September 17th, 2014

Well-Equipped Walk-In for the Well-Armed Gentleman

So what’s in the closet in your man mansion? Here’s a well-equipped walk-in arsenal/haberdashery fit for “Bond, James Bond” (and maybe Jason Bourne as well). We really don’t need so many edged weapons, but we’re glad to see three (3) Accuracy International rifles, a half-dozen handguns, and plenty of ammo. Oh, and don’t forget the pair of umbrellas — you always need back-up, even if your adversaries are mere rain-drops.

walkin closet gun 007 James Bond

Tip of the hat to our friend Jim de Kort for finding this photo. So, what do you think — is this the perfect set-up? How would you change/modify/augment this arrangement to suit your needs? (Post your comments below). This Editor would add a rimfire rifle, some revolvers, an F-Class rig, and a 6mm Dasher for 600 yards of course. (Plus some Hawaiian shirts and sandals — even 007 required a casual option now and then.)

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