 22x47L. I know I can use a bushing die to neck size but what about full length sizing and seating dies? Does it make better sense to just go with the 22-250 AI?”

22-250 Ackley Improved

Respected Savage Gunsmith Fred Moreo, posting as “Medicineman”, offered this interesting advice: “Why not get the best of both worlds? I built a 22×47 Improved for my coyote gun. It is easy as just running the 22-250 AI reamer in .050″ short, and trimming the same amount off the dies. It is actually a little more efficient than the 22-250 AI. My best load for coyotes is a 65gr Sierra GameKing pushed by 39.4 grains of H4350 for 3750 fps. The Lapua brass will take more pressure than any 22-250 brass available, and last four times as long. The 65 Sierra GKs hit like a sledge-hammer, and were originally designed for shooting red kangaroos — they’re pretty tough from what I hear.”

22-250 Ackley ImprovedForum member Vic C. from Oklahoma has experience with the 22-250 AI, and has recently built a 22×47 Lapua. Comparing the 22-250 AI with the 22x47L, Vic tells us: “Accuracy should be very good from either caliber in custom barrels.” Vic continues: “I have two 22-250 AI barrels and a new 22X47 Lapua barrel that I’ve just started load testing. The 22X47 Lapua case capacity is slightly more than a standard 22-250 Rem and less than the 22-250 AI (fireformed). The advantage of the 22X47 L, of course, is the availability of Lapua brass. I have Remington, Winchester and Federal brass for the 22-250 AIs and prefer Remington which I’ve found to be quite good, but not up to Lapua standards of course.

Recently I’ve been shooting some reformed Norma 6XC brass in the 22-250 AI and find it to be of excellent quality. [Editor’s Note: Lapua also now makes 22-250 brass though it is currently hard to find.] Dies for the 22-250 AI are much easier to come by than for the 22X47 Lapua. For a coyote rifle, if you’re not saving the hides, I think either caliber would be a great choice. For a PD rifle I would go with the 22-250 AI because of much less work prepping the hundreds of cases needed.”

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October 19th, 2013

Factory-New Remington 700 Short Actions for $389.99

Brownells Rem Remington 700 short action SA receiver bluedRem 700 Action Sale
Need an action for your next varmint, hunting, or tactical rifle project? How about a brand new, short action Remington 700 receiver for $389.99? Sound good? Then visit to take advantage of this special offer. These .308-size-bolt, blued-finish Rem 700 actions have been marked down from $449.99 to $389.99 — a $60.00 savings. (Brownells also has Rem 700 Long Actions priced at $499.99). You should act soon, as supplies are limited. FFL is required for purchase.

Brownells Rem Remington 700 short action SA receiver blued

Factory-Original, Current Production Actions with X-Mark Pro Triggers
These receivers are from a current factory production run and meet the latest design specifications and quality control standards at the Remington factory. The $389.99 versions have a .308-Win diameter bolt face. Each is precision-machined from either carbon steel or stainless steel barstock for uniform strength, drilled and tapped for scope bases, and ready to accept your choice of barrel and bottom metal. Remington’s bolt assembly features two, up-front bolt lugs for tight lockup and reliable pressure retention, plus 2-panel checkering on the bolt handle. A rivetless, circlip-type extractor and spring-loaded plunger ejector provide positive case extraction. Each action is equipped with Remington’s new X-Mark Pro trigger for improved trigger pull and easy adjustment. The easy-to-reach, two-position thumb safety engages quietly, and allows unloading while in the “safe” position.

Brownells Rem Remington 700 short action SA receiver blued

EDITOR’s NOTE: The following commentary by Brownells explains why the availability of new production Rem 700 actions is unpredictable, and why Rem 700 actions are a good choice for a rifle build.

Remington 700 Actions — Availability
It’s been many years since Brownells has been able to offer Remington 700 actions in its catalog. The problem has been unsteady supply: Remington Arms Co. will release actions to the commercial market only when it is sure it has enough supply to satisfy its own production needs for complete guns. Now, however, through a new arrangement with Remington, we are able to offer both Long and Short 700 actions (but supplies are limited).

Why The Rem 700 Action?
It’s simple. For 50 years, the Remington 700 has been the flagship of commercial rifle actions, providing proven reliability, fine accuracy, plus the largest selection of aftermarket bolt action parts in the industry. The Remington 700 action has proven itself for hunters and target shooters alike. The Rem 700 action still ranks as the number one choice of custom gun makers. Consequently, you will find a large selection of Rem-700 inletted stocks, along with aftermarket triggers, bottom metal, scope rails, and other accessories.

When They’re Gone…
There is, indeed, a limited number of commercial suppliers for these actions, and we are proud to be one of them. Although steadier now, the supply is still not certain enough that we’re ready to catalog them in our Big Book. We can only offer what we have in stock — and simply cannot guarantee permanent availability in the future. If they sell out, we all may be back to scrounging the gun shows and searching the Internet for a lucky deal on something used, or pirating the action from a brand new gun.

