December 22nd, 2013

Soft Cases for Long Rifles

Many shooters prefer to use padded soft cases for their guns. These weigh less, take up less room in the vehicle, and store more easily. Unfortunately most soft rifle cases on the market are too short (or not tall enough) to handle scoped rifles with 29″ or longer barrels, particularly if a muzzle brake or extended front site hanger is attached. You can easily find longer soft cases designed for shotguns or long-barreled black powder rifles, but these typically do not have enough clearance (top to bottom) to to handle bulky target scopes. Where can you find a quality soft case for a scoped rifle with 30″ or longer barrel, making the rifle at least 50-51″ in overall length? Here are some suggestions.

For those on a tight budget, Midsouth Shooters Supply offers an Extreme 52″ padded gun case for just $22.69 (item #208-BD240-52). This thickly-padded case is high enough in the center to fit most scoped rifles — even with big Nightforce scopes. Made by Bulldog Cases, the all-black Extreme 52″ case features a soft faux-fur inner lining, an external accessory pocket, and a removable shoulder strap.

Extreme 52

A step up in quality and price is the 55″ Heavy Barrel Rifle Case (item 74SR55BK) from Optics Planet. Designed for large scoped tactical and target rifles, this $28.99 soft case has enough length to fit most any rifle in your collection. The 55″ Blackhawk soft case features closed-cell foam padding and an outer shell of rugged 600 Denier high density polyester.

Blackhawk 55

If you’ve got a really long rifle, such as a Palma gun with adjustable buttplate and 32-34″ barrel, check out the extra-long gun cases from This company offers over-sized soft rifle cases in 55″, 58″, and 63″ lengths. These $58.00 Prone2Success gun cases include a special slot for your cleaning rod and water-resistant double outside pouches. For just $10 more you can get a removable zip-open padded scope caddy that can be carried between the handles. Forum member Herman Harke recommends these cases for long-barreled prone rifles.

Finally, if you want the best, give Creedmoor Sports a call. At the request of many Highpower shooters, Creedmoor has created a high-grade 52″x12″ softcase (item N158). That’s tall and long enough to fit a Tubb 2000, or AR-based spacegun with long barrel. The Creedmoor case has many cool features, there’s an outside pocket for ammo or accessories, backpack straps, a special velcro-secured external channel for cleaning rod (great idea!), plus a unique INSIDE pocket for your log book. This is one quality offering, with nice thick padding plus urethane-coated, moisture resistant nylon fabric inside and out (exterior is rugged 1000 Dernier Cordura). The Creedmoor 52″x12″ case, item comes in OD green only, and costs $89.00. It is also offered in 41″x12″, 48″x12″ sizes. Unfortunately the 48″-long and 52″-long versions are out-of-stock right now.

Creedmoor 52


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