June 8th, 2014

SSG Brandon Green Puts ‘Em in the Middle

Brandon Green High PowerThis is the result a high power competitor dreams of seeing: 100-10X. This was shot recently by 2013 National High Power Champion SSG Brandon Green during the 200-yard sitting stage at the Tennessee Regional match. Another high power shooter commented: “Brandon Green [shot] about a two-inch group, rapid-fire sitting from 200 yards! Most competitors have never seen one of these.”

Brandon shot 100-7X on the next string, to end up with 200-17X for the sitting stage. He had 199-13X standing. Overall, when the dust settled and he completed his other yardages, he finished with 798-53X for the day. That’s impressive shooting by a great marksman. We believe Brandon was shooting a Tubb 2000 bolt-action rifle chambered in .260 Remington.

Brandon Green High Power

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