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October 19th, 2013

Video Reveals Lapua’s Commitment to Quality

Lapua brass and Scenar BulletsIn a world where too many companies have down-graded product quality and durability, we’re lucky there are some fanatical Finns who build great stuff for shooters. For serious handloaders, the cartridge brass of choice is made by Lapua in Finland. Lapua brass lasts longer than most other brands of cartridge brass, with industry-leading case-to-case uniformity. How do the Finns manage to make such good brass and loaded ammo? This informative video provides insights into Lapua’s “passion for precision”. This “must watch”, 12-minute video contains a surprising amount of “hard” info on Lapua products, with segments showing Lapua brass and rimfire ammo being produced. Watch carefully and you’ll see most of the processes used for forming and loading brass. Another short segment shows a Lapua technician inspecting a case for run-out.

The video spotlights some of the important American and international records set with Lapua ammo. You’ll see top 300m and Olympic rifle shooters in action, and there are also short comments from many champions, including American Benchrest legend Tony Boyer.

NOTE: This is long video — you may need to let it buffer (pre-load) for 10 seconds before playback. If that doesn’t work, let the entire video load, then hit the replay button.
Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this VideoPress video.

Yes, this video is first and foremost a marketing tool, but that doesn’t lessen that fact that it is fascinating to watch. Lapua’s video also does a great job making our sport seem important and exciting — NRA take note! We suspect many of you will want to save the video to your computer for future viewing. That’s easy to do. Just click on the link below. (Note: After downloading, we suggest that PC users play it back through Windows Media Player. You can then drag the Media Player corners to expand the video viewing size.)

CLICK HERE to download Lapua Video (Lo-Res, 24 megs).

CLICK HERE to download Lapua Video (Hi-Res, 258 megs, fast connection recommended).

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October 18th, 2013

NBRSA Changes Sporter Rules — Bukys Builds to New Standards

The National Benchrest Shooters Association (NBRSA) has adopted new rules, loosening restrictions on the Sporter Class of benchrest rifles. Now a Sporter fore-arm may be any width (or angle), and the underside of the buttstock can have any angle. Previously, fore-arm width was limited to three inches, and the bottom of the buttstock had to be angled up. (NBRSA Rules will continue to require this “up-angle” geometry for all Light Varmint (LV) and Heavy Varmint (HV) rifles). In addition, the NBRSA opened the Sporter Class to any caliber “no larger than .308 Winchester”.

The idea behind these changes is to allow greater innovation in at least one class of benchrest bag guns, and to avoid “redundancy”. Currently a 10.5-lb Light Varmint can be shot as a Sporter, so long as the LV complies with caliber rules. For practical purposes, that meant Sporter Class was redundant with the Light Varmint Class, and there was no real reason for the Sporter Class to exist anymore.

The Sporter weight limit remains unchanged at 10.5 pounds (including optics). All current LV and Sporter rifles will remain 100% legal under the new rule, so no one is forced to go out and build a new rifle to shoot in Sporter class. But if you want to try a more radical stock design, now you have the opportunity to do so. Here is the text of the new rule:

NBRSA Rule Book (New Sporter Rule)
B. Definitions: 2. Equipment (d) Sporter Rifle

A Sporter Rifle is defined as any rifle having a safe manually and mechanically operated firing Mechanism and must not weigh more than 10.5 lbs, inclusive of sights. The stock can be flat, or convex, but not concave. The Forearm can be any width and have any angle. The butt stock can have any angle including a reverse angle, the barrel shall not be less that 18″ long forward of the bolt face and can be any diameter or configuration including a straight taper or a reverse taper. The Sporter Rifle can be no larger than .308 Winchester. Sporter Rifles do not have to conform to the Varmint Rifles diagram. All sand bag rules apply to the Sporter Rifle.

View NBRSA Rule Book (Includes New Sporter Definition) PDF

Bukys Explains the Thinking Behind the Sporter Rule Change

NBRSA Gene BukysOn Benchrest Central, leading benchrest shooter Gene Bukys discussed the new NBRSA Sporter Rule Changes: “[This] does not create a new rifle or an experimental class — it simply removes most of the restrictive rules from the existing Sporter class. Every existing LV rifle and every existing Sporter Rifle in this whole world is still legal, and competitive, under these changes.

My purpose in all of this is to make the Sporter class, and the LV rifle, no longer redundant classes, and to have a class where we can have some innovation in Benchrest. If there is a better stock configuration out there or a better barrel profile shouldn’t we benchrest shooters be the leading edge of this innovation? Benchrest used to be the leading edge of virtually all accuracy innovation. I’m not sure if that’s true anymore. I would like that to be… true again.

For right now, I don’t see this as making any huge radical changes to benchrest, but given time and a venue to work in (Sporter Class) there may be some really meaningful innovation that comes about. Let’s have some fun with this.”

