February 7th, 2014

Guns & Gear on Display at Ben Avery

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If you’re a fan of fine rifles, and functional shooting accessories, you’d have to be impressed with the hardware on display at the Berger Southwest Nationals (SWN). At this popular match, sling-shooters compete alongside F-Classers, so you get to see a wide variety of rifles — iron sights, and optical sights, traditional wood-stocked Palma rifles and modern metal tube-guns. And the F-TR class showcased a bevy of bipods, with numerous different designs. Here are some of the interesting guns and gear we saw at the Berger Southwest Nationals on Thursday February 6, 2013.

Here’s a nice spotting scope and front rest/rear bag set-up for F-Open. Can you name all the accessory items on display?

The rifle is battle-scarred, but the marksman’s form is good. And that’s what counts.

Team Grizzly had an impressive Kowa “Big Eyes” rig — Size Counts in the optics game.

There were quite a few Tubeguns and Tubb 2000s on the firing line. We took notice of this Tubb-gunner’s nice hold and his HBN-coated ammo.

How do you transport an F-TR rifle with a wide-track bipod? Here’s one clever solution — a rolling cart with vertical rifle-holder.

Somewhere under all that head-gear is a human being. This is one way to “tune out” visual distractions.

Here’s a good view of the Pohlabel “Flex” Bipod. Click to see a full-screen version.

Here’s an interesting, modular F-Open rig from Wayne Young. The forearm can be adjusted to 5″ or 6″ width for shooting benchrest.

CLICK HERE for a full write-up on the Wayne Young stock design.

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