Gene Bukys Commissions New Convertible Sporter/LV Stock by Bob Scoville
Under the new NBRSA Sporter standards, stock designers/fabricators can now experiment with a wider variety of stock shapes and geometry. Gene Bukys commissioned a new stock from Bob Scoville that shows what can be done under the new liberalized Sporter stock rules.

Gene’s latest NBRSA Sporter rifle features a stepped forearm that can fit a 5-inch wide bag rider plate. In the rear, this stock can run different size/shape “keels” (buttstock underbellies). The larger keel, shown attached in the photos, exhibits the flatter angle now allowed under the new NBRSA Sporter rule. (In fact, this keel may have a slight reverse angle, i.e. lower in the front than in the back). At any time, this Scoville stock can be switched back to a 100%-legal Light Varmint configuration by: 1) removing the 5″ front bag-rider plate; and 2) changing to the smaller, up-angled rear keel piece.

CLICK Photos to View Full-Screen Version
Bukys Scoville Carbon Fiber Sporter Benchrest Stock

Bukys Scoville Carbon Fiber Sporter Benchrest Stock

Bukys Scoville Carbon Fiber Sporter Benchrest Stock

Bukys Scoville Carbon Fiber Sporter Benchrest Stock

Photos and Links provided by Pascal Fischbach.
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October 18th, 2013

Varmint Silhouette Match This Weekend at Pala in California

About 24 miles east of Oceanside, California (near the Camp Pendleton Marine base) is the Pala Reservation. On that Native American land you’ll find a Casino Resort, plus an excellent shooting range. Each month, shooters come to Pala for the Varmint Silhouette Match hosted by the North County Shootist Association. Normally the match is held on the first Sunday of the month. But this October, the match will be held Sunday, October 20th. Matches start around 9:00 am and finish around noon.

Pala Varmint Silhouette

Course of Fire: Five Yardages, 50 Critters
At five different yardages, ten steel “critter” targets are set as follows: 200 Meters – Field Mice (“pikas”); 300 meters – Crows; 385 meters – Ground Squirrels; 500 meters – Jack Rabbits; 600 yards – Prairie Dogs. The folks at Pala run a tight ship, cycling multiple relays efficiently, so everybody gets to shoot 50 targets (10 each at five different yardages), and the show is usually completed by 1:00 pm. A one-hour sight-in period starts at 8:00 am, and the match starts at 9:00 am sharp. Newcomers should definitely arrive no later than 7:45 am, because you may need the full sight-in period to get good zeros at all five yardages. CLICK HERE for full match INFO.

pala range san diego varmint

What to bring to Pala
ammo 6mm GrendelYou’ll need an accurate rifle, plus at least 80 rounds of ammo (bring 100 rounds if you have no idea about your come-ups at these distances). You can shoot either rested prone (F-Class style), from bipod, or from a portable bench with front pedestal and rear bag. Most guys shoot from benches. Any rifle 6.5 caliber or under is allowed (max bullet weight is 107 grains). With no weight restrictions, any good varmint rifle, bench gun, or F-Class rifle can be competitive. Muzzle brakes are permitted. Spotter assistants are allowed, so bring a friend along — he/she can shoot in a different relay. Bring cleaning gear if your rifle can’t run 80+ rounds without losing accuracy. Pastry snacks are often provided, but bring water, and a lunch. You’ll spend some time in the sun helping to set targets, so bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Fun Weekend for the Whole Family
Pala California Shooting RangeThere is a deluxe Indian Casino/Spa a half-mile from the range. So don’t hesitate to bring the wife. If she’s not a shooter, she can enjoy a fancy brunch or spa treatment while you’re having fun mowing down metal critters. Pala is a 30 minutes from the Pacific Ocean and beautiful beaches, so you can make this a weekend holiday for the whole family — kids love sand and surf.

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October 17th, 2013

New ‘Coaching Young Rifle Shooters’ Book by Gary Anderson

DCM Emeritus Gary Anderson has authored a new book, Coaching Young Rifle Shooters, that fills an important need. Anderson, one of the most successful American marksmen in history, has created a new fully-illustrated guide to help parents and coaches train young shooters. This 187-page, full-color book is the most comprehensive instructional guide of its kind currently in print. In his training guidebook, Gary provides coaches with the tools needed to develop young shooters and improve their skills. In his 11 years of international competition, Gary won two Olympic gold medals, seven World Championships, and 16 national titles.

Gary Anderson Coaching Book

Coaching Young Rifle Shooters
By Gary Anderson

Instructional and teaching guide for coaches and parents who work with beginning and intermediate junior rifle shooters.

187 pages, full color.
Fully Illustrated.
$19.95 plus S&H

CMP Store
Item NLU 758

Order through the CMP E-Store.

About Gary Anderson
Gary Anderson served as the Director of the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) from 1999-2009, and is now DCM Emeritus. At the 1962 World Shooting Championships in Egypt, Anderson won four individual titles and set three new world records. At the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, Gary won the 300m free-rifle Gold Medal, setting a new world record in the process. At the 1966 World Shooting Championships in Germany, Anderson won three additional world titles. At the 1968 Olympics, Gary won a second gold medal in the 300m free-rifle event.

DCM CMP Gary AndersonGary retired from active international competition after the 1969 World Championships in Spain, where he set a 50m, three-position world record. After his “retirement” from international competition, Gary competed in the National High Power Championships, winning the President’s National Trophy in 1973, 1975 and 1976. Over his competitive career, Anderson won two Olympic Gold Medals, seven World Championships, and sixteen National Championships. No American has ever won more major shooting titles.

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October 17th, 2013

Wolf Rifle and Pistol Primers in Stock at

Need Primers? has received a large shipment of Wolf Primers. Made in Russia, Wolf primers have worked well for many shooters. In many cartridge types Wolf primers have shown very good accuracy, and competitively low ES and SD. You should read our Shooters’ Forum threads about Wolf Primers to see if they would be a good option for you. We have generally heard positive feedback, with a few comments that Wolf primers may require a little more force to be seated properly, when compared to domestic-made primers. Current inventories are shown below.

wideners wolf tula russian primers small rifle large rifle in stock

Wolf Primers at (All In Stock as of 10/17/2013 at 10:00 am ET)

Prices do NOT include shipping and HazMat fees. Wideners says that up to 50,000 primers primers (That’s 10, 5000-count boxes) can go with one hazmat tag.

NOTE: Some shooters prefer the Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers over the standard Wolf Small Rifle Primers because the cups are harder on the SR Magnum versions. Wideners does NOT currently have the Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers in stock.

Product Tip from EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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October 17th, 2013

Vektor Muzzle Brakes From Norway Install Without Gunsmithing

Forum member Kenneth Skorpen (aka “Sal”) from Norway sells a variety of shooting products through the website. Among the more interesting products offered by Skorpen are a series of muzzle brakes that can be installed on your barrel with no gunsmithing required — if the barrel tip has already been threaded. Crafted in Norway by Vektor Maskin, these muzzle brakes employ an internal inside/outside threaded bushing with a stop nut that fits on the barrel. With the threaded bushing in place, you simply screw the muzzle brake onto the bushing, align it so the ports are horizontal, then set the stop nut and set-screws. (Note, the set-screws touch only the bushing — they do not impinge on the barrel itself.) The video below shows how Vektor spin-on muzzle brakes are installed:

Vektor Norway Muzzle BrakeThere are compact, standard, and large size Vektor muzzle brakes. Adjustment and installation is the same for all three sizes. The small, compact model, with two rows of opposed horizontal ports, is designed for .223-caliber rifles. The medium (standard) size, with either double or triple sets of opposed ports, is suited for 6.5mm or .308 calibers. The largest size, with three rows of large ports, is configured for the .338 magnum calibers. Skorpen claims that all three sizes of Vektor brakes can reduce felt recoil by 70% to 80% The brake itself is SIS1914-04 steel with an oiled zinc phosphate finish. The internal socket is AISI 303 (SUS 303) stainless steel.

Vektor Muzzle Brake Vertebrae

If your barrel is already threaded at the muzzle, the Vektor brakes can be installed with no metal-work or gunsmithing required. Otherwise, you will need a gunsmith to thread the muzzle end of the barrel. The Vector bushings can be machined to a variety of thread types: 1/2″-20/UNF, 1/2″-28, 5/8″-18/UNF, 5/8″-24, m14x1, m14x1.5, m15x1, m16x1, m17x1, and m18x1. Just indicate the thread pitch you require when ordering.

How to Order Vektor Muzzle Brakes
Skorpen’s company, Vertebrae Sikkerhet & Teknikk, exports these Vektor brakes at reasonable prices. With one (1) supplied bushing, the compact brake is $131.43 USD, standard brake is $167.64 USD, and the large (magnum) brake costs $198.49 USD. Extra bushings are available for around $20.00. While the website lists .223, 6.5mm, .308, and .338 caliber brakes, Vetebrae can produce brakes in other calibers on request (add 5 days to delivery time).

You can also purchase Vektor muzzle brakes by emailing joachim [at] (It may be cheaper to order direct via email.) Just send an email stating your desired caliber and thread pitch. Normal delivery time to the USA is one to two weeks.

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October 16th, 2013

Blazing Barrels: 1.25 Million Rounds at Knob Creek Night Shoot

Twice a year, select-fire fans head to the Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky, for the nation’s largest Machine Gun Shoot. A bi-annual event, tThe Machine Gun Shoot is typically held on the second weekend of April and October. The latest Machine Gun Shoot took place October 11-13, 2013. The highlight of every Machine Gun Shoot is the Saturday Night event, where scores of guns send regular and tracer bullets down-range. This year, an estimated 1.25 million rounds were expended during the October Night Shoot.

knob creek KY Kentucky Machine gun shoot

This October, Top Shot Season 4 Champ Chris Cheng was on hand to record the firepower. Chris writes: “About an hour before dark, folks are out on the range setting up all sorts of explosives while a crowd builds, anxiously awaiting what we all know is coming. The lights go out, and the next thing you know machine guns are going off for almost 20 straight minutes. This year’s October 2013 edition did not disappoint. Check out the video below — other than the beginning, my favorite part is at the 5:50 mark [when a Mini-Gun opens fire from the right].”

Click Triangle to Watch Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot Video (Warning: Very Loud Audio)

knob creek KY Kentucky Machine gun shoot

Photos of Knob Creek Gun Range, West Point
This photo of Knob Creek Gun Range is courtesy of TripAdvisor.

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October 16th, 2013

More Bling from SEB — New Compact Loading Press

Sebastian (“Seb”) of SEB Coaxial wanted a compact, transportable reloading press he could take to the range. So he made one himself, and it’s a beauty. Seb tells us: “The press is made from 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum, and it measures 9.5″ tall x 4.2″ wide x 1.5″ thick when folded. The press features a bronze bushing surrounding the main stem and a stainless threaded insert on the top for the screw-in dies”. Seb included a positive ‘stop’ between the cam units and the bottom body of the press. The lever arm is easily removable, as is the grip shaft. Seb used a golf ball for the grip, noting that “it’s comfortable to grip and looks funny”. Spent primers exit through a hole in the back of the press, Seb explains: “The main column has a hole drilled on the back (at an angle), so when the primer is punched it passes through the hole and out through the back.”

Seb Coax Compact Reloading Press

Seb Coax Compact Reloading Press

We have to say, this guy is a wizard with design and fabrication. And if you’re wondering — yes Seb is considering putting this press into production if there is enough interest. He is also planning to craft a small tray to go with the press.

Seb Coax Compact Reloading Press

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October 16th, 2013

Litz Battles Rain and Cold To Film ‘Putting Rounds on Target’

bryan litz dvd putting rounds on target

bryan litz dvd putting rounds on targetAs you may know already, Bryan Litz of Applied Ballistics LLC has produced an excellent 3-Disc DVD set entitled Putting Rounds on Target. When one views the end result one can forget the hard work and tribulations that go into making such a production. Sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate when the crew is out at the range.

Bryan tells us:

“Filming for ‘Putting Rounds on Target’ proved to be a bit more challenging then we had expected. For this segment in the third disk, we packed up and set up everything over half a dozen times to keep the camera and shooting equipment dry as the sun played Peek-a-boo behind rain clouds. The chilled temperatures, required a lot of hot coffee, but the lack of restrooms made for a long day. In the end, it was totally worth it!

Watch Trailer Video of Putting Rounds on Target DVD Set

bryan litz dvd putting rounds on target

bryan litz dvd putting rounds on target

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October 15th, 2013

Berry’s Bench Topper Provides Extra Space on Loading Benches

Midsouth Shooters Supply now offers a handy aluminum platform, the Bench Topper, designed to help organize your shooting bench and provide additional working space. The Bench Topper, from Berry’s Manufacturing, is a sturdy platform that holds a loading press and storage bins in a raised position above your bench — effectively creating additional room for scales, trimmers, and component storage below. The $113.40 Bench Topper (Midsouth item 037-00191) can bolted to your bench, or it can be secured with C-Clamps, so the whole unit can be removed (or transported to the range.)

Berry's Bench Topper Reloading Platform

Berry’s Bench Topper is crafted from CNC-machined aluminum and powder-coated silver for durability. It comes with two aluminum hangers for adding plastic storage bins for bullets or brass. All fasteners are recessed for a clean work surface. NOTE: The Bench Topper must be assembled by the purchaser, and YOU MUST DRILL YOUR OWN HOLES for installation of your reloading press and any other devices you want to bolt to the top level. This requires a few minutes of extra initial set-up time, but this allows a secure, custom installation for any brand of reloading press. CLICK HERE for Bench Topper Assembly Instructions (PDF file).

Bench Topper Specs:

Top Plate:
6 x 20 x 1/4″

Bottom Plate:
10 x 20 x 1/4″

Height: 11.5 Inches

Weight: 12.5 Pounds

Product Tip from EdLongrange. We welcome user submissions.
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October 14th, 2013

Canadian Shoots Best-Ever 100-16V in 1000-Yard F-Open Match

We like to recognize outstanding shooting accomplishments — this example by one of our Forum members from across the border in Canada. In a regional F-Class match, Gordon Ogg (aka ‘Ont001′) shot a 100-16V, which is believed the highest score shot in a match of this type in Canada. Gord hit all Fives for a perfect 100-point, 20-shot string of fire, with 16 in the V-Ring, the equivalent of the X-Ring in the USA. (A FIVE in Canadian scoring is the equivalent of a TEN in USA scoring.) Here is a photo of the official score card and one of the 3″-diameter Shot Indicators.

Canada 1000 yard F-Class F-Open Gordon Ogg record

In our Shooters’ Forum, Gord Ogg explained how the 100-16V was accomplished:

I was shooting 7mm WSM ammo I had left-over from the U.S. Nationals and F-Class World Championships. The rifle proved it still had life left in it — it continued to make me look good. My first relay went well, with a 99-15V. On the second match, it was working very well and I had not realized ’til after the last shot and Jim, my scorekeeper, gave me the total, did I actually think it could actually be a record. All I can say is… it felt GOOD.

Due to predicted thunderstorms for the afternoon, the match director changed the course of fire from [three matches], to two [20-shot] matches. First match was unlimited sighters and 20 on score and the second was 2 and 20 in string fire. As the weather did continue to deteriorate, it was a wise decision, as we would not have made it through all three matches.

Is This a New Canadian Record?
Though Gord’s fellow shooters believe this was a “best-ever” F-Open performance in Canada, it does not appear to be one for the record-books. Gord tells us: “As the Mons Range Championship was a DCRA/ORA sanctioned match in Canada, and our National body does not have a ‘records’ section to compare for a Canadian F-Open record, at best it can be considered a Mons Championship Match record of sorts.” Still, Gord’s 100-16V (the equivalent of a 200-16X under USA scoring) is an impressive feat. The current United States NRA F-Open Record for 20 shots at 1000 yards is 200-15X which is shared by a number of people but first set by Danny Biggs.

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October 13th, 2013

Need Targets? Creedmoor Sports Has You Covered…

Birchwood Casey Orange HiViz Target dot 1Get Official Targets, Target Centers, Pasters, Pit Supplies, and Training Targets
Looking for training targets, competition targets, or fun targets? Well Creedmoor Sports has what you need for NRA smallbore and centerfire competition (including target pasters). Creedmoor has the official targets for most popular NRA disciplines along with the “Target Repair Centers” (Bullseye overlays that save money compared to full-size targets). In stock now are official F-Class targets, High Power rifle targets, smallbore targets, pistol targets, and air rifle targets. Creedmoor also now carries Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C targets and Hi-Viz Orange Target Spots®. When practicing with scoped rifles, we use the 1″ Target Spots at 200 yards, and the 3″ Target Spots at 600.


Highpower Targets

Highpower Targets
Pistol Targets

Pistol Targets
Smallbore Targets

Smallbore Targets
Air Rifle Targets

Air Rifle Targets

Pit Supplies

Pit Supplies

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October 12th, 2013

Semi-Auto Ban Vetoed in California, But Lead Ammo Ban Approved

governor jerry brown californiaWe have good news and bad news for California gun owners and hunters. The good news is that California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed SB 374. The bad news is that Gov. Brown also signed AB 711 which bans the use of lead-containing ammunition for hunting. Gov. Brown surprised many people with his veto of SB 374, a sweeping ban on virtually all semi-automatic centerfire rifles with any kind of detachable magazine. Had it become law, SB 374 would have banned the sale and transfer of hundreds of rifle types, including many classic hunting rifles with 3- or 4-round flush-mount detachable magazines. In addition, SB 374 would have banned historic military rifles such as the M1 Garand, and M1 Carbine, which are prized by collectors and widely used in vintage rifle events and CMP shooting matches.

In his Veto Message, Gov. Brown stated:

I am returning Senate Bill 374 without my signature.

The State of California already has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, including bans on military-style assault rifles and high-capacity ammunition magazines.

While the author’s intent is to strengthen these restrictions, this bill goes much farther by banning any semi-automatic rifle with a detachable magazine. This ban covers low-capacity rifles that are commonly used for hunting, firearms training, and marksmanship practice, as well as some historical and collectible firearms. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of current gun owners would have to register their rifles as assault weapons and would be banned from selling or transferring them in the future.

I don’t believe that this bill’s blanket ban on semi-automatic rifles would reduce criminal activity or enhance public safety enough to warrant this infringement on gun owners’ rights.

Governor Brown Signs Eleven Bills Targeting Gun Owners
In addition to vetoing the expanded “assault weapons” ban, Brown vetoed six other bills relating to firearms: SB299, SB475, SB567, SB755, AB169, and AB180. Again, that sounds good. However, at the same time, Gov. Brown signed eleven other bills that will affect California gun owners:

    SB 171 – Patient threats must be reported by psychotherapists to police within one day.

    SB 363 – New penalties for storing loading guns where they may be improperly accessed.

    SB 683 – Requires long gun owners to obtain safety certificates.

    AB 48 – Bans magazine conversion kits increasing capacity.

    AB 170 – Disallows organizational permits for “assault weapons”, and .50 BMG.

    AB 231 – Criminalizes leaving a gun where child might use it without permission.

    AB 500 – Imposes further rules on gun storage; expands DOJ background check times.

    AB 558 – FFLs must provide Record of Sale to gun buyers.

    AB 539 – Permits disallowed persons to temporarily transfer guns to FFL.

    AB 711 – Bans lead ammunition for all hunting activities.

    AB 1131 – 5-year gun prohibition for people who have revealed threat to psychiatrist.

Bill Banning Use of Lead-Containing Ammunition for Hunting
AB 711, the lead ammunition ban, will create real problems for California hunters as it is “phased in” over the next few years. There are no lead-free bullets readily available for many cartridge/caliber types. Critics of AB 711 have called this “a ban on hunting disguised as an ammunition ban”.

Summary of Key Provisions of AB 711:
Existing California law requires that nonlead centerfire rifle and pistol ammunition be used when taking big game with a rifle or pistol, as defined by the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s hunting regulations, and when taking coyote, within specified deer hunting zones, but excluding specific counties and areas.

This bill would instead require, as soon as is practicable, but by no later than July 1, 2019, the use of nonlead ammunition for the taking of all wildlife, including game mammals, game birds, nongame birds, and nongame mammals, with any firearm. The bill would require the commission to certify, by regulation, nonlead ammunition for these purposes. The bill would require that these requirements be fully implemented statewide by no later than July 1, 2019.

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October 12th, 2013

Upriser Arms Bipod Mount Allows Rifle to Traverse Side-to-Side

Harris swivel-model bipods allow you to adjust the cant of your rifle. This is useful if you are shooting on side-sloping ground. But what if you want to traverse from side to side, say to switch from one critter to another during a prairie dog safari? Well normally you would have to pick up the entire rifle and reposition it to the left or to the right. Now you have an option. The Upriser Arms Bipod Swivel Mount allows you to traverse your rifle left to right, without moving the bipod legs.

Video Shows How Traversing Bipod Mount Works, with Locking Plunger Knob:

Upriser Arms Sinclair Bipod Traverse Swivel HorizontalThis rugged, machined-aluminum bipod mount lets you swing your aim point from side to side without having to reposition the bipod. The rubber-padded Upriser Arms Bipod Mount accepts any bipod that attaches to a forward sling swivel stud. There is also a version that fits on tactical rails.

It is easy to engage or disengage traversing capability via the plunger knob on the front of the unit. When you pull down on the plunger (and twist to lock in “down” position), the rifle can swing smoothly on an internal, precision-bearing pivot. To go back to non-traverse mode, simply center the fore-arm and then twist and release the knob so the plunger pops up, securing the bipod in the “dead-center” position. Note: This unit adds approximately 1¼” to bipod height.

Upriser Arms Sinclair Bipod Traverse Swivel Horizontal

Upriser Arms Sinclair Bipod Traverse Swivel Horizontal

This $69.99 bipod mount comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee when purchased through Brownells or Sinclair Int’l. User feedback has been positive. One purchaser wrote: “I take this [traversing bipod mount] on all my hunts and it has impressed me immensely. The part is built strong and has improved my shooting. It is really smooth, easy to use, and helps me stay on scope when my game is on the move instead of having a shaky swivel or having to move the whole bipod. I have recommended this product to all of my friends[.] — Adam, Missoula, MT

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October 12th, 2013

Greatest Hits: Shooting at One Mile with Savage .338 LM

When we first ran this story 18 months ago, it proved immensely popular with our readers. In case you missed it the first time around, check out what can be done with a factory Savage 110 BA at extreme long range — 1760 yards. Shooter Mark Dalzell did a great job with the video, which features multiple camera views so you can see the shooter and the target at the same time. Enjoy!

Savage BA110 .338 Lapua magnum 1 mile

This video by Mark Dalzell demonstrates the long-range capabilities of the Savage 110 BA chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum. Mark took his “BadAss” rig out to the southwest Nevada desert just north of Jean Dry Lakes. He placed a 2’x3′ target way, way out there — a full mile (1760 yards) away. At that range, flight time to target was 3.75 seconds! Sighting with a Nightforce 5-22x50mm NXS scope, Mark needed a few shots to get on target, but eventually made multiple hits, using 67 MOA of elevation and 2.25 MOA left windage. You can view the hits starting at 1:56 time-mark on the video. (Mark had a second camera set up closer to the target — this displays frame in frame in the video, and if you watch carefully you can see the strikes.) The ammo was HSM 250gr HPBT match with a 3.600″ COAL. The shooting was done at 8:13 in the morning, with clear conditions, very light winds. Temp was 57°, humidity 24.5, Density Altitude 3666. Video soundtrack is La Grange by ZZ Top.

LISTEN TO MARK TALK about One Mile Shooting:
CLICK Play Button to hear Mark Dalzell TALK about his .338 LM Savage 110 BA and how he scored hits at 1760 yards.

Good Shooting Mark. That’s darn good for a factory rifle. You also had the elevation dialed in real close before the firing started! That shows a good knowledge of your ammo’s long-range ballistics. We also noticed how effective that muzzle brake was. Recoil looked about the same as an un-braked .308 Win.

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October 11th, 2013

Midsouth Shooters Supply Has Popular Norma Powders in Stock

Norma gun powder 203B MRP midsouthNeed powder but can’t find your favorite Alliant, Hodgdon, or IMR propellant? Then consider using Norma powders. These are available now from Midsouth Shooters Supply. Norma 203B is very, very close to Alliant Reloder 15, and is made by the same manufacturer (Bofors). That makes it a great choice for the 6mmBR and 6mm Dasher. Norma 204 has a burn rate similar to H4350 (though you need to modify the charge weight). Norma MRP has a burn rate similar to Alliant Reloder 22 (a little bit slower than H4831sc on Hodgdon’s Chart). For those of you shooting the 30BR or small cartridges with light bullets, consider Norma 200. It has a burn rate very similar to IMR 4198 and H4198.

Midsouth Shooters Supply currently has large quantities of Norma Powder in stock, in both 1-pound and 8-pound sizes. You’ll find Norma 200, 202, 203B, 204, MRP (8-lb only), and URP (1-lb) only. As we said, if your powder supplies are dwindling, you may want to pick up some of these quality Norma propellants. Midsouth’s prices are very reasonable. Here are Midsouth’s Norma powder inventories as of 2:00 pm ET on October 11, 2013.

Norma 200 NORMA 200 – 1 POUND
Item: 079-0660
Status: In Stock
Price: $25.84
Item: 079-0662
Status: In Stock
Price: $192.34
Norma 202 NORMA 202 – 1 POUND
Item: 079-0668
Status: In Stock
Price: $25.84
Item: 079-0670
Status: In Stock
Price: $192.34
Norma 203B NORMA 203B – 1 POUND
Item: 079-0672
Status: In Stock
Price: $25.84
Item: 079-0674
Status: In Stock
Price: $192.34
Norma 204 NORMA 204 – 1 POUND
Item: 079-0676
Status: In Stock
Price: $25.84
Item: 079-0678
Status: In Stock
Price: $192.34
Item: 079-0680
Status: Out of Stock
Price: $25.84
Item: 079-0682
Status: In Stock
Price: $192.34
Item: 079-0688
Status: In Stock
Price: $25.84
Item: 079-0690
Status: Out of Stock
Price: $192.34

WARNING: If you do try Norma powders in place of other propellants, do NOT substitute loads without consulting established load manuals. Even though powders many have similar listed burn rates, you should never assume that load recipes will be the same at all. When trying a new powder, check manufacturers’ load data tables, and always start low and work up slowly.

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October 11th, 2013

New High-Tech Handgun Safe Has RFID, GPS, Biometric Functions

Would you like a handgun safe that opens instantly when you wave your hand over it? Science fiction? No, with modern RFID technology, this is now a reality. The Gun Box, a sleek, metal-boded handgun safe, employs the latest technology to offer instant access with high security. The basic RF Gun Box opens in response to a personalized RFID chip in a wristband or ring. The Biometric Gun Box offers both Fingerprint-scan and RFID (radio) opening. The premier-level Gun Box has both RFID and Biometric access PLUS a built-in, battery-powered GPS transmitter that tracks the unit’s location if the Gun Box is ever “lifted” by a thief. The top-of-the line model’s internal accelerometer even allows the Gun Box to notify the owner if it is moved, tilted, or opened.

Watch the Video to See How the Gun Box Works (this is pretty amazing).

the gunbox gun box handgun safe biometric RFIS GPS

We like it when an inventor comes up with a “better mousetrap”, or in this case, a better handgun safe. Ryan Hyde, the Utah-based inventor of the Gun Box, is seeking “crowd-funding” donations to move his innovative product to the next level (full production). The Gun Box is seeking $100,000 via its Indiegogo Campaign with funding options ranging from $10 to $390. You can pre-order a Gun Box, or just donate some cash in return for a T-shirt or other swag.

the gunbox gun box handgun safe biometric RFIS GPS

the gunbox gun box handgun safe biometric RFIS GPS

A next-generation gun safe, The Gun Box has many unique features:

  • RFID and/or fingerprint access (no traditional key or passcode).
  • Alert notifications when Gun Box is opened, moved, or tampered.
  • Strong, die-cast aluminum alloy shell 0.15 to .20 inches thick
    (3-5 times thicker than most).
  • Long-life internal batteries (plus AC power).
  • Power-Only (no data transfer) USB Ports
  • Fully enclosed internal hinges.
  • Pry-resistant lap joint.
  • Kensington lock port for security cable.
  • GPS tracking.